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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor (OC 4.2)
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    Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 64GB (3000MHz)
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    AMD Radeon VII
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D
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    Samsung 960 EVO 1TB NVMe & Samsung 850 EVO 2TB
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    Corsair HX1200
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    ZOWIE XL2740 (240Hz) & ASUS ROG PG348Q (100Hz)
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    Corsair H150i PRO RGB & 2 ML140 PRO RGB LED PWM & 1 ML120 PRO RGB LED PWM
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    Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 (MX Silent)
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    Corsair DARK CORE RGB SE
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    Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X (Open-Air)
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    Win10 64B

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  1. honestly, the nuke from orbit seems a bit overkill when using the Logitech mouse resolves the issues, which implies it is not an underlining OS issue. My suggestions to try before you take off and nuke the entire site from orbit are. Use the iCUE to do f full reset on the mouse and update its firmware restest mouse I use an uninstaller utility like Revo to remove all driver software for the mouse and any supporting software retest mouse Boot off an Ubuntu/WinPE live CD or boot into Windows Defender Offline Scan (winpe) Test mouse (should rule out hardware issues with mouse, PC and if the mouse as software conflicts) Now at this point, if the Corsair is working normally off the live CD boot back into windows and reinstall the drivers and support software if the issues are still there then the mouse has conflicts with something else installed. Start backing out new installs one at a time in reverse order until you find the one the conflicts.
  2. Not sure if Hardware based authentication and password management solutions have been reviewed yet, the two that come to my mind are YubiKey and Everykey. Thanks
  3. I agree and it can be played very safely through an independent or gov testing and vetting process for most things. The bigger issue is that banning a vendor leads to, the remaining vendors become all controlling and they start setting price and service points as open competition is removed. And sure you might be left with only "American" vendors such as Juniper Networks, great now your buy "American" or are you? American manufacturing is outsourced to three manufacturing companies: Celestica (Canada), Flextronics (Chinese Taipe) and Accton Technology (Chinese Taipe) So then its CISCO for the win, ooh wait the bulk of the products are manufactured in China, then Mexico and Ireland and now the Palestinian Territories... Never mind that the NSA's Tailored Access Operations may or may not have backdoors installed in CISCO hardware. "But it's very hard to investigate a big player" No matter who you buy from or who you are, you need a testing and vetting process. Even if your American and you think you are buying American
  4. Most people did not know that, and I think even fewer people could or would run the risk of a possible bricked phone considering the price tag of Z5 back then. I've bricked more a few myself over the years... Firefox OS oooh you, evil tempters!
  5. Vivo has some nice phones, I've a used a few of them. Sony makes a very good phone. My last trip to the US I ended up selling my Z5 dual sim for more than what I paid for it. There was/is a Paten troll in the US that was preventing Sony from enabling the finger print reader on the phone at that time. So when he saw mine was fully functional he wanted it.
  6. From a "national security" standpoint consumer gear could have been left out, but this also being used as a "weapon" in the trade disagreements. I can not speak to as the long game here, but if you look at Australia who where the 1st ones to place a ban on Huawei infrastructure gear, (last August) it took a while for other nations to follow suite but now that they are it puts more and more pressure on China from a trade side, this pressure could be used to push China into a more equitable trade agreement with different parties not just in the US or Australia but globally. Trade by nations is very messed up, The US is looking to impose countervailing tariffs not just on China, but on any trade partner that "cheats" on its trade deals using currency manipulation and illegal export subsidies (this the EU). As such bans add pressures to force the hand of the other players to agree to changes or in this case to follow the rules. The US has the 2nd lowest tariff rates in the world at 1.6% Canada is the lowest at 0.8% but the US ends up paying much higher rates at the end of the day when dealing with partners as they knew they could cheat the system and for years the US looked the other way. The US is no longer looking the way and is starting to play hardball. Banning China access to US Tech affects China on a globalized scale and one that they might not be able to weather.
  7. I agree there is lot of relationship evidence, but that relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact, which allows for more than one explanation. And if you use ACH relationship evidence leaves to many hypotheses open. There simply is not enough diagnostic evidence, either from direct or forensic to say point blank that Hauwei is complacent/active in nation state spying. Many American companies also have strong ties to the NSA /CIA the MDDS & NSF started companies like Qualcomm and Symantec, and now there is In-Q-Tel (IQT) the "not-for-profit" venture capital group that the NSA and others 3 letter groups use to fund startups to develop core technology for the U.S. intelligence community. Such as Atlas Wearables (fitness tracker) sold in sporting goods stores and on Amazon. MindMeld is another that owes its creation to the NSA/CIA, MindMeld is the mind behind the tech that allows more than 1,200 companies to have voice recognition technology two of the biggest names are Google and Samsung. Talk to Alexa lately . The point I make is that should not let any companies tech be allowed untested and unvetted to be in the backbone of your system. Many concerns could be addressed with a strong testing and vetting process.
  8. The underlining ban on Huawei is not about the consumer gear, its about preventing the likes of L3 and Harris from using gear infrastructure gear from Huawei like the ZTE ban a few years. The main fear is that as someone like an L3 or Quest who is building out a US government network CONUS or OCONUS might put in place lower cost networking gear that could act as a beach head for another nation state. (Lenovo Ban). There has never been hard evidence supporting that Hauwei is complacent in nation state spying (Huawie VoIP phones had "concerns" years back, but no proof that Hauwei was complacent). These are the reasoning behind the ban, now from a "national security" stand point consumer gear could have been left out, but this very well be a trade issue just like the ZTE ban a few years ago that was "resolved" so this is not the 1st time nor the last time such a move will happen. And if history shows us anything it tends to work out in the end. Full Disclosure: All my mobile/network gear is Huawei, PD Mate10 Pro, PD Huawei Watch, MediaPad M5 Pro, 4G base stations, Huawei FTTH Solution, And portal 4G Hotspots
  9. I aware of a lot of home and small business that all use Synology and the Cloud Station feature seems to work very well. The issue is you lose 3rd party interrogations and you are now a NAS admin along with a hefty upfront cost. You might also want to look at doing something like liking pCloud or Sync to a BUFFALO or Drobo (must cheaper than many of the others).
  10. Aside from PCIe4 the next issues is power management after the BIOS update to support the Gen3. The 450 should have the needed power as the 450 is Overclock able. I think the only real point to be aware of is that 450 only has 28 high speed lanes, verse the 470's 38 and the 570's 40 so I think the 470 will get better performance with the gen3s over the 450 depending on how the high speed lanes are used but either way it will still be supported and should be very usable.
  11. My 2700 is great CPU, zero issues! As the ship dates for the Gen3s gets closer could see a price drops on the current Gen2s and as the MOB will be fully supported for the for the for see able future you can upgraded CPUs as the price point drops even more going forward.
  12. I'm running a full team Red rig and I've happy with it over my Blue and Green rig, once the new CPUs drop you can save a good deal on the current ones and as the MOB will be fully supported for the for see able future you can upgraded CPUs as the price point drops.
  13. Have a look at that the BenQ EX3501R it is a 32" 1800R curvature with a 2560x1440 resolution running at a native 144Hz over HMDI2, DP, or USB-C. I had the older the EX3200R and it was great display, zero issues and very cost effective. It has FreeSync2 as well and now with the newer drivers from NVidia your card can use FreeSync monitors.
  14. I'm pretty sure that the Pacemans have been end of life for a few years now, mines 6 years old and now.
  15. 'Not really a Mini' it's German It has mech all-wheel drive and under shielding and up-armored suspension. It all so has a 2nd set of rims that adds some GC and won't cost stupid $$ per rim if you trash them like the normal JCW rims do (I have trashed 2 JCW rims from road conditions).