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  1. Hi, I'm getting seriously pissed about these guys, they seems to be everywhere However short story, on eBay I resell some games keys, I send them via email; this guy contacted me a while ago saying that he didn't got the mail, I replied to him to check the spam box, and that I resented to him a second mail, he replies thanks, and everything seems to be ok Now after a month recontact me, by insulting me, and threatening me that he will call ebay today, since I've scammed him and that I'm bitching with him I mean wtf, after a month? Only now you write about it? I literally writed like that to him, but I had that if he would like to bitch himself like that, he is welkome Ok.. Maybe I should sayd that, but I'm getting pissed on these scam guys, they seems to be everywhere
  2. Html isn't a language ; However I think that I've got what do you mean, but also no, I mean even if a problem cannot be "directly" solved, most of the times can be cozen
  3. Except for job purpose, what's the real gain? To me it's seems just an useless "war" between two programs that can make the same job, but their differ just for a couple of functions and the gui..
  4. Too much long to read; However if your problem is that your parents cannot get you a pc, just get your own money and buy one without having to do with your parents, saving and getting money, as long you have someone that maintains you, should be easy Also if so you have problems with age/credit cards, just get some "anonymous" credit cards or gift cards for stores like Amazon, and buy from them
  5. I mean, the splitters, like the one that you have posted, they have only one m2, that goes to the pcie line, meanwhile, the other one, it's connected to the sata line so I was wondering, if there were any splitters that support more than one ssd/m2 mount, that connect only via pcie so the m2 performance, wouldn't get cut down by the sata line
  6. Hi as a title I often see splitter that actually are 1 m2 to pcie, and the other one goes to sata connection, so I was wondering if there were any that would use only the pcie.. maybe I didn't google so well..
  7. You can have them as much as you want, but be aware if you use too much the same number as confirmation, that might be blacklisted, and not be accepted anymore as such
  8. If I have it, but it's from +2 years ago.. Should it be valid?
  9. Yes, but the ch vi has also the am3 holes for the backplate.. So The backplate holes for am3 and am2 are the same or not?
  10. Even if the left side is somewhat rounded than the right side?
  11. A friend of mine bought a used nh d15 from eBay The left tower seems somewhat rounded.. It’s normal? Or should he return the object and requesting a refund? (he got it for 45 euros) https://imgur.com/Za2RHCl Also he has a crosshair vi, which I think it support the am3 backplate, but he has the mounting kit of the am2, so he was wondering if he could mount it anyway, or he should get an adapter for am4 ; Also in case he could use the am2 adapter, since he hasn't a am2/3 backplate, he was wondering if he could use some screws/dices to hold it to the motherboard
  12. Oh about blurring.. When I extremely lower down the brightness of my "normal" display devices, usually when scrolling text, the background somewhat ghostes up to the text.. Should I have similar issues with the eink?
  13. Now that I'm thinking of, it would be also great something like the display of the Sony SmartWatch 2, it coulded switch between a "normal" display, to a something like the transflective, dunno what it was Well no, it's also because I basically spend all the day on looking in a screen, so I think that feeling somewhat drunk/tired should be normal.. However thanks, I should try the eink displays..
  14. Nothing so new.. But scraping is not somewhat illegal?
  15. Hi Usually I spend long times on reading, but with "normal" displays I'm getting sicks, but I found myself pretty good with transflective display, so I was wondering, if there was any decent device with it..