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  1. well it would be usefull to use the cellphone as a "macrokey", or using the integrated cameras, as webcam or whatever, for the keys, for example if I click 2 times the power key, I can do a certain action, three times, anorther auction, and etc also even the microfone would be usefull Ps: I already know that there are some apps that permit you to use the cellphone as a macrokey, but, actually the macros are kinda limited, it would be really usefull to have something to put a subtab on the phone, so for example if I click one time it launch a certain tool, if I click two times, or I keep it selected for some time, it opens a subsection of that tool, or a subtool, also the ui is a plus so I can simply navigate to use certain tool, than setting everytime a new macro
  2. Hi! I was wondering if could be possible to use an android device as a second monitor, but also, maintening orther i/o funzionality, such as touch, cameras, jack audio, keys (maybe by using them as a macros), and etc?
  3. Hi I cant really understand that damm ui of windows defender.. instead of deleting that, I renew that malware going around or googling, still I couldnt find anything to remove that thing.. any suggestion?
  4. Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to modify the behaviour of the numlock and the 00 key via hidmacros/luamacros actually Im using hidmacros since I dont know lua
  5. so, there arent any better free altenative than the open hw?
  6. Hi, not sure where I should post this thread, Im sorry if it is the wrong section However I have a doubt, can I put an object under an open hardware license, and after that, changing that open hardware license in a patent?
  7. Hi Every clipstudio key can be used in two different pc, but I have alredy use one time on my pc, but I wanted to reinstall clipstudio after I reinstall windows on my pc (same hardware/w10key), but Im not really sure if it will count as a second utilize or as the first one if it will count as a second utilize, there is not any way to remove the "first use" before I reinstall windows, and use that "first use" after I reinstall windows? going around clipstudio application, I didnt notice any similar/contex settings, I have already quested on clipstudio forum, but all replies were in japanese, and the traslation from google were pretty crap, so I couldnt really understand.. so anyone know anything about?
  8. my bad, rereading my post, I wrote really bad so, on windows 10, there is not any way to set, where the windows application(and if possible, the windows subsection of the application*) should be opened? * for example maya shold open in deskop 1, the hypershade window (which is a subsection of maya) should be opened in desktop 2, everytime that I launch maya even because, everytime that I open an application, it doesnt open in any apparently logic, one times it opens on desktop 1, another time it opens on desktop 4, ad etc
  9. Hi, I wa wondering if there is any way to lock an app window in a certain place for example I open firefox, I want that it will open on desktopo 1, everytime that I launch tha application or I open chrome I want that the settings windows will be opened at the 1/2 of desktop 2 and, chrome itslelf at the desktop 1 everytime that I open that app there is any way to do so?
  10. 2070s also for software support, for games, there is the possibility to abilitate the raytracing in orther areas nvidia support both of open and cuda, (also tensor cores), there are also a pretty vast of bunch of software that support only cuda (or if they support open, they lack at it, or often the few alternative that support open, go worse than the cuda one, or they lack of feature), especially with pbr software; also since they also support open there is no problem but if your use is only open or games and you dont care about raytracing, or you have some problem with nvidia driver on linux, pick the amd one, even if I dont understand why you would take a worse choice with the same amount of money
  11. Ok, basically I was assembliang a pc for one guy, but it took to long (for whatever reason the monitors didnt give output), so I offer to make for free even if it will work, it look me strange However the guy gived to me 20 bucks even if I sayed that I wanted to do the work for free (I was hungry to myself for not understanding the problem, also I didnt want to make myself look bad to him, so doing so, I think I can at least avoid any future problem), but still when I sayed that I wanted to do that work for free it looked again at me strangely So.. It is so weird?
  12. last question: there is any way to "extract" a program as an exe, with all preference and various settings? because I dont wanna download and setting manually all the preference on every single program that I use also the keys limited by computers use, tecnically with reinstalling windows, it will count as another computer or not?
  13. thanks, btw another dumb question this tool doesnt store any personal data right? https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396 someone has quested to me to provide the logs generate from that to him, but idk