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  1. I dont understand what you are asking.
  2. It is metal but as a liquid. Thus the name....lol.
  3. Here is what I do for laptops that come through my shop like this. First, make sure that the ventilation is cleared of debris. Normally that requires me to take it apart a bit. Blow out the heatvents and the fans. Make sure to hold the fans in place so they dont spin. If the fans are really caked on with grime, I take a MOIST papertowel and wipe the blades off the best I can, sometimes even take a cotton ear cleaner and get the hard to reach areas. Make sure no lint or debris is left behind. Blow out with air again. Here is where it gets fun: Now you gotta tear it down to the CPU and reapply the Thermal Paste, look for a video online on proper methods. DONT USE LIQUID METAL. just get some cheap Arctic Silver. Since its apart, do your GPU and your CPU Paste. Put it back together, check your thermals, and they should be much better.
  4. It will work as long as the motherboard supports that much RAM. The issue is since its not a dual channel kit, he may have some performance loss. Nothing noticeable IMO.
  5. It shuts down to protect itself. You are hitting its peak heat.
  6. To this day I still Use Arctic Silver 5. Like 6 bucks for a small tube.
  7. Interesting, 800Mhz speed ram? Hardware Reserved 12 GB, might explain why we are seeing the results we are seeing, but if you look at the graph it shows max avail is 8Gb. That speed dont look right either....
  8. Help me understand this, maybe Im not seeing it. The OS recognizes the correct amount of RAM but something is using a bunch of it meaning only 8 GB usable out of 20?
  9. How much ram does your Motherboard allow? It recognizes the 20Gb, but 12GB of that is in use according to the picture.
  10. o7 CMDR. I havent been on in a while since I have been working on and off on a short movie filmed in Elite Dangerous, but eventually i will be back in Feel free to Add me. I play Pirate most of the time, or Passenger Carrier. Username: Necrovarius
  11. I am not familiar with that laptop itself, but installing ram is easy. Just slot it in, same with SDD, installing Windows can get tricky without a CD Drive, so you may need another PC to get a USB install for your Windows. As far as price goes, its not bad. If I were to do that I normally quote parts plus 70$ for this.
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Necro, for online sake. i am new to the forum, and as many i came here with a problem PC. So far, i got it fixed with the help of this awesome community. i wanted to take a moment and give a little about myself, as i foresee myself spending a lot of time here. I am located in Northern Minnesota, bout 2 hours from the Canadia Border (Thats right, thats what i call it) I started my computer interest with the Windows 95 Computer my Dad bought. Well, really it started with the old Macintosh's my school had that played Oregon Trail and Number Cruncher s from the original 3.5in Floppy Disks. the same as most of you, I am a gamer and technician on the side. My first most memorable game that taught me what immersion really was happened to be the original Myst game. Even to this day, memories and scenes from that game still hold a place in my heart. The first computer I ever really owned was a Dell Inspiron 1500 Laptop. i cannot count the hours spent in college playing Free FPS games with my friends, (Combat Arms) and even more hours in the Free MMORPG Perfect World. Towards the end of my first college career (I went for a degree in Business) i got my first Gaming PC. It was built by Cyberpower PC and boasted a watercooled i7-920, and GTX250, inside a Coolermaster Storm Sniper Case. (What a beefy case that was) After 5 years or so of that machine, and various upgrades to the GPU and RAM, I sold it and built my first Gaming Comptuer that I still use to this day. I rock: Intel i7 -4790 12GB RAM GTX 1660ti 250GB SSD 4TB HDD storage Coolermaster Scout Advance 2 Chassis Over the years I have built other systems too which include a file server/second light gaming machine, Dedicated Stream Machine, Dedicated Emulator Machine from old hardware, and other bits and bobs around that house that are Frankenstein PC's waiting to be fixed or sold. I have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to PC's but could always learn more. Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope to get to know all of you in the forums.
  13. One more further update: Windows Update took forever once again, resulting in 100% disk usage for like 3 hours. This really concerns me, because it really wasn't using the disk to full potential, only a few MB/s. After a while of sitting, it calmed down and I got decent performance out of it. I was able to pull up candy crush (As that is what got my client to call me in the first place) and that loaded fine (albeit slow). The system works but it just feels unstable. Like a Mr. Hyde feeling (for anyone that gets that reference). It boots fine, and the battery is once again charging which means it is a faulty power port (for the 3rd time) Any other suggestions to help alleviate this feeling? Is there something you do on your repairs that is standard that I might not do?
  14. Haven't heard anything, but would like to throw in that I am anticipating this as well!