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  1. Hmmm, if Memtest did not detect any errors then it could be a graphic card issue, try rolling back your drivers on your graphics card see if it continues.
  2. Ram Usage has nothing to do with the problem. Thats why Memtest helps me, at least, diagnose if its a bad ram stick. You could remove one stick (if you have 2x8gb sticks) and try with one. Swap sticks again and test the other if it crashes on one stick and not the other, than its that ram stick as the problem.
  3. That sound like bad ram. But computers are like water leaks, you think you know where the problem is coming from, but you cant always be sure.
  4. What a mem test does is sends bits through your ram and checks what happens. If it throws an error it will tell you. There are other testers, I just don't use them. Does the computer boot normally now? Did you check video drivers?
  5. I would suggest a Mem Test, a log doesnt always tell us what is happening. You could have a stick of memory throwing errors.
  6. I just went through what OP is going through. Mostly do video game stuff on YT, and recently wanted to do some live action. As of now, here is where I am at: Canon R700 Camcorder (Used was about $150) Tascam Lav and Recorder $200-ish Crappy Kmart Tri-pod $Free....for reasons.... Carbon Fiber Glide Stick $40 Always remember, Audio is more important than video.
  7. Can you swap the HDD for an SSD? That would be a definite boost.
  8. There is a wired adapter within Device Manager, but of course it has the exclaimation mark. I have tried installing drivers using that directly, but it fails. When I go into network adapters it is completely blank. It is like, it knows something is there but no matter what I install for driver, windows 7 has no idea what to do with it. Could it be a windows 7 issue?
  9. Hey all, I am at my wit's end here. I got a pre-built pc from a friend. It was a Dell XPS Studio 7100. Everything was original except for the GPU, which was upgraded. My friends son wants me to build him a PC. So I took the parts from this Dell and rebuilt it in a newer case. I had to change out the PSU and added an SSD. Here is my problem. I cannot get any Ethernet drivers to work. I installed them directly from the website using the service tag, and they install just fine, but when I go to look at the connection, no network adapter shows up! There have been multiple posts on other sites like mine, but nothing has helped, so I am pulling out the big guns and asking the best community out there for help!
  10. I have an ROC monitor that is 27", 144hz 1440p. Love it to death and it has freesync. I dont remember the model number, but ROC has good products for a good price!
  11. Have you tried a different cable from the GPU to monitor? Are you Alt + Tab to chrome? Does the computer stay on but black screen? Have you updated your graphics drivers recently. What are your system specs?
  12. My audio is separated in track different than game audio. When I pull it into soundforge, the way it is setup, it only pulls vocals.
  13. I agree with all intakes being filtered, although Personally I prefer neutral airflow. In as much as out, to keep the flow moving. either will work fine, you wont notice a difference.
  14. I record audio at the same time as my video, however, I prefer to master it a bit so it sounds cleaner.
  15. You dont need the same one, and could probably go with a cheaper one that still meets your needs, MOBO's dont make a performance difference, unless you are overclocking.