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  1. Because new GPU pumps out more FPS and CPU works harder to catch up with higher frame rates. Stuttering might have to do with old drivers not properly cleared.
  2. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. Even on low end B450 mobos you can easily run these. You can use 1 memory stick to test each. If it is the memory it'll most likely occur in one stick, or one ram slot.
  3. Wiki is a joke. Do not try to learn from it anything other than proven facts, maybe physics stuff. Which you can pretty much learn from anywhere else. Wars, religion, politics etc. filled with constant edit wars which lead to what majority says being written and accepted as truth. Yet what majority says ≠ truth.
  4. When I press the power button, CPU warning lights up for 2 seconds, then VGA for 2 seconds, then BOOT for about half a second, then it boots. Is this normal? Mobo is B450 gaming plus max. Any MSI B450 probably works the same way. Can anyone test and see?
  5. When all the water is out, bottlenecking will stop. But if there's no water flowing, that means your PC isn't doing anything.
  6. Probably because you never filled up to 32gb with new stuff so the old files were always there.
  7. It's not the XMP. As a last resort I'll try a different psu cable.
  8. Try re-plugging GPU sockets to the motherboard
  9. Everything. Last 10 restarts have all been after 10 minutes of gaming. Doesn't crash in every kind of game, just the heavier ones.
  10. I don't know what those mean, but when I first built the system, I'd hit the power button and it'd light up and the PC would start immediately. Since last month or so I press the power button, and there's always a delay of about half a second before there is a light on the power button or any activity in the case.
  11. Is it plausible that XMP profile would work fine for 1000 hours then just start causing restarts? Just did a heaven gpu bench. No artifacts, no issues. Probably games pull bit more than just a gpu bench, so it just cuts power.
  12. It's RX 590. XMP enabled, I don't understand what you mean by UEFI, but bios is updated. Ram not overclocked, just 3200 as advertised. If GPU restarting was the case, wouldn't I see some kind of info other than "kernel-power" in event viewer? Like I mentioned in the first post, nothing has been changed from the first time the PC was built. The only variable is, it was working fine and it just started not working fine.
  13. Can you tell me how would full system specs help identify the problem? I already said it won't pull more than 400w, also said that it even restarted sitting at desktop, also that I had done zero overclocking and there is nothing other than "kernel - power" error in event viewer. I turned auto restart off, and If I had BSOD or anything different I'd surely mention it, but no. It is just like someone pressing the reset button, which my case doesn't even have. I am quite sure if it was related to anything else other than PSU, I'd be able to get some info about the crash.
  14. Before sending this off, can I try anything at all, to figure out why is PSU triggering some kind of protection? I got one 5 socket plug connected to wall, and that connects to another 4 plug socket, which is connected to another 3 plug socket, and psu is connected to the 3 plug one. (I might have murdered english grammar with this) the 4x and 3x plugs are not particularly of high quality, but there is nothing requiring high power in the whole chain. Phone chargers, modem and laptops, and tv thats all. Should I try a more direct route to the wall? I am kinda reluctant about this, because I never had a problem for 3 months and none of the plugs are burnt out or something.
  15. So this was ON, I turned it off, and it still restarts. It went on 5 hours no problem browsing, 5min into the game, restart. Event viewer again shows kernel power critical. Weird thing is sometimes it restarts on desktop too, but nowhere as often as when gaming. So this PSU is going straight to warranty, and I'll specifically request either new unit or refund. Repaired PSU doesn't sound nice at all. Are there any dangers continuing using this until I ship it?
  16. I'll try this, but before that I checked the event viewer. I don't see any critical system failure in any of the shutdowns, but just "kernel power" telling me there was an unexpected power loss.
  17. It is case sensitive. You can't say ATX will always have more features than mATX, for example B450 Mortar max has two m.2 slots, while tomahawk max has only 1. A second m.2 is arguably more important than another PCIe slot.
  18. I got this Gigabyte G750H psu. My system at max power can't pull more than 400w. PSU is 750w. So far it has been used for about 1000 hours. No configuration has been changed since it was first built. (No extra hardware, no OC, all same as day 1) Zero problems until last week, but since then, it started shutting down. First time was on desktop, 2 times in a row. Following couple days, it shut down couple times again while just sitting at desktop. I played a game just for the heck of it, shut down within 15 minutes into the game, it restarts, so when it boots I run the game again, another 15 minutes and bam. Went on like this 4 times. I have not noticed any abnormal temperatures. CPU is Ryzen 3600 and it hardly ever hits 80c. GPU hardly hits 75c. Mobo no more than 55c even under load. Culprit definitely gotta be the PSU, right?
  19. Is there any difference between using this switch to overclock and doing this through the software? It is unintuitive to be reaching down and flicking a switch everytime you want a few more FPS. I am wondering if the switch is changing some kind of power draw in card's bios.
  20. Your current PSU is 600 so yeah, its more than enough. In reality it will not even pull more than 450w. I would have more trust in a PSU that has worked flawlessly for 5 years than a new, untested one.
  21. A psu that's worked fine for 5 years is not good. OK. You can say if it worked for 5 years it'll continue working for another 5. I also don't believe that "it destroys your components" etc. Have any of your components died in 5 years due some unknown problem? Seems not. As long as wattage is enough, I'd go with it. Few reasons to buy a new one would be; It started to make high pitched noise, or new build requires more than 90% of the max output of current PSU, or that it is very inefficient and that you want to buy 80 plus gold.
  22. It's not about the resolution, you can set it to 640x480 and unless you frame limit, the gpu will still work at max and heat up. @louisssss Your RX 580 is not Sapphire right? Try undervolting.
  23. I use the same cpu with stock cooler, but I have -.0750v offset undervolt. Max temps when gaming is ~75c. It's not actually idling at 60c, but its jumping from 45's up to 55-60 in short bursts. Unfortunately, this is supposedly how these cpus work. Now I am not sure how long this cpu will last with power cycles like this. You can try lowering the minimum cpu state in power options to 5%, its probably at 99% now. When you do that cpu will go lower at idle, but it might be somewhat slower to kick itself out of it. See if this helps idle temps. Me? I kind of learned to live with it. My last intel cpu lasted 10 years/50.000 hours and its still going. If this ever dies I'll shit on AMD's office. If it lasts I'll be buying AMD again.