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  1. i live in iran and eveything is really darn expensive
  2. i have a h110m-c/ps motherboard and 8gb of ram and i want to get 12gb i currently have a 8gb 2400mhz crucial ram stick and i want to get a 4gb geil 2400mhz i cant get another 8gb of the same crucial stick and only thing i can get right now is a 4gb stick so i can save myself from frame drops can i dual channel those ram sticks and does it hit performance?
  3. what about modding bios i heard of modding h110 bios but i didnt found anything got any info?
  4. i was trying to overclock my ram again after my attempt last year failed i have a h series board with i5 7400 and 8gb of ram i was able to overclock my gpu well it didnt need any special board but i couldnt get ram overclock to work i have 2400mhz ram and using xmp its running with no problem i couldnt get it to 2666mhz is it just because of the ram itself or the because its a h board?
  5. ok so just an update i ran the .exe file from sd card for gps on a ce 6.0 emulator and worked so i tried reverse i tried copying some ce 6.0 files like regedit taskmgr etc and it didnt work i think there is something like a program that runs trusted executable files and thats why its failing
  6. i put sd card from navi in my phone and i found .bin(binary)and .pkg for package files and .exe file what about putting it on my sd adaptor and changing .exe file to something will it run?
  7. so after some research the os installed is windows ce 6.0 (not sure)
  8. so i was wondering if i can install android on my car stereo its a caska for suzuki grand vitara https://m.imgur.com/a/pV9Rqz5 heres the image i dont know the model name and searched for it but i found a link to caska website which is closed is there anyway? there was also a sd card with navigation data which is old and with google map its useless edit:i just found model caska ca106a
  9. for kali or should i say linux itself cpu isnt diffrent but for gpu u will have a lot of problem using nvidia because i have nvidia card and amd card driver support for nvidia is just mehh even a hd 5670 and 1050 for normal usage 5670 will take the place
  10. i bought a rx580 mining card and crashes where endless so i sold it as a mining card and bought a 1050(i had a 1050 before that amd card) so its a gamble and based on your chance if u want to get one just ask the seller for some time to test it and if it didnt work refund
  11. the one that i connected it to looks kinda the same but the name is chassis_fan and it fit easilly with no struggle
  12. so this msi strip had diffrent headers? it was much bigger than the headers Ben17 sent
  13. ok so at last is what i did fine? i mean it wont kill anything or catch on fire or anything like that right?
  14. the port that u showed isnt on the board that i have cuz i borrowed someones rgb and had same connector and i searched for it on the board and i wasnt on there