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    Borgholm, Sweden, Scandinavia, EU
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    Rockmusic, cars & bikes, photography and video filming, travelling around the world and enjoy life
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  1. Check out NEWEGG.COM and click "reviews" for each disc you are interested in. The truth is - the bigger the drive is = more crashes.
  2. If you have planned to use the hdd for gaming I will not recommend WD Blue Serie. Try the WD Black Serie instead. See this link The best WD hdd in my opinion is the 1TB DW1001FALS Black Serie. You can check out all hdd att NEWEGG.COM and click "reviews". Some hdd has less than 10% hdd crashes the first 3 years and some other hdd has up to 50% hdd crashes the first 3 years.
  3. If you run MS Win 10 you need at least 30GB free hard disk space (or SSD free disc space) to get the latest v1903. AND - very important - you can NOT have an USB flash memory drive in the computers USB port. If you have - the latest version will NOT be downloaded. The reason why you need ca 30GB free space is that the latest Win version (v1903) will be installed and your old Win version will be saved for a month as a backup and after a month the old version will automatically be removed.
  4. I have been used LOGITECH since many years ago and I think they are really good mouse for the money.
  5. I will recommend to double-click on the Safely Remove Hardware Icon on the taskbar to view a list of available USB hard drives to eject. Locate and highlight the external hard drive in the list of available devices. Click on the Stop button to safely remove the drive from the Operating System.
  6. I'm very suspicious at self driving cars... and busses... and trucks. I know Swedish Volvo is using self driving cars since a couple of years ago, but it's a matter of fact - I don't TRUST the electronic!!!
  7. Samsung 860 EVO is in my opinion a good SSD. I have several 1TB 860 EVO SSD's since a couple of years ago and they are all working perfect. But as storage discs I still prefer "old" hard disk drives - WD WD1001FALS Black Serie 1TB is excellent!
  8. In my opinion, three of the best headphones are AKG, KOSS and Sennheiser headphones. Really good sound!
  9. Really nice car. I have an old Challenger 1970 T/A 340 cui six pack bought in Los Angeles, CA 1979 by myself.
  10. Ik wou dat Amsterdam zich in Zweden kon bevinden. Ik ben dol op de coffeeshops. ?
  11. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (live at Knebworth 1990) I saw the concert back in 1990 - great gig!