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  1. Would a viable solution be just using DSR at x2 and x4?
  2. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Highest Preset 1080p
  3. At 1080p I'm struggling in games like GTA V and Hunt: Showdown to achieve anything above 90fps. My monitor is 144hz and VSync is disabled in each title. Comparing my GPU to other videos showcasing the games running in 4k around 120fps~ is killing me on the inside :( I would seriously love the help
  4. I put my entire system together in the Helios case but I can't get the front lighting RGB to sync with my motherboard. As far as I can tell the RGB strips that line the glass are fine as they light up normally when the mode and color is set directly on the case, but when I swap the mode to MB for Aura Sync, it seems like one LED on both strips lights up and is very dull. I've contacted Asus support and they said it would take around 24-48 hours. I was hoping if anyone else who has this case could walk me through of what to do to fix this issue. Motherboard is a Asus TUF x570-Plus
  5. Yeah, when I booted into the clean install of windows Asus automatically installed their "ARMOURY CRATE" software which downloaded its drivers and reset my PC, I also have the latest revision of the BIOS
  6. I recently rebuilt my PC into a new case and along with it upgraded my GPU and Motherboard to a Asus TUF x570 Plus and a RTX 2080 Ti. After putting everything together I put my NVMe drive into the motherboard and powered the PC on to boot into Windows 10 to refresh it. I did not fully format the drive beforehand and only used the Windows 10 tool to remove every program, file, and setting. I am currently experiencing a LOT of stuttering when installing programs which distorts audio and skips the mouse around. System Specs: Asus TUF x570-Plus Ryzen 5 2600x
  7. Alright then that's my plan, cause I'm gonna buy a 2070 so I'm gonna be short on cash until I buy one but I see their sub $120 so that's good
  8. Looking at G.Skill's QVL I don't see any motherboard with a 400 chipset, it's all Intel boards. Is this R.I.P. for me? ???
  9. I'll probably just end up selling the motherboard and buying a supported one. I never even thought that ram had a QVL ?
  10. Unfortunately returning isn't an option, I'm far past the return date without hope in sight other than selling the RAM off, listed it on 3 different sites and still nothing.? That and it's fancy and glowy, how can I give that up so easily? I figured that this RAM might work with a newer chipset on an AM4 motherboard, how I find that out is completely alien to me.
  11. I personally don't think an RMA will do me any good if it's just a motherboard compatibility issue. Then again I could just attempt one to see if I got a bad apple out of the bunch ?
  12. Do you know what AM4 Boards would be able to support this RAM type, I think for me it'll just overall be cheaper buying a new motherboard rather than finding approved RAM for this one.
  13. Yeah currently my BIOS is currently up to date with the 4207 update, and if my RAM is malfunctioning I can just get it RMA'ed?