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  1. Reliability is high. If you're still concerned, this model is part of our AGON premium line of monitors. All AGON monitors now come with our Re-Spawned Warranty: 4 Year Warranty 1 Year Accidental Damage Coverage Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee Let me know if you have any other questions. Jeff.
  2. http://promos.us.aoc.com/for-gaming/agon-ag493ucx/ Somebody was going to eat a hat, correct?
  3. The response time on this unit is 1ms. Don't quite know what Office Depot's website is doing there. jeff.
  4. Try Shadow Control and bring it back a bit. That should help your blacks. Jeff.
  5. It's legit, but they won't be in stock until first week of January or so. Thanks, Jeff.
  6. Have you considered going to 2k with high refresh? Try: CQ32G1 CQ27G1
  7. Well, If I buy you a hat, will you believe that it the MSRP is $999? Because it will be. This is my first post here; I work with EPI here in Milpitas. We are AOC. Jeff.