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  1. New Razer Blade to go with my razer tactical pro backpack would be great. Go LTT
  2. I have a old projector, would be great to upgrade. love what you guys are doing and keep it up enjoy all your content.
  3. Well i was just looking for a computer build guide about 24 months ago and yours was the top result. since then i have watched almost all of your videos over the past 2 years and has resulted me getting a job with commuter electronics job. so i thank you, without these videos i wouldn't have the life i live today. And well done for achieving 1 mil subscribers. glad i am along for the ride
  4. Well its a sony phone with the forward facing speakers. i own a htc one m8 and love the speakers. got to loves them beats yoh
  5. i just like it because its an ROG laptop, enough said