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  1. And it was there supposedly clean new software, guess data mining habit doesn't change.
  2. Yeah, I did de-install it, apparently it is still mining or do whatever. My fans go full speed when I open it now. Before was only inaccurate. Sketchy from them, not a company I would trust nor or buy anything from unless I am forced to after this. There stuff may be ok, but I am sure with this kind of stuff, customer service is real bad or nice but charge you lots. Did erase CAM to smithereen.
  3. This is a long shot in this forum, but whatever. Location: Vancouver(west side), Can. Looking for a friend or two to watch superbowl or join your's or any watch party. Pop in a bar or tavern that have a watch going on is great too.
  4. I installed cam, the new version with no evidence of data mining like the old cam software, I notice significant cpu performance monitoring to be wrong or more precisely display as usualy inside 20% cpu usage, never exceeding 30%. Significant higher clocks displayed thought. I noticed it when my fans would turn on loudly but the cam shows cpu usage at 17% or aground it never exceeding the 30% mark and rarely over 25%. Compared it to task manager which is a lot more logical usage/fan noise-speed. While clock speed is also more believable and at a lower clock inside task manager. Any thoughts on why? And if I should even consider cam's data on the matter?
  5. NM, I guess I didn't read all of the post or go over it too fast. Was understanding you will do the MC server with a second hand 66k and so on or buy them for the server. Intel, although pretty much second to AMD now, second hand market or overstock market that never sold of a couple gen back is a bit overpriced as all thing intel especially second hand one of past few gen.
  6. @llubbo Probably will use it for a bit of gaming and so on, a bit of vr and some workflow cases and 8k playback(just testing it). 4k playback for sure. I tend to open a lot of tabs, 400-500 at times. I guess 16 g ram is must or maybe an ssd just case need paging after ram overrun for a full replacement. Right now, for power hungry stuff, I usually plug my laptop via HDMI to monitor. I do not really have a concrete idea what I want to do as I use my desktop as an auxiliary most of time. It really comes down to price for value, I am not sure if I will be moving soon to another city, if so I will leave it to either my friend or sister but it will be overkill for them. I do just want to build one thus I mentioned the 200-300$mark. Really it comes down to cost since it won't be an must for me right now. Also need some feedback on motherboards to buy.
  7. Yes, I did that. jumped subject there maybe. Have to test out everything then. Alright. Thnx.
  8. As usually is the case, build yourself isn't much cheaper than prebuild at times and mostly I use laptops on my desk anyway. Some time I just not bother to even start my deskop. Sure, I did some upgrade over the years but never properly build a system and shopping arround, value wise seem not that great compared to pre build especially after this shopping week end. But for the fun of it. Preferably finish before holidays but not an hard cap. So around 200-300$ mark, but if it is a great value, I would not mind go around 1000$ and build a full on rig replacement for my desk. most likely with things know will be an AMD powered cpu and as for graphic is where I really need suggestions. Actually I really need ideas everywhere. Your experience is mostly welcome anytime. THX. Burning fire , keep the.
  9. Umm, glossing over, just doesn't seema good value for the buck.
  10. I guess I will go with the NAS, although I will run a dual bay raid 0 or 1, so not really using mirror or recover function. I am testing my my current single NAS the ability to add usb based ehdd. Any suggestions? I am considering My cloud EX2 from WD. And WD red. For their simple to use and pretty looking interface and decent performance. EX4 a bit overkill and the bay itself look ugly. Recommendations welcome. @Scotty1928
  11. Hmmm, ok thanks. I suppose for home user I am the power kind. Nothing really professional to use it for for now. Btw I did try backblaze but they are only an recovery service, wonder if their a flat price service like them for storage without going to setup a server/cloud server and the cost being reasonable, not for enterprise and thus expended capability as well as price. As for seagate, the drive them-self is actually ok, I had two usb port failure/connection failure thought.
  12. Hi, My new laptop have the trackpad upside down when scrolling and side to side-left-right scroll. After looking online a bit, seems for whatever reason, microsoft people put them upside down in software as default. Unlike Balmer latest getting clippers down Right again and apparently using Surface product. What a feat. Going off topic there. It is really strange feeling getting your fingers to scroll the trackpad upside down. I tried most of the things online, as yet none worked, I do not have an property under settings nor control panels when open mouse settings. Image I've seen doesn't I do not have that extra rectangular section in propriety to change it to the right way. Some say it does have a manufacturer utility to change, I did not find that anywhere in apps or programms and that is provided online so far is driver update and an app to keep on the latest drivers. It is an ALPS trackpad, most resource online seem to point that is why I can not directly modify it via settings, but then they all have an extra section of setting over at propriety in hardware-mouse proprieties. I do not see the Elan proprieties show up in aforementioned try. Elan seem to be the supplier/manufacturer or a sub division that manufacture the trackpad. I tried regedit too, but then can not found the key mentioned online because I guess MS upgraded as that online resources is several years old when win10 first came out. Australia is fun a couple months, but all years living their, nah, I'll pass and come up above. Any idea?
  13. Hi, I was planning on getting some new NAS, I have a my cloud 4t that filled up a bit earlier than I thought. I am not a user with too much specialized need at least for now. I would say I am a power space home user that use a lot of space over the disk. (You can guess what's on it)(useless 4k memes of course, what did you think, dirty:)?) But then I come over to this seagate 4t at 100$ deal albeit only an external hdd. I can hook it up to my modem or my mu cloud nas usb port. I would take it but I do want a more convenient NAS, but it is really cheap and I would probably go for 3 or 4 so I would not need the NAS anymore then. The NAS would cost around 2.5x the price, I would have to chose between them. Though I do not really trust seagate as much as WD as I had a USB port failure and with WD they replaced my transferring cable I lost/for them it is broken, the rep suggested me to put it as broken so I can have this worth 50$ cable because of shipping cost even outside warranty by a year, guess they extended it. What would be the reliability of a seagate drive, a normal one external HDD hooked up to an NAS usb port or medem since they will have to be always on and probably have less mitigation and optimization software than those WD RED or even seagate NAS lineup. I prefer just to finish this thing in one go, and I also have some old HDD of various capacity I am going to combine with the new one from old computers or just those who have transverses time and space with me HDD's. SO WHAT DO YOU RECKON? STICK WITH NAS OR GO WITH THE E-HDD? THE THING IS REALLY RELIABILITY OF SEAGATE AND HAVE TO ALWAYS LET THEM ON RUNNING. NEED SUGGESTIONS ASAP.