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  1. The one with the 2080ti would be slower. Due to being weighed down by their e-peen.
  2. Yeah that's exactly what it was. Ah fair enough that's why I couldn't find any more info when I googled it.
  3. Sorry not one player in one game. I've seen it a number of times on multiplayer games. Not on warzone obviously as the players don't have identification tags above their heads.
  4. My game is 100% fine. It was just one player. I presumed it was some sort of cloaking perk. Didn't consider it being a hack?
  5. I've been playing multiplayer and noticed a few times the player name jumping from blue to red (own team to opposition) it fooled me a a number of times too. Which perk is this? Didn't see it on any of the descriptions. Is it Ghost? Cheers
  6. For me with the release of DLSS 2.0 which really is a game changer i'd go 2070 Super. In addition the new DX12 Ultimate and Vulkan API's now have built in ray tracing which should make its implementation more common. Both of the above features can't or don't run as well on the 1080Ti even though its technically a stronger card.
  7. Update. I wasn't 100% happy with the 2080Ti temps so i've made some updates: I managed to source a 49mm deep radiator which was essentially the same in all other aspects as the Corsair H55. Installed a fan controller for the 92 and 120mm redux fans for the GPU incoming air and the NF-A12x15 extract below the GPU block. I'm hoping the air will be drawn over the card then exhausted out. Swapped out the fans for CPU & GPU fans for noctua nf-a12x25 -TIP.. Don't bother with any other fan. These are so much quieter than the redux fans. Even at 100% they're not that loud. Very happy with the results 52C in metro and 45C in COD Warzone.
  8. I used to have one these. It was crazy hot. What sort of case are you thinking?
  9. I've always loved small form factor cases over bling and led. The build below is my dream build. Having discovered £1 listings on ebay and getting some really good prices for my old hardware I set about building this mini beast. It had to be small, quiet and pack a punch. Fitting the dual AIO's in was a challenge but once the orientation is right it goes in nicely. The CPU AIO radiator is actually sitting over the PSU and the GPU radiator sits over the CPU block. I found this to be the best orientation to avoid kinks. I only use the PC for gaming and Revit which is primarily single threaded so figured a cooler 9700k would be a better fit for the small form factor than a furnace 9900k. Temps 50C/60c gaming CPU GPU RTX games 62c with normal games running around 50c. All in all I'm over the moon with it. Just tempted to swap out to the better noctua fans on the rads. I'll post another pic in its second habitat. The living room tonight. OLED 4k/60hz HDR single player games are a sight to behold. Spec: Msi Gaming Carbon z370i 9700k @ 5.1ghz 24/7 Gigabyte Gaming OC 2080 ti Corsair SF750 16Gb Corsair Ddr4 @ 3700mhz Storage: Saberent 1tb M.2 500gb Crucial SSD 2tb Samsung HDD Cooling: Kraken G12 + corsair h50 - GPU Corsair H60 CPU Noctua Redux 1700RPM fans Sound: Creative G6 Senheiser 6XX cans 3D mark results: Fire Strike - 29367 Port Royal - 10372 Time Spy Extreme - 7261 In its natural habitat.
  10. My Gigabyte 2080ti gaming OC was reaching 86C and running well below 2000mhz prior to me fitting a Kraken G2 and that with with a noisy fan curve. Now the PC is much much quieter, runs 2020mhz undervolted and under 60c. Its not just 2% it's more than that. It's the whole picture. But different people want/value different things. I see you run a Corsair AIO on your CPU. What is your opposition to fitting an AIO on your GPU?
  11. It's not about life though is it. The 20 series cards love to boost higher when the core is less than 45C. To do that on air would be very noisy!
  12. Agree with the above. The cheapest solution is to buy a higher rez monitor if you don't want to upgrade your CPU.
  13. Your clocks are just via Nvidia GPU boost?
  14. I agree. But I like benchmarking when I get new hardware it's half the fun. I then settle on a sensible compromise between voltage, heat and performance.
  15. Good numbers Good numbers! I had a 2080 Super and it ran considerably cooler than the 2080Ti. What cooling solution are you using?
  16. Yes totally agree other than on GPU OCing. IMO it depends on the card and resolution you play at as to whether its worth it. I play at 4k/60 or 3440x1440/100 and with the help of DLSS I can pretty much max the games out so no massive need to overclock too much. I did need a little extra clock speed to get Metro where I needed though.
  17. I think that's what I was getting at. People are saying it but are they actually achieving it in a heavy load game? If so i'd love some tips. Chip by chip difference isn't coming into play as yet because i'm hitting the power limit and not getting any crashes. So people that are getting 2100mhz in metro exodus must be under a larger radiator or custom loop i'm guessing?
  18. I'm seeing across the internet people claiming to run their 2080Ti's are 2100mhz+ on the core?? How and is this locked or for the first 10 seconds of a benchmark? I've got a water cooled Gigabyte 2080Ti Gaming OC (A Chip) mounted under Kraken G12 Corsair H50 AIO with Noctua 1700rpm 120mm fan on the rad, Noctua 92mm mounted to the G12 and copper heat sinks on the RAM and VRMS. This is installed in a SFF V6 Ncase M1 with another 120mm intake fan mounted below the card. I have flashed the card with a KFA 130% power limit BIOS. When gaming in metro exodus or benching time spy ultra I am hitting the power limit and card can run at 2140mhz for a short while then settles around 2070mhz with temps around 72C. Thats at 4k/60 RTX on. I tried undervolting the card and it now runs at 1920mhz and 62C during metro or 52C on PUBG (3440x1400/100hz). I'll be keeping this setting as i've maxed out the refresh rate of the respective monitors. More for my personal interest or future performance headroom but how are people hitting 2100mhz+ on air without hitting a voltage limit? What am I doing wrong? As a side note.. wow DLSS 2.0 on 'Deliver us the Moon' is a game changer! Decent performance bump for no discernable drop in image quality at 4K and lovely lovely reflections Please please Deep Sliver go back and patch metro Exodus especially now its on steam!
  19. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Good point regarding the heat over time through the cable. I'll go with one for now so I can fit it all in and am awaiting a response to an email regarding custom ones. I'm hoping 25/30cm should be long enough without too much left over. Unless anyone has seen any already made up for sale in the UK that aren't £20 a go!
  20. Corsair SF750 is the best SFX PSU you can get but I have no idea if it can keep up with a full size one. The Gigabyte Gaming OC which is on the way apparently has LED's by the Pcie connectors which will flash if the the supply is unstable so I guess I could try both.
  21. I've got quite a small SFX case (Ncase M1) and an SF750 psu. It's got x2 double 6+2 8Pin connections. Am I best connecting two individual cables from the Psu to a 2080ti or just use one of the double connectors? Space is tight so if two individual cables are better I'll order some shorter custom ones.
  22. Yes within 5% I believe. I wonder if a golden 2080 OC vs a golden 2080 Super OC would be within 5% of each other?
  23. Yes its the new Samsung DDR6. That's an average overclock people are getting more. I'd love to see what a golden chip could do on a 130% power limit BIOS. I
  24. Yes I think out the box 5% probably is a bit of a disappointment but it doesn't cost any more. However once overclocked it certainly becomes are more attractive option. I'm only just reading about power limits now and if there was a BIOS with a higher limit i'm sure I could have gone further with the 2080 Super. It wasn't that it was crashing above 2050mhz it just wouldn't hold clocks sustained over that amount. So who knows, perhaps I could have closed the gap some more. RIP little 2080 Super, sorry I fried you.