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  1. does this have crosshair overlay? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08M6B6T1H?tag=amazondn01-20
  2. usually when you make such a claim you would link to the monitor with the same panel you're referencing...
  3. So, my current gaming monitor is starting to die on me. I do take FPS fairly seriously. I use a 27" monitor, and might be open to going down to a 25". I want to upgrade to a 1440p display. I do kind of hate horribly when shooters remove the crosshairs from me. I was thinking about alienware AW2721D although it's fully color doesn't work at high refresh rates? Also I don't think it has crosshair overlay? Is there a monitor with this panel that has crosshair overlay? I think about $1200 is probably my max budget.
  4. Right now my laptop has 2 sticks of 8gb ram 8x8 for 16gb total. 1 of them is soldered. The laptop supports up to 32gb of ram. Can I stick a 32gb stick into the unsoldered slot and have 32gb of ram or can I only get 16gb from a single slot? Edit for clarity
  5. I mean, HP lets you customise the laptop and one of the customization options is 16gb of ram for $10. I wouldn't have to open the laptop at all. HP would ship it to me with 16gb...
  6. i mean, if there is an option to customize the laptop by changing the ram from 8gb to 16gb of ram, would it really void the warranty? I'm still buying it with 16gb of ram, not installing it myself.
  7. I could do something like this and upgrade the ram to 16gb for $10 https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-laptop-15t-7df84av-1?jumpid=ma_back-to-school-sale_product-tile_top-deals_2_7df84av-1_hp-laptop---15t&source=aw&subacctid=166580&subacctname=Slickdeals&adcampaigngroup=111627&awc=7168_1597145202_952a08c4815f66692c152280063d7016&jumpid=af_gen_nc_ns&utm_medium=af&utm_source=aw&utm_campaign=Slickdeals
  8. are there many laptops for $600 with a 4700u? It seems like getting a higher end cpu and having to like, get 8gb of ram instead of 16 is going to be worse long term.
  9. Trying to pick out a Laptop for a friend. They have a $600 budget; starting to get into photography and wants something capable of photoshop. She already has pretty large external storage, so I think we can skimp out on that, mainly concerned with just build quality of the laptop for a price like that. I was thinking probably just a 4 core cpu, maybe a 6 core amd; with 16gb of ram and a low end discrete graphics or maybe amd integrated graphics.
  10. I bought the new g14 laptop and i'm thinking one of the ways to get more use out of it is to use it as a secondary pc to stream myself playing games on my desktop. I'm thinking something like described here: https://www.obs.live/articles/2019/5/1/how-to-stream-with-two-pcs-using-obs-studio-and-the-ndi-plugin Should it make a difference whether it's usb a or usb c to ethernet? will one yield better bandwith? Are there any classifications I should be looking for to determine a higher quality adapter?
  11. So I have to download iTunes onto my PC and get MP3s through iTunes to share MP3s from my PC to an iPhone?
  12. I'm thinking about getting the new Iphone SE, but this would be my first apple device since I got an ipod shuffle like 15 years ago and I just don't know how much freedom do you have with iphones. Can I connect it to my windows PC and upload mp3's onto it? How is the Navigation system? What are things a Windows/Android guy should know about the switch to an Iphone?
  13. I really like the materials of the g14 and how the aestetic isn't very gamer, and the size seems like the best balance between portability and performance. But In this day and age, I feel like I need a laptop with a camera. I know laptops are just beginning to come out with ryzen 4000 series CPUs, but are there any of laptop versions basically fighting for the same segment as the g14 but actually, you know, has a camera? If it is supposed to come out soon, but hasn't that would be fine.
  14. OLED still has burn in issues which is especially problematic if you use it with PC gaming. Maybe if you upgrade your display every other year it wouldn't be an issue, but if you want to upgrade after improvements in technology justify it instead of because of the short life expectancy of the product you bought, you still need to get an LCD display. I think a large 4k monitor playing at 1080p presents a worse gaming experience than a 1080p gaming monitor at whatever size you consider ideal for a 1080p gaming monitor and a small 4k monitor trying to be ok for playing shooters with is going to p
  15. I haven't seen any decent color monitors as fast or faster than old TN panels in terms of input lag. As for native resolution. Either you buy a display with the size to appreciate 4k, in which case, running it at 1080p looks horrible, or you buy a display that is small enough to make 1080p look good but then even if it is capable of 4k, you can't notice the detail of 4k. It also doesn't help things that the type of game you want to play at 1080p 144hz is the type of game you're typically very close to your display for and want higher pixel density for, and the type of game you don't really car