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  1. I accidentally broke part of my ceiling I live in rent I planned to fix it when Amazon shippes to me the material, and meanwhile to "fix it" a put in a thin a4 paper I see through it rats What heck can I do? Tell to the landlord that I accidentally broke the ceiling and that there are rats in it Or trying to fix it wishing that some rats doesn't decide to come from that hole? Futhermore that fucking hole is up to my bed
  2. It is not listed to the supported devices though it shares the same hardware to some of those tablets, so it might work even out of the box, but even if it weren't it would be easier to setup something rather than out of nothing The problem is that the device comes with no drivers, nord proper documentation nor sdks unless I do a big order, but apparently it does with some windows generic drivers but the manufacturer doesn't specify which ones are But you will not find them by googling
  3. My bad I missed a "n" https://github.com/DIGImend/digimend-kernel-drivers It's used for graphics tablets
  4. Though to upload any file you do need an account.. if I'm not again wrong
  5. Uploading it and let it see to other guys without forcing them to create a gmail(in this example or other account) to see the file or to download it
  6. It requires an account and to download files
  7. Is there anything that doesn't require you to download or subscribe to anything to see a pdf file or some plane text (with html, I need to link stuff, it should be dump proof)?
  8. Ok my hardware: Ryzen 2700x, rtx 2070 super, crosshair vi hero, 4x8gb 3ghz ram In particular I'm interested to digimed drivers, they might be an easier workarounds than trying to buildup some drivers(for windows) from scratch for a device that I don't have proper documentation (because the manufacturer is unwilling to give any) Though I cannot use linux as stated before because some softwares that I usually use are not supported or might work badly, and some of those are: Redshift/vray, they do have linux support, but I couldn't find any benchmark online, so I have no idea how they run Rhino 3d Adobe suite Zbrush Matlab Other softwares that run on nvidia cards
  9. Not everything runs on wine And also wine cannot run drivers, and nvidia drivers sucks on linux
  10. Well, some time ago there was something called like winkvm but it was like a beta.. dunno if anybody did conclude that thing or not Anyway it's just that some drivers are not avaible for windows while on linux they are, though I cannot run linux because I need some software that do work better on windows
  11. Is there a stable way to run linux drivers on windows?
  12. Lii


  13. can you review the Huion kanvas 22 plus?
  14. I already know him, his reviews are pretty much worthless
  15. University is getting me insane Not for the difficulty of their school program, that's quite easy and trash But for the difficulty to unsubscribe to it and getting my money back and Tons of unnecessary papers that they fill you to make it uneasy to do bulkshit things