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  1. If you need an more specific actual build list, I can do that since I haven't build one in a while and perhaps will too. I keep myself updated though. I gone all digital and streaming lol. With Gigabit interent and all the streaming services.
  2. Because from photos Jesualem and Tel Aviv look so different under some common trait but still different. Anyway, this is just top of my head, havent checked the price really. And all assuming MRSP. I'll assume you don't do app or stream. Go with an Rysen 5600x and an 3080. An go to high end case with RGB and tranparent glass and other features 150-200. An set of RAM 16 GB 70$.-100. get at least 3200 but go for 3600. I'll stick with the cooler in the box. SSD preferable m.2 at least 512 or even 1t 100-150 and an hard drive 5t and up at elast 7200rpm 70$. PSU go with an 650 or 750 to give you a
  3. Actually I am curious how it is and which city you are in. Does different city are so different?
  4. Problem is most of us have no idea of Israel pricing. Tax's etc. I hear the food and drinks are expensive relatively to Canada and America.
  5. Laptop Bios are usually locked. Mobile variants of GPU should be locked. Lenovo don;t even have UEFI interface, dunno actual firmware if it is UEFI but certainely not the UI. Anyway see if it get too extreme but 95 is within tolerance, anything above is abnormal. Those Intel chips run hot and loud, sucking way more power than AMD counterpart. Update Bios(have an spare device or phone jsut in case it goes bad of insufficient battery for day to day), remove malware. Worst case re-install Windows.
  6. Afterburner is only for GPU. Though I think the heat is mostly the RTX card so you can use it and the Afterburner have no harm just know it is for GPU only.
  7. How long have you had the laptop, the Y 540 especially are an dust magnet. Open it uop and clean the dust and see. However that is most likely only will reduce noise. De install XTU and see. As it doesn't have an auto reset setting. Install it if needed again but if don't need de-install it completely.
  8. You can if you are in China, or break in the Pentagon or hack their network and run Area 51 OS. Or go back to flip phones, and or symbiant OS. Oh wait, Nokia is Big Tech Too.
  9. Very inconsistent though. and started last 2000 series or so. Verneer isn't APU and rumored to be Deskop so inconsistent there unless they both go wiht painters name. I do wonder how there marketing will be assuming they get the rights if they will come out with Bob Ross. Only one that has been still jsut after 2017 is there Epyc line or Italian city names. Naple-Rome-MIlan. From to bottom and have to be big cities. BTW, I would like to see Tuscany in it, favorite city in Italia.
  10. This is not a shot or shade but just feel a bit ironical when reading complicated. It is ultimately retired because it is old and not complicated enough for today and tmr uses.
  11. I got into nostalogical mood before New Year and wanted to play a bit of flash games on Y8(sites I remember from my primary days) or any other. I ended up playing more than 800 hours+ day and night for almost a week now especially over Ninjakiwi. The nostalogical nolife returned as well. I was planning on playing Cyberpunk Matrix for 8-10 hours however I decided to wait till the Oracle of CDPR to hav eneough battery to fix the Matrix first. BTW the next Matrix should be Beyond death.
  12. Exactly my thinking. Not as much as ''bother me'' as you are, still did clearly because of this post. But would be nice to have a pattern and trying to come up with one is fun (by any stretch) It's New Year, time to release any ''creativity'' about the naming
  13. Read my post, I know that. Just a though that came across me that they didn't had Faraday as a name yet and trying to estabilish an logic. Read my post in full.
  14. Tesla, Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, and Volta, Turing, Ampere, Lovelace, than logically the next-next gen should be Babbage. I couldn't find any logic to it names other than if the next-next gen is Babbage. I was watching some electric eels research and come across a Michael Faraday quote and though for whatever reason that Nvidia had never named an GPU after Faraday. Maybe they are reserving it to be something really big. The name is not in chronological order or year nor discoveries successions and neither are pure math or physics but together nor electricity. Here is m
  15. Is there a way to flip the quicktime recording webcam live rather than after when saving?