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  1. HEY Since a year or two I'm constantly watching people playing VR games and being stupid in VR chat. Now, what do I need to buy?
  2. I mean idk, I've never used a VA panel before, I'm always either IPS or TN.
  3. Hello, I live with my parents so I can save money pretty easily and I would like to upgrade the livingroom a little bit. My parents have now a 55" TV and I would like to upgrade it I was looking at some Laser beamers because I want the crisp colors and the beamer will stand pretty close to the wall. I would like to have at least a 100" screen and when it comes to the price, please not above 6k.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a new monitor because I've sold my 240hz Alienware monitor and would like something bigger. I want to watch movies and game on it, I have a color calibration tool "Spyder 5 Elite". https://us.aoc.com/en/gaming-monitors/cq32g1 it has good reviews but what I would like to know is if it has big ghosting issues. it's 310Euros in Germany (geizhals.de) Must have at least: size: 31" resolution: 1440p at 16:9 (can be bigger) refreshrate: 120hz+
  5. TL;DR Get better hardware instead of watercooling, it's cool looking but not faster. Custom Watercooling is the last step, first you need at least a 9600k and a 2060 to get a cheap, watercooling for like 300 bucks just to have a quiet gaming PC. 300 - 60 cpu cooler - extra case fans you pay like 150 on top of your air cooling. But I wouldn't buy any watercooling, custom or AiO unless I have at least something faster than a 9600k or 2060. 9600k AiO isn't a bad idea because OC high since core performance.
  6. Straight Power P11 750 Watt and can't really say anything about cases because I can't find one for myself, maybe... Thermaltake View 51 TG ARGB? I wouldn't spend more than 100 bucks on a case for a midrange PC. Would make more sense spending the 100 bucks on CPU cooling, more ram, better fans etc.
  7. Hi, do you guys know any good 19" rack cases that could be used for gaming PCs? I don't want to spend toooo much money on such a case, the fact that some of them cost like 250Euros is really weird... are there some CAD projects to make one?
  8. Dude I was running 240hz at 1080p with hdmi 2.0
  9. I've spent 6 days, 8h daily trying to fix DirectX Errors in ModernWarfare, it also crashed once on me when playing GTA5. I have reinstalled windows 6 times (each day) with differents builds also included the Build 1809 recommended by activision, I had various drivers installed 440.19, 442.57 (recommended), 445.75, updated my bios, installed audio drivers, installed nvidia drivers in various ways, with physx/hd-audio and without, scan and repair inside battlenet and I'm slowly pretty sure that it's a Windows or Driver thing, problem is that people get those errors also on AMD GPUs and DirectX is an API so I'm pretty sure it's Windows but nothing is helping. My PC: 2700x Mortar Max B450 GTX 1080ti amp extreme core samsung 970 evo 500gb nvme sandisk ultra II 960gb sata3 Corsair CM500 PSU I might swap the PSU but will it help? Straight Power 11 650/750W is good enough? Don't feel spending on Dark Pro etc.
  10. Sorry for bumping but I have spend now 5-6 days about 8h daily fixing this issue. It causes errors also on different games. I can't play a single match to the end without crashing. Can DirectX Errors be caused by faulty GPU?
  11. everything is stock except xmp enabled.
  12. Won't help because I've reinstalled windows 10 pro 64bit. So far I've only installed Battlenet and Nvidia 455.75 drivers.
  13. Hello, I've bought an used 1080ti AMP Extreme. I'm getting directX errors while playing CoD MW 2019 on my 660ti and it happen only when changing graphics settings. But now with my 1080ti I'm also getting DirectX errors ingame while playing. So far I've got a DirectX Error in MW 2019 and GTA5 when I came run into the beach.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm trying to create an algorithm that will determinate hardware's performance and price/performance value. It's fairly easy to do it, the bigger issue is how to compare benchmarks between different computers? For example one is using 8700K and the other 9700K or 9900K. I'm not Linus who has a warehouse full of hardware (If you want to adopt me I'm down). The other issue is ingame performance, firefox can give an Idea how fast a GPU/CPU might be but for example 2080 is slower in Fireftrike than 1080ti but ingame it's different. 2080 is faster on avg compared to 1080ti. Any ideas? Which specs would be needed etc? (It will become a open source project and website)
  15. I know it's stupid but I want to do it, would like to build something like the LD phase change cooling. http://www.ldcooling.com/shop/ld-pc-v2/191-ld-pc-v2-phase-change-black-xl-suction.html Do you have any links how that thing works? I don't want to build anything sketchy and I don't mind spending 600€ or something.