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  1. I have narrowed it down to be the router because all of the LAN cabling is CAT 6 and brand new... I originally set this system up in November and if it was an issue with the cables I would have probably seen it then... I have also connecting my PC directly into the LAN and saw the same results so it could not be my switch deciding to die after 6 months. I also plugged into the modem and got my full 400/25 but the second the router gets thrown into the mix the network for every device not just me is slowed down beyond 400/25 (even with the QOS on it should be 340/22) but its way slower than that and around 150-200.
  2. So what exactly am I looking for in the routers software?
  3. When I get the server I will experiment with proxmox, I really just need this server to do 2 things, run minecraft servers and be a NAS. So this is going to sound dumb but proxmox would be the OS for the entire server and then ontop of that I can load VM's to do other tasks am I correct in a sense?
  4. Hi, So I have been lately experiencing speed issues with my Edge Router 4 which I have owned since November. I am subscribed to receive 400/25 internet speeds unfortunately when I am connected to the router on my local Lan I get 250/10 but when I connect to my Modem I get the full speed. I had recently reset the router and it had been working just fine up until this week if there is something I am missing. I was running the Smart QOS set for my ISPs promised speeds but I turned it off when this issues happened to squeeze every last drop of speed from the router... I am currently getting ~144/25 and I have changed the router from LAN 1 to LAN 2 because I also if it was an issue with the LAN port going bad so far I have only seen minor improvements. The issue has also gotten so bad that some sites will refuse to load ANY help will be appreciated... I also posted this same post on Unifis page https://community.ui.com/questions/EdgeRouter-Speed-Issue/8b3eafcf-07da-40f5-a134-0e4bd8947fe2 I am just trying to maximize the amount of people trying to help. Thanks
  5. Would I be able to run Minecraft servers with hyper-v?
  6. Hi, So I wanted to purchase a server in the coming months I have the server I want to use picked out on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GW5S3I2/?coliid=I38LOGLLMO456A&colid=3KFS3XEB9NL8U&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it) Its a used dell server that has been refurbished. I just want to know if this would be possible but... I want to have the server windows 10 then there be multiple VM's. I want to setup one VM for storage, one-three VMs for Minecraft servers, and possibly plex. What software would you guys recommend running for the Storage VM and even the Minecraft servers. I also want the server to run headless so how would I go about being able to remote into it from another computer or even outside the network (I have looked at parsec because its good for that). I know that these sound really simple or may not even be compatible with what I am talking about but everything that you guys post I will take as a suggestion because I probably wont have the server for another few months I just want to know what to do when I get it so that I am not staring at a box of glory. Thanks, ShelterMan
  7. Sorry for me being late but I have found a fix in my case... I reset my Modem and my router (which also resolved speed issues that I was having on the network)
  8. I just set my DNS to and I will get back later tonight to report if I am still having the same issue or not. (I also reset my modem and my edge router)
  9. I have tried this I even switched the Roku player from the premier to the stick
  10. Hi, So this problem is just recently happening with my Roku where it won’t run Hulu but I will run Netflix and every other app. I get an error code saying that there is no network but I can access Hulu over my WiFi. My router is a edge router 4 and I have UniFi access points this setup has been working since I have put it in and this issue is just now coming about would anyone know why? Thanks
  11. Quick Fix: Run an Ethernet cable to the 2nd and third floor and connect an access point. Long Term: Get some type of Access point system like UniFi's AP's or I think linksys has some that will connect via mesh so that you don't have to go into your WiFi settings and change which floor your on.
  12. I am planning on sticking with PIA because my service has been almost 95% reliable the only time where I have issues is at my schools giant deadzone of a Cafe
  13. Hello LTT Forum, I am making this post to sorta expand the conversation of VPN's and to see what people get vs what they are promised specifically PIA got bought by Kapetech
  14. There's no way that I would know how to do that except for dividing your drive up into two partitions and assigning each partition to each computers OS. What I would recommend instead of doing that is getting something like a 512 gb SSD for both computers putting OS' on both and turn that hard drive into a Network drive and share it between both of the computers VIA your LAN connection (this is also known as a file share... I think you might also be able to use things like an FTP client to transfer files between both computers but I haven't tried that yet). There are a bunch of guides online on how to create a network drive and some WiFi routers can even do that; if you decide to use your router you might have to get a SATA to USB cable to connect it. But honestly I wouldn't recommend turning your one hard drive into a boot drive for two different computers.
  15. Apparently when I search "Realtek Audio Control" it does not come back with that but 'Kosmik Revenge" because that makes sense Windows.
  16. Hello LTT Forum, I recently reinstalled my OS on my pc and my Realtek Audio manager that I have been using to manage my audio settings and EQ presets is not installing when I install the latest realtek driver (from my motherboards site). My Windows 10 version is 1909
  17. there is no fix as far as I have found
  18. IPv6 would be a great move forward for more secure networks but the issue is that do the ISP's want to spend the money to developing and deploying IPv6 to everyone? some ISP's would rather see everyone fight over an IP so that they can get access to the internet.
  19. So I am in a family of 7 including my parents, me and my 4 other siblings. There are at least 30 devices inducing smart cameras that use WiFi. I have 4 devices, my brothers have 10 different devices and we have 3 WiFi tvs (roku/netflix). My parents each have 3 devices (6) plus the 4 cameras that we have so a total of 27 connected at all times on the week ends the number might hit 40 because we have a bunch of friends over and they all connect their devices. The new AP's that i want to get should have the ability to make more than one WiFi network not talking 2ghz and 5ghz like actual networks that a school might do to segregate speeds (which is what I want to do). Myfamilieslastname-Admin (Full bandwidth), MyFamiliesLastName-Home (3/4 bandwidth) , MyFamilieslastname-Home 2 (1/4 bandwidth (this would be good for friends and other devices like smart tvs)) MyFamiliesLastName-Guest (2/8 bandwidth).
  20. Yea I am having the exact same issue on my Ryzen 3700x 2070 build
  21. Yea that makes sense to a degree... my game is only studdering from what I have found because my CPU is being overworked for no reason and its only while I play that game not any other game there needs to be an average of 45% cpu and 60%gpu but I am having 80% cpu and 8% gpu which in my case means that the gpu is idle
  22. Hello LTT Forum, I have decided to take on the task to upgrade my families networking equipment so I have decided to go baller. So what i have so far is a Ubiquity Edgerouter 4 (the edgerouter was a recent purchase because my family has a total of 30 devices connected at all times always doing something and the standard ASUS router wasn't cutting it) two asus rt-86us (in access point mode don't worry), and a TP-link switch. I need two purchase three new access points (three because one for each floor) (one access point should be under the cost of $180) and a server rack that will have the ability to house multiple 2u maybe 4u servers for storage and maybe Minecraft server running and probably other things (once my ISP runs fiber lines and drops the 2tb data cap per month). I would like a recommendation on a server rack (I have looked at 22U racks for example NavePoint 22U Professional 4-Post) and I have looked at access points from ubiquity and linksys the main thing that I want is 4x4 or 3x3 mumimo. Thanks, ShelterMan aka Aiden
  23. Dear LTT Forum, I have recently started playing the new COD game on my PC but what I noticed is that the pre-rendered cut-scenes cut and studder a lot. I have narrowed the issus down to the game using my Ryzen 3700x instead of my RTX 2070 as the main graphics processor (I figured this out by looking at NZXT cam and noticed that my gpu was at idle while my CPU was at 60%+). I went into the Nvidia control panel and added cod mw to my list of games that require 3d rendering and also make sure that my gpu was selecting but nothing has happened yet. So I am hoping that the community will have a solution to this issue. Thanks ShelterMan aka Aiden