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  1. How active is BF4 on PC these days? BF2 I have the most hours in. By far my favorite however is Battlefield 1. No other game captured that cinematic war movie feel quite like BF1. The music, the cacophony of battle, the effects. Just completely overstimulating in all the right ways. It is even more wild to think about how all of that is not scripted, coming from a completely dynamic multiplayer experience.
  2. Anyone else stoked for the Cayman GT4 coming to the Michelin Pilot Challenge (and others) in iRacing this March?
  3. I'm not on floatplane, but does LTT on floatplane also use the same shitty thumbnails? I would legit rather pay LTT to not have to see that nonsense.
  4. this is hilarious I tend to buy quite a lot of refurb products but I've never seen a packaging job this bad
  5. This would depend on the games you are playing and if they are well multithreaded or not. If they use all the cores you can throw at them, then the sky is the limit on GPUs. If the game can't effectively make use of multiple cores, you are looking at single-core performance near the i7-2600k/i7-3770k. Maybe use those two CPUs in your calculators. That said, forget all of the above and just buy a 2060 or used 1080 ti or something and be on your way.
  6. @Drew Taylor that looks like a lot of fun. Does it still function?
  7. It is often recommended to undervolt these u-series CPUs for maximum performance. You will find better performance with less heat and battery drain by undervolting with throttlestop. The chips will run longer at max boost. This has been my experience with T480 i5 model. There are lots of guides out there for throttlestop undervolting
  8. I only ever buy EVGA GPUs as I find theirs to be of generally superior engineering
  9. Here you go: Some native IRC chat Check out how long those memory expansion cards are
  10. Only thing I can recommend is to make sure you have checked all the performance settings in InDesign and Acrobat so that they are hardware accelerating and using the dedicated GPU. But in general I think they just run poorly on any system
  11. Nanoleaf is the LIVE LAUGH LOVE of PC nerds
  12. Just gonna throw in there that Excel is the greatest tool Microsoft ever created. I use it extensively for my own PC refurbishment business. You can run an entire enterprise on Excel alone
  13. You've got some good stuff there. If you don't want to build something then I guess selling is all that is really left. I would not mind buying that 5960x and Rampage V for some overclocking fun
  14. How about a fully functional IBM 5150 with Amdek 310A amber monochrome monitor? Behold the original PC in all its glory, running MS-DOS with 640 kb of memory: Running the original ROGUE Got it connected to the real internet with native TCP/IP using the mTCP software and a ISA ethernet card. I can post on IRC chats, dabble in BBS channels, and even download files over HTTP. This thing predates the internet and is now online at nearly 40 years old. And typing on that buckling spring IBM Model F is just sublime.