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  1. I'm not sure if that is actually the model number because the label is faded, I'm just guessing that's what it is from what I can see. I tried googling the model number but couldn't find anything online so I was hoping someone else may know it and where I can get spare parts. I put some pictures here, I forgot about them in my original post.
  2. Hi everyone, while going through stuff in my house my brother and I found a tripod which belonged to our grandfather. We're trying to identify it because it's missing it's mounting plate and my brother wants to use it because it seems quite heavy duty. What we can tell is that it's made by a brand called Viron and the model number seems to be VT-806 but I couldn't find anything online. The hole for the mounting plate is 45mm x 50mm and the price label seems to indicate that our grandfather bought it in 1991. Any help would gladly be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to get wifi for my whole house, and have been looking at the TP-Link AX50 and the Deco X20. The reason why I need both is because the wifi signal from a router rarely go past one room in my house, so I'm planning to use the AX50 as the main access point and the X20 to be a mesh for the rest of the house. What I'm wondering is if they are compatible to form a mesh network together. Thanks in advance!
  4. I see, okay. So I guess paying more for the MSI would make more sense then.
  5. GALAX 2070 Super EX-1 click OC
  6. How good is GALAX? Found a store selling the 2070S for 2299 and the 2070 for 1800.
  7. How much is the difference between the 2070S and the 1080TI? Is it a noticeable one?
  8. Ah shoot, you're right, I should've checked the fine print. Looks like most places are still selling for 2800+ still. Damn
  9. Hi guys, Recently with my country basically being put on lockdown, I've had time, which I've wasted playing games and looking at computer hardware (as anyone would do in these times). While making lists for a PC I might never build, I realized that the price of the 1080TI(MYR2000 - MYR2400) in my country had fallen to about the same price as the 2070(MYR2000 - MYR2200). That got me thinking, which one would be more worth it to buy at this point? I don't know much about what makes these cards different beyond one has 8GB of RAM at GDDR6 and the other has 11GB of RAM at GDDR5X. I would lov
  10. Unfortunately yes. Looking around for a donor board to see if I can fix it that way. I found a place online that sells the replacement PCB and does the bios IC swap for free, and it's not too far from LMG ironically. If my boss lets me, I think I'll send it there.
  11. Well here's a very unfortunate update. While I was at work, someone left the door to my room where I was running the recovery open, and a cat came in and sprayed my desk. Unfortunately it seems that even the drive was hit, as there is corrosion on the underside of it now. I didn't realize a smell in my room and thought everything was ok until I woke my computer from sleep and smoke started pouring out. RIP me
  12. Thanks. Every penny goes to getting that 3700x ? Man, that sucks. I hope I have better luck than that. Please dear God bless me
  13. Yep, so far I've had it running for about 24 hours and I've only recovered about 14GB from the first drive. got a really long way to go still.
  14. I think what's more likely is me hearing wrongly, now that I think about it lol. But thanks so much for your help.
  15. I see, okay. Thanks for the info. Looks like I just have to slug it out.