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  1. My bad, I scrolled up and down looking where to put this, had I saw OT I would have put it there. Actually, I forgot about OT too. As long as its moved to the right place thats all that matters. cheers!
  2. Disclaimer: This isn't a personal thing, attack etc, just an observation. So YT in its algorithmic recommending ways, said I should watch a video that's nearly two years old. Of course I watch every LTT and a few of the other channels for years. But I thought, a couple years ago, why not? Just twenty two months ago, Linus was sure a lot more laid back. I forgot about that Linus!
  3. Haven't read everything but.... As a hardcore gamer that started off with the Vic 20, C-64, Atari and a system BEFORE the Atari, it was a motorcycle game with grips on the console from the arcade (School bus jump). You get older. Lost interest for a while until my Son was born in the mid 90's, my passion came back strong as ever for many, many years! Now he's in his twentys and guess what, I'm nearly 50 and its lights out for gaming. It happens.
  4. I did some quick googling, yes theres a lot of stuff for it as you mentioned. Agreed on the base game, thats what had me thinking 'I remember it looking like shit', its came a ways. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
  5. if you remember what asseto corsa looked like when it was released.... it was very plain, maybe they modded it or something thats all.
  6. Popped up in my recommendations, why i dont know. something has changed in a massive way, check this out. I havent't recalled this from what i remember.
  7. Both of your 'questions', they are not questions. Latency, the lower the better. Dont even look or shop for a 60hz tv.
  8. What TCL store? Do you mean TCL direct? Instead of $480 like it was at Amazon, its nearly $1,000 direct from TCL. Can you point out these vendors or the TCL store that would have TV's cheaper than Amazon? Thanks for getting back! I was in the hospital, sorry for the delay.
  9. So Prime Day is only 7 days away, great deals 'should' come I hope! Months ago, my eyes were on the TCL 4k (65S425) 120hz that sold for a KILLER price of $450-$480 - but its no longer being sold and 'other' sellers are in the $575+. Linus had a vid on it - https://www.amazon.com/TCL-4K-Smart-LED-65S425/dp/B07JKL2K5T/ That being 6 months ago - could maybe some of you help in recommending a "Bang for the buck" 65", like the TCL was? Is there a big go-to 65" these days thats under $700 ? Maybe they'll be a flood of them on Prime Day........ Thank
  10. Nice post. I'm 100% sure that performance is a simple triangle. Bandwidth - CPU - GPU. Because of the 600mb connection and running a 1070, that if either of those were cut / halved, it would be leaning right on the CPU side, which would be a slide show I'd think. So much is already being rendered in terms of terrain, buildings etc on the server side that the burden is cut way down on the GPU/CPU side. cheers
  11. Nice. Don't let the dude in this thread know, he's gonna tell you 60 frames is the holy grail and 40 isn't ideal.(telling a gamer/builder for over four decades about ideal frame rates) When theres vast reports of users with far better hardware struggling to get decent frame rates. Funny thing is, from the "EXPERTS" I talked to in the MS dev side before it was released said, "8350? hahahaha Good luck with that, I hope you like playing at 10fps". Real experts there. BTW: what graphic settings did you bump down? I'd love to give it a look.
  12. Christ, yes I get it for the second time, yes I know 60 is preferred, good grief dude. You apparently let the subject matter fly right over your head. = OLD CPU smooth gameplay near ultra with a title, that is renowned to bring a PC to its knees. Good God man.
  13. I know 42fps isn't stellar. But its damn good with near ultra and no stutters with an old FX 8350 and this title that's supposed bring everyones PCS to it's knees. Yes, the 1070's fans are at full tilt. And why would I lower settings as you mentioned? Theres not a single reason to lower them.