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  1. Hi, I recently installed Windows 10 pro on my main rig a little while ago and joined it to my active directory it is able to work independently from my AD (I have those servers off because I am waiting for parts right now). The computer has some Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and Blizzard games along with Autodesk CAD software overall it is a really blank and clean slate of Windows, however going back and forth between menus and using shortcuts like I normally do has been leading to some unwanted slowdowns. e.x. I'll press win + e to open file explorer on my laptop it opens just fine, very
  2. I am going to contact PIA about it today and I will see what they say
  3. I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue and this is more of a rant. Why does Microsoft give a flying frick about whether or not I use a VPN. Every time I connect to PIA in DC through auto connect all of my Microsoft services kick offline I have even found that it goes as far as to unregistering your computer because the block VPNs. Very strange as this seems like why would it matter where I am connected just let access the dang microsoft store so I can update Minecraft. You wanna know the fun part? Windows Updates still works as if this is a localized issue for just their content net
  4. Hello everyone, Recently I encountered an issue with my laptop trying to access my LAN devices, servers and switches. When I go to the IP of my NAS '' I get hit with firewall blocked this type message in chrome. I allowed all of the IPs I am going to be using in windows defender firewall and bitdefender but I still get the same issue. Also I have tried my lan desktop and my brothers wifi enabled laptop and they do not have issues accessing the servers so. I have also tried pinging a device on the router and it comes back as "General Failure"
  5. Hello everyone, So for context I have three Unifi Access Points, I have a Main network, a restricted network, an IOT network, and a guest network. My main router at the moment is an Edge Router 4 and I just got a Unifi USW-16-POE that I am trying to setup VLANs per WiFi network. I was trying to setup for the restricted network because its for the children in the house so that they can't be on bad sites (using openDNS family shield as a DNS level firewall) and so far its not working I have the network profile, Switch, and router profile setup with a DHCP server but so fa
  6. Hi Everyone, I was going to be getting a managed Unifi switch so I can setup Vlans. With those Vlans I am going to be setting up separate DHCP servers for every category of devices in the house and it would look something like this. 10.0.0.x - Main Home WiFi, Access to servers on subnet 10.0.10.x - Restricted Network for the kids 10.0.20.x - IOT Restricted network only 10.0.30.x - Guest Lan Okay so my big question is lets say I am a device on 10.0.0.x and I want to print to a printer on 10.0.30.x could I do that. Second bi
  7. I know this is kinda shot in the dark but any ways. I bought a Dell Inspiron 7500 2 in 1 for school and I have noticed and its bugging me that when I switch from tab to tab, program to program the brightness changes constantly. I am running windows 10 I have auto brightness off. I did read somewhere it could be dells intelligent display software but I can't seem to find with a guide most recent enough any help appreciated.
  8. It is possible because I was having the same issue that you have to go to the motherboard website and get the newest drivers for the lan card. I did that and it worked very well haven't had an issue since Discard that I often read very fast and I read over the part where you said that you tried different drivers
  9. It's very rare the an ethernet cable just breaks unless it has been tugged on a lot
  10. Unless that modem is a modem-router combo doing it that way isn't going to work you are going to have to do modem>router>switch>devices
  11. Perhaps if your switch is managed maybe it isn't setup correctly? Is your modem connected to your router then your switch then your devices?
  12. My brothers laptop is a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop while mine is an HP envy X360 we are running the same version of windows and I only have one FTP user to login to and it worked great first try for him when I went and logged in, we aren't the same windows user though I am have my own account (I am trying to update to 2004 from 1909 to see if that help we are both running currently 1909)
  13. 5550 is the port I chose to use and I am not directly going into a sub folder but thanks for the reply
  14. Update I just tried the same thing with my brothers laptop and he didn't have the same issue
  15. Hi, I am away from home and when I last setup my FTP server it was working with everyone devices just fine so I haven't been messing with it. I got a new laptop for school and my travels and I was trying to get into that server so I could so how well it would work when I am 15 hours away from home. FileZilla works just fine with the server but windows file explorer is having issues and maybe I have just pressed a wrong button... when I connect to the server with the add network folder button it never asks for a username and password like it had with my other installs and there bein
  16. Sounds like you just have to restart your router and I would recommend if you can put a QOS on your router it will make sure everyone can get ample bandwidth.
  17. Okay so most of the time you can use both a VPN and your own DNS server like cloudflares which is what I do with my PIA on my phone, (I choose the DNS from cloudflare for the privacy but I am also planning on installing a Pi-Hole network that caches IPS and other important info) now in most VPN settings you can just change it so that you can use your local DNS server or to whatever you want. What you can also do if you don't want to use cloudflares DNS is to figure out the DNS ips for Mullvad and set it on the Pi-Hole then from their it would block the ads plus encrypt your dat
  18. My ISP where I live has a list of modems that they will work with their network and in my case I asked them for a non WiFi capable modem and built up my own WiFi infrastructure most of the time they can give you that will accommodate for your needs
  19. From my experience the ASUS RT-86U is a great router and has all of the those features (maybe except the VPN feature I haven't tried it with it yet I think it does maybe idk) but if you want a WiFi 6 router the Asus GT AX11000 and it most of or even more of the features of the RT-86U... I am currently using an advanced Ubiquity setup so I think that those routers from ASUS are great.
  20. Okay so your modem should be in bridged mode which is used when you are passing the signal from one router to another so its not so bad that its in bridged... now it depends on how you do the DNS test because if it is locally on your PC it will come up as your router in most cases. What you can do is https://www.dnsleaktest.com run the test on that site and if the results come back as Cloudflare then you are using cloudflare as your DNS otherwise the other modem/router is filtering it but go ahead and try it
  21. Okay the biggest issue here is because your modem/router is in bridge mode what I would do is call up the ISP ask for the DNS server IPs so you have them and ask them if they can send you a modem with no built in router and basically after you would get the new modem you can just simply plug in the airport and set the DNS servers and if you ever want to change it back to the ISPs (which you really shouldn't because of privacy sake) just go into the airports settings and change everything to the IPS or cloudflares
  22. Okay, yea from further testing I have concluded that GTAs engine is just having trouble handling my GPU power compared to a benchmark like heaven.
  23. Okay so I had a feeling that it was poor optimization on rock stars part and I am playing both SP and MP and I am seeing an average of 5% utilization I am going to try the heaven benchmark real quick and see if there is a difference