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  1. People are too obsessed with the meme around the 3.5mm audio jack on phones being missing. Unless you're a high-end audiophile who only downloads their music in incredibly high bitrates and uses very expensive headphones you won't notice any difference in the audio quality by going from 3.5 to bluetooth. I'm somebody who cares strongly about their immersion when they listen to music and a recent pair of $100 wireless earbuds I purchased are just as good as or better than any wired pair I've ever had of similar price.
  2. Powarusuki


    I'd be surprised if you could get anything closely resembling a playable framerate on that, and you definitely wouldn't be able to stream it. If your budget is $140 you should probably just buy a PS3 and get Minecraft on there.
  3. I prefer to buy at retail brick and mortar for larger or more expensive purchases (monitor, TV, etc) since it means skipping the waiting period and getting the product immediately, as well as avoiding issues with getting something like that in the post. More than a few times I've purchased PC components at Best Buy too since I needed it to finish a project that day, the immediacy is very useful. But Fry's sucks. Every time I've been there they've been out of stock of what I need after their website clearly says that it's in-stock, wastes a ton of time. Also their website is definitely a piece of clunky shit that looks to not have been updated in many, many years. I think I remember it looking the same when I was a kid.
  4. World in Conflict and Neverwinter Nights Diamond boxes? You're a man of taste, I see.
  5. Yeah I noticed @ 8:53 in the video that Monday.com is running on the trial period, haha they didn't even get a paid-for account they could use for the video. I came to this thread just to see if anybody else noticed it too. Pretty funny. Love you LTT and the video was okay until I realized that this platform isn't actually part of your guys' workflow. Makes the whole video very corny and setup in retrospect.
  6. I just worked my way up by working progressively less shitty IT jobs until I finally got one that isn't shitty and pays me decently. No college or IT Certs.
  7. I heard it's going to get more expensive on Black Friday this year, the promotion will be for +25% extra on top of MSRP, just for Black Friday. What a bargain!
  8. I actually ordered a Ryzen under the same promotion and never got the code, lol. Generally it should be emailed out. I'll bet if you contact them and let them know they'll give you one.
  9. I've seen sites that post in demand or tough to find PC hardware at attention-drawing prices to catch hopefuls, and then they simply never ship the product. Jerk them around for weeks or months claiming it was shipped, should have been there, they'll ship another, etc until it's been too long to easily get a refund.
  10. I can't wait for this this super hyper turbo camera that hundreds of people worked on to perfect across multiple collaborating companies to release so that I can take shitty pictures of my cat being an idiot in mega HD. Every single hair he is shedding will be fully visible, every microscopic stain on my carpet will be represented. What a great future.
  11. Yeah it's not a good idea to put your real name on the internet, not at all. Use pseudonyms, different usernames, things that are hard to search for, etc. Once something is on the internet, getting it off is impossible. Depending on where your data is being hosted you might be able to request its removal, but that's probably not going to work.
  12. Wow, I'm not surprised that the value tanked after the porn ban but holy shit, that's gotta be a new record in mismanagement. Personally I only used it for porno and even then only rarely, so I haven't had a reason to login since the ban and there's no way I'm going back either.
  13. Either way if you're upset by such things then it should probably be best to just avoid it instead of exposing yourself to it and getting upset over and over again. I'm not a fan of carrots and as such, I choose not to consume them. Might be best for you to avoid comment sections like this if they make you upset to a point where you're reporting upwards of 100+ comments.
  14. Why does it matter, if you really don't like it then just ignore it. If you're easily upset by people aggressively asserting their opinions or disagreeing with each other, the YouTube comment section is really not the right place for you. Just because your disagree with these people's voices doesn't mean their voices should be silenced.