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  1. I just want to know why the hell don't they use wifi for the headset as it will be higher quality and could have higher capability. Even an LTE ones for stand alone headphone or use with smartwatch because battery. Anyway the most harm is your ears is harming and uncomfortable as you watch series on end and wearing for periode. More on the uncomfortable for wearing it so long rather than real hurt but sometimes the ear does physically hurt for wearing so ling. BTW, a bit gross of a comment but do clean your earwax more often if wearing earphones or earphone or
  2. Quick question; Can I jump to Prime video USA with a foreign one(Canada)using VPN like Netflix(not all VPN but those that do care) or is it associated with the account of purchase of the Prime membership?
  3. None have it. 99.99%of the time if Google don't have it the other don't either. Beside that Google have become more restrictive of their indexating and more let's called it localised forums content and not showing them. Especially noticeable is some description below the title of the result, guess they scan for that now too. Have experienced it before and luckily I had my history and indexed the website. Was after an event in which h most people was shocked in the western world, especially. Back to the story I was dealing. Especially when dealing with Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian st
  4. Apparently, you still need an directory link at your possession or as an collection you have if you do really want something, beyond torrent even. Or those hidden torrent site, which may be confused in some case by copycats and proxys.
  5. So is there a term for not quite the dark web, not the deep web either. But you can't really just google it, you have to go through hops and look for it and if lucky a forum from google may directly have the link to it. Still not the deep web because some of it you can actually google it with the right slang/word, at least some, acquired from an particular forum and it will redirect you to it. A bit like the days where you do really need a link and google not around. Or Bing, something is better than nothing. By the way, I love Yahoo answers back in day the say and still love
  6. While I used my phone when I posted so. But anyway, you still to enable and manage it. The webmaster that is. TBH I just don't think you have any valuable data to send them. Or anymore valuable since if you are an android you are pretty much in, even is is Iphone most people still have google gmail and others. Sometimes people just get too paranoid. Let's start an R non conspiracy while we are at that. Surrounding data collection. R come after Q.
  7. Whiteout an good design I don't think it will stick. Or at least subsequent versions. Is this a start of an S curve or it will go wayside because it needs design flair. Edit: All I am saying is add much design flair and this could be the start of an S curve. It could stick if the previous condition are meet. Apparently no one picked up the question I am asking and just says it's ugly. If it were to stick and flourish, this would be what I call an pre-S curve as it is and looks. Or someone else may come in and do an way better version. https://www.tomshardware.com/
  8. If you need an more specific actual build list, I can do that since I haven't build one in a while and perhaps will too. I keep myself updated though. I gone all digital and streaming lol. With Gigabit interent and all the streaming services.
  9. Because from photos Jesualem and Tel Aviv look so different under some common trait but still different. Anyway, this is just top of my head, havent checked the price really. And all assuming MRSP. I'll assume you don't do app or stream. Go with an Rysen 5600x and an 3080. An go to high end case with RGB and tranparent glass and other features 150-200. An set of RAM 16 GB 70$.-100. get at least 3200 but go for 3600. I'll stick with the cooler in the box. SSD preferable m.2 at least 512 or even 1t 100-150 and an hard drive 5t and up at elast 7200rpm 70$. PSU go with an 650 or 750 to give you a
  10. Actually I am curious how it is and which city you are in. Does different city are so different?
  11. Problem is most of us have no idea of Israel pricing. Tax's etc. I hear the food and drinks are expensive relatively to Canada and America.
  12. Laptop Bios are usually locked. Mobile variants of GPU should be locked. Lenovo don;t even have UEFI interface, dunno actual firmware if it is UEFI but certainely not the UI. Anyway see if it get too extreme but 95 is within tolerance, anything above is abnormal. Those Intel chips run hot and loud, sucking way more power than AMD counterpart. Update Bios(have an spare device or phone jsut in case it goes bad of insufficient battery for day to day), remove malware. Worst case re-install Windows.
  13. Afterburner is only for GPU. Though I think the heat is mostly the RTX card so you can use it and the Afterburner have no harm just know it is for GPU only.
  14. How long have you had the laptop, the Y 540 especially are an dust magnet. Open it uop and clean the dust and see. However that is most likely only will reduce noise. De install XTU and see. As it doesn't have an auto reset setting. Install it if needed again but if don't need de-install it completely.
  15. You can if you are in China, or break in the Pentagon or hack their network and run Area 51 OS. Or go back to flip phones, and or symbiant OS. Oh wait, Nokia is Big Tech Too.