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  1. The Internet code detleuths at XDA developer has found several references to the new Nvidia Shield TV hardware with the name "mdarcy".References in the Google Play Developer console seem to suggest this means there is a new and slightly refreshed version of Nvidia Shield TV, coming with the same Tegra X1 chipset, but powered by Android 9.This new information gives credence to a hardware leak in March in which the XDA developer saw the code name for the new Nvidia Shield controller and remote.It is estimated that all this information only shows a small update and refreshment of the 2017 version of Nvidia Shield TV rather than a new generation leap to Nvidia Shield 2.But there are some suggestions that the new model will include some adjustments to the chipset that allow it to support better power usage and increase the maximum GPU clock speed - which means more power behind old hardware.The addition of Android 9 will also help improve software settings and performance of the Nvidia Shield Experience software as well.Most of this is speculation at this point and we have to wait on the official news. We loved the Nvidia Shield TV technology in the past and the update will definitely be welcomed. Source: https://www.androidcentral.com/nvidia-shield-tv-new-hardware-and-android-90-pie-works