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    New York, USA
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    Tinker on anything that has adjustments or that can be improved/broken
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    I love being cheap
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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B450 Aorus m
  • RAM
    16GB (2 x 8GB)
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 970 reference card
  • Storage
    TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 1TB, 2TB WD My Passport
  • PSU
    EVGA 500 W1 80+white
  • Display(s)
    ViewSonic VA2012WB LCD, Gateway VX920 CRT, Gateway VX900 CRT
  • Keyboard
    Thermaltake eSPORTS MEKA PRO with Cherry MX Red switches

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  1. From what I understand it is the nature of the beast.
  2. A new Cpu would be a good upgrade and may help when paired with your GPU, I would suggest going with a better performing AMD Ryzen cpu and a new board to give better and cheaper upgrade paths for the future. The 6th and 7th gen Intel Cpu's are still too much money, but if you are ok with your performance for now, then maybe wait and see what happens in the future, but that may take a long while.
  3. Here's a link https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H310M-DGS/index.asp#CPU I do not know what country you are shopping from but I hope this helps a bit.
  4. If that GPU is for real new, then that is a great price.
  5. MadAnt250

    Dorm PC

    Looks nice and clean.
  6. Can you give some examples? And have you made changes to anything?
  7. The black connector looks like USB, it should look identical to the other USB connector on the motherboard. Oh yes, 1600x1200 and sometimes 1920x1440. I have two of them and my Gateway VX900 CRT can overclock to 175Hz. In 2020 you have to be patient when looking for a good CRT, depending on location they can be hard to find.
  8. IMO, a nice mid-higher end CRT, like a Sony Trinitron or a Mitsubishi Diamondtron. Or,
  9. That GPU is not worth it, I would suggest upgrading the CPU Motherboard and RAM and see how you do from there.
  10. The 2700x should be cheaper, What is different about the kit other than cpu?
  11. 2600x and 2700x are good value, and they come with a cooler. I upgraded to the 2600x from a 7400 and noticed an improvement, the i5 7400 was ok but the 2600x was better. So, from what I can gather from the intel 6th and 7th gen used market, is that Ryzen is the way to go because prices just keep getting more affordable.
  12. From personal experience, It performed fine for me at a locked 60-75fps, I do not know what games you played where the 7400 struggled in, but the few games that I know where it may struggle are not that well optimized or to demanding to keep a steady 60fps. Some of us don't have deep pockets and sometimes just being able to play games is enough.
  13. No, it is not terrible, except the price, but performance is fine. If it works right then I say yes, and maybe there is some haggle room. Your may have a little to moderate fps increase in some games and lowering the game's detail settings along with lowering the AA setting will help a bit.
  14. To my knowledge, pretty much the game is streamed from a server rather than having your system do the work. I believe the detail and performance of the game will depend on quality of your internet connection.