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  1. You can clearly see that I ran it as administrator(in the picture).
  2. Hello, When I try to run sfc /scannow in CMD and when it gets to 72% it show that can not perform. I have tried to find the solution of the problem on YT but nothing worked. How to fix this or can it be fixed? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have fixed the problem with Realtek Console + had some corrupt files. Did a reset of my PC and everything is cool now.
  4. Here is from where I downloaded the newest version of Realtek. From my system model Gigabyte B450M DS3H. I hope that I downloaded the right Realtek driver.
  5. I have downloaded the latest version of Realtek driver from my system manufacturer, installed, but still nothing. Maybe the problem is not the drivers, it maybe something else.
  6. Hello, There is a problem with the Realtek Audio Console app. When I try to run it it says :"Can't connect to RPC service". I have searched on the net what services to enable but even after enabling still nothing. Has anyone had this problem and how did You fix it? Thanks.
  7. Which one of these USB sticks would You recommend to buy, which is better or the best? I'm asking this just to be sure which one to buy? And will USB 3.1 Gen 1 have the same speed on USB 3.0 port?
  8. Hello, Mostly to transfer personal pictures,videos, and documents from PC to USB. I keep my personal stuff there. Is Kingstons USB good? What is your comment on them?
  9. Hello, In a PC store where I want to buy a USB, there are 4 USB manufacturers: ADATA Technology Apacer Kingston SanDisk Which 1 of these 4 USB to buy when it comes to quality. I'm planning to buy a 64GB and USB 3.0? And which speed of writing and reading to look for? Is USB 3.0 and 3.1 the same or not? Will USB 3.0 achieve the speed that has in itself if I put it in USB 2.0 port or not? Thanks.
  10. Hello, Can someone lose a view if I remove that video from watch history? For example: I watched a tech video and gave it a view, then I removed it from watch history. Does he lose one view from me or not? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I saw on the YT site that we can't like,comment or subscribe if we don't have an account, which is normal. Now the question is: Can we give a view to a video without a YouTube account? I found some answers but some say yes and others no. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know from which country does Canyon(https://canyon.eu/) originate and where is the headquarters? On some articles it says it's from USA and some from Germany, or is it from some other country? I'm asking this because I can't find the answer on the net. And has anyone had or has a Canyon wired keyboard. Are they quiet when typing? What is your experience? Thanks.
  13. I need one of these keyboards for work. But which one to choose. I posted pictures of these 2.