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  1. Steeler1994

    Router losing connection to modem

    Let me explain the problem.It's not the speeds that are giving me issues, it's the disconnection issues. I've tried another router and it still give me the same issue. Anytime when the router gets shut off, it loses its IP address. For example, I have a netgear R7800 and the WAN light will light up amber. The other router im testing is a linksys ea8300 where an orange globe appears on the LED. The only way to fix the issue is to factory reset the router. I've tried unplugging the modem and router for 2 minutes and plugging them in one by one, cloning mac address and tried running the setup wizard in both, nothing works. I assumed that since both routers were giving me the same issue, than it has to be the modem, or I'm just missing something. I pay for 250 down and 10 up. I have 10 wireless and 9 wired devices.Here are my downstream/upstream channels on my modem. https://gyazo.com/f554efcf8b5d933a616d6b2e20b8b5f1https://gyazo.com/4ea70be4badabd3e49f1945acf2f10a1
  2. Steeler1994

    Router recommendations under $250

    Hey guys. So i currently use an old Linksys router that has been dropping connection and is not viable anymore. Looking to purchase a new router under $250. Our speeds are 250 down and 12 up. The house has 3 floors and is 1300 sq ft. The router and modem are on the third floor unfortunately and cannot be changed as of now. There are 20 devices total, 11 wireless and 9 wired. The wired devices are connected to a switch next to the router and cat5e discretely ran around the house connected to consoles and desktops. Just looking for something that is powerful enough for all the devices we have and is reliable.
  3. Steeler1994

    Looking to get into Mesh router

    I've been looking into mesh routers for a long time. I've come to the decision either Netgear Orbi RBK50, RBK23, or Google WIFI. Currently own a Nighthawk X4S, CM500 modem, and 2 switches for more ethernet ports. The router is on the third floor in a three floor home. Our speed is 250 down and 12 up. We have 20 devices on the network. 10 wireless devices that consist of phones, ipads, laptops, and streaming devices. The other 10 are wired devices such as desktops and gaming consoles. I'm trying to figure out what would be best for my home and my network setup. Mainly concerned about network congestion and everything slowing down. EDIT: The reason we are replacing our Nighthawk is because we've been having disconnecting issues for the past few months and also cannot reach the basement for coverage.
  4. Steeler1994

    Looking for headphones/mic for gaming.

    Hey guys! Finally decided to switch from gaming headsets to headphones. Looking to spend under $200 for the headphones and need a microphone. Would prefer open back. Thanks!
  5. Hey all. So my internet has been going out every so often and web pages load very slowly. I replaced the modem yesterday and the issue is still there which leads me to believe its the router. I have the Linksys Max-Stream AC2200. Only had it since December. Im looking for a router under $250 that can support 15+ devices in a large home. Mostly game consoles and PC gaming.
  6. Steeler1994

    Looking for a new mouse

  7. Steeler1994

    Looking for a new mouse

    What up all. I'm trying to find a new mouse that would work for me. Getting tired of the shape and the cable is starting to fray being braided.Had it for a few years, but just want something new. EDIT: My budget is $80 Current Mouse= G303 Hand Size = 17cm x 10cm Games I play = LoL, WoW, CSGO Grip Style = Claw/Palm Hybrid
  8. Steeler1994

    8700k/8600k vs 7700k upgrade

    I should mention that i have until Oct 27 to basically return this which doesn't help my cause because you can't find Coffee Lake anywhere. Really put myself into a hole with this decision. From what I've seen/played, Ryzen just has a hard time pushing 144FPS, but its not a bad CPU by any means, just isn't what im looking for in terms of gaming.
  9. Hey all. I built a Ryzen 5 1600 PC OC to 3.8ghz/ 16gb 3000 mhz RAM last month and not liking it at all. For the games i play such as WoW, OW, LoL, CSGO, BF1, and maybe some other AAA titles, usually tends to favor better single core performance. I see drops in FPS compared to my old 4690k. For gaming, its the 7700k still worth it compared to the 8700k/8600k? I'm asking because i play 1080p/144hz with a GTX 1070. Since the purchase was early, i can still refund both my CPU and motherboard to the full price. EDIT: Reason i upgraded my 4690k was because i had 2 dead DIMM slots in which i couldn't run dual channel memory. I was also getting tired of playing games and wanting to watch youtube videos or twitch streams, the FPS would drop heavily because of the CPU maxing out.
  10. Steeler1994

    8700k Vs Ryzen (New Build)

    Smart move. You won't regret it.
  11. Steeler1994

    8700k Vs Ryzen (New Build)

    Just go with the 8700k, Zen 2 doesn't come out until 2019. Quite frankly, the 8700k will last you for many years. You're likely to upgrade your GPU several times before you upgrade the 8700k. Right now, the 8700k beats out Ryzen is gaming by a pretty big margin depending on what resolution/refresh rate you are playing at.You also have more cores and threads from a productive standpoint and from what i'm reading, Intel favors your programs.
  12. Steeler1994

    HDD question

    What i'm asking is that would my games, word documents, and Visual Studio projects that are saved on my HDD, be able to work with a new build? The OS is saved on the SSD, not the HDD. I know i have to wipe the SSD since its a brand new build, but is it necessary to wipe my HDD as well. A
  13. Steeler1994

    HDD question

    I'm about to build a brand new PC. Currently, i have my OS and WoW on my SSD. I have a HDD with other games and applications. It's basically a storage drive. I know i have to reinstall windows and wipe my SSD, but do i have to wipe my HDD as well? Would it carry over? Or do i just have to wipe it as well and start a new? Doesn't bother me at all, but would save the hassle. Thanks.
  14. Hey all. Just been feeling a sort of regret since buying Ryzen near the end of September. I mostly game, but watch streams and youtube videos on the side. The 4690k i had just wasn't doing it for me because of the 4 cores. I was impatient because i was gonna wait for Coffee Lake to come out to see what it had in store. Seems like it's just better overall than my 1600, even in multitasking. I also overclock all the CPUs i own and read that Coffee Lake overclocks great. I can still refund my motherboard and CPU from Amazon. Is it even worth it, or am i just overreacting to hype? Should i just refund and wait until about Christmas to buy a Z370 motherboard with a 8700k? GTX 1070. 1080p/144hz gaming
  15. Steeler1994

    Ryzen 5 3.7ghz

    Honestly regret buying this board. I dont understand this at all. Would rather manually putting in the voltages.Ill post some pictures, but i just dont know.