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  1. BardiaMGTGC

    can i make my temps better

    with my old intel stock cooler i was getting temps close to 75 and some spikes on games and with this cheap cooler master one(cheapest i could find) i worked out and is 65c(maximum temp i got on 100%) good for asus gtx 1050 2gb?
  2. BardiaMGTGC

    can i make my temps better

    so no benefits if somehow lowers temps in games or anything like that?
  3. BardiaMGTGC

    can i make my temps better

    if i have a good temp how much is temp on a water cooling build on 100 percent
  4. i have a i5 7400 and cooler master gemini ii led on 100% i get 50-55c can a make it better i changed thermal paste last week
  5. BardiaMGTGC

    bad speed on wireless network

    upload is the same with lan and wireless but is it possible to use a repeater and get the same speed
  6. BardiaMGTGC

    bad speed on wireless network

    full signal
  7. BardiaMGTGC

    bad speed on wireless network

    is it gonna work out cuz im downloading a game now and to watch a livestream i need to use my mobile network we have packages for 2am to 7 am that are really cheap like 20gb monthly 8 tousand toman which is less than a dollar i cant get those packages very often if i finish it
  8. BardiaMGTGC

    bad speed on wireless network

    i use external usb for wifi cuz i dont have wifi card on my board and other thing what are those?
  9. BardiaMGTGC

    bad speed on wireless network

    so in my country(iran) 8mbps is a good network and 16 mbps is very good and other providers that offer more are just scammers even on td lte i use adsl2+ and my house network speed at provider said is 10mbps max i have 8mbps package and i get like 6mbps on wireless from my room where my pc is and i get 8-10 mbps on my fathers laptop with lan cable router not in my room so i need to use wireless is there any solution my router is d link 2740u
  10. BardiaMGTGC

    temps are hgh

    my cpu is a core i5 7400 cooler is cooler master gemini ii rgb on windows doing nothing i get 50 c on 50 percent usage i get 70 and on 100 usage i get up to 87 is it ok? i changed from intel stock to this cooler four months ago maybe i did too much thermal paste or sth and also the fan is like a bit loose cause its soo big and i couldnt get the last screw to go in
  11. BardiaMGTGC

    white screen

    i was having a problem with my pc and psu and white screens i changed it and bought a new cooler master 650 watt psu and i get white screen again and i need to force shut down gpu temps while gaming are ok 70-75 and cpu in at 65-75 what should i do specs intel core i5 7400 rx 580 4gb biostar(it was mining when i bought it second hand) 8gb of ram 2400 2hdds 1ssd h110 m-c/ps
  12. i upgraded my pc from phenom ii x4 955 from 2010 to an i5 7400 and rx 580 h110 m-c/ps 8gb of ram and some drives i didnt had enough money to get a psu so i used my old psu a 485 watt green psu with my old gpu which needed no connectors gtx 1050 i had no problem but with my new second hand rx 580 (which is mining and everything is fine with it) i get white screen and crashes on gaming i tested watchdogs 2 forza horizon 4 and minecraft while streaming and encoding with gpu it crashed my whole pc and i forced shut down by case power button i had problems with it like pc turning on and off right after im changing to a 650 watt psu today and i just wanted to know if my psu is the problem
  13. BardiaMGTGC

    Temp high for rx580 biostar 4gb

    white screens happened to me 2 times with same settings when i lowered it a bit it fixed i installed drivers 2 times from amd website ok i have an other question so this card was mining is that means it sucks or the performance decreased a lot?
  14. BardiaMGTGC

    Temp high for rx580 biostar 4gb

    i build my pc but idk how to open a gpu and change thermal paste is it like cpu changing it? my temps are on 29-35 on watching vids chating and other stuff and for gaming its on like 70-75 on games like mafia gta and other stuff but like watchdogs 2 it just overheats on high settings and mid/high setting its ok a bit of stutter at first and after 5 min its fixed(on high settngs it overheats after 5 min of gameplay)
  15. BardiaMGTGC

    Temp high for rx580 biostar 4gb

    i bought it from a dude half the price he said it was on mining for like 2 months i use deepcool d shield (i live in iran so anything is expensive and i cant buy expensive parts like 40-100 dollar is so expensive) i use amd monitoring thingy and msi afterburner core i5 7400 8gb crucial 2400 ddr4 h110m-c/ps 240 western ssd 2x1tb hdd seagate and western two deepcool fans green gp485a power supply my last build from 2010 was a phenom ii build and i started upgrading anything from 2 years ago i had a gtx 1050 evga superclocked sold that and got a rx 580