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  1. I have an old computer with an A8-5500 (4 core 3.4GHz) processor I'm looking to refurbish and just get some "productivity" use out of it. I'm already planning on swapping the HDD out for an SSD. It has 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz memory and I don't really feel like spending the $100 for DDR3 with a higher clock speed, but I was wondering if you all think it would be worth swapping out the A8 for like an A10-6600K (4 core 4.1GHz; I'm limited to FM2) going for around $70? I got it for free and I have an SSD lying around but in its current state, it struggles with web browsing and powerpoint editing.
  2. Awesome to see a video on this but I was hoping they'd talk about render times with different processors and pieces of hardware. That's the thing that slows me down the most!
  3. They really need to talk about the price of this build because a lot of people go the hackintosh/PC parts route to save some money. This build screams $$$ but I think it still might come in below new Mac Pro projections!