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  1. Probably best contacting their support channel?
  2. AhmedIlyas

    No coverage for TV/internet but what can be done?

    LOL Donut - that's funny LOL
  3. AhmedIlyas

    No coverage for TV/internet but what can be done?

    yeah i looked into that but on the cox site, services are not offered in that area I am looking to move into. and for CTL, they offer up to 30Mbps in that area also
  4. AhmedIlyas

    No coverage for TV/internet but what can be done?

    Thanks all, i appreciate your help. the reason why comcast: - the range of channels I get on TV already - The 1GB speed. CTL and cox only provide up to 35Mbps which is nothing and the TV channels are limited to what I currently get with comcast. That's why....
  5. So, apologies if this belongs to the wrong forum. I live in WA state in the US and have comcast internet and TV. I am planning on moving to a different state but unfortunately that area is not serviceable by comcast as per their checker online. Now, I NEED comcast for a number of reasons. I also work in the IT field for my own company and also another tech giant. So, internet is very important. This sounds crazy but I'd be happy to pay whatever it costs (literally) for being able to some how get a service from a provider that does not service the area. Question is, does anyone know how it can be done or what can be done? Unfortunately when I call them, it goes offshore and they dont know much... Call me crazy but that is just how things are. Has anyone done this kind of thing before or know what companies can "investigate" the area and see if there is some patch or something to bring over the service or even just to my (soon to be) home? I am sure someone here somewhere must have some details or have done it themselves in the past? I know that with some new built homes (this one is not), that all they needed to do was to "drop" the line and make it serviceable. thoughts? This will be in the state of Nevada in the Vegas area. thanks kindly!
  6. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    And we are back. After being away for about 2 weeks,initially things seemed good until this morning. The problem is back! I checked the MAX SMB protocol on the synology and somehow it changed back to SMBv2, so I changed back to SMBv1 and restarted. My computer also restarted yesterday due to WU's. but the problem is back. uh.... im not sure why or how. Or even, what to do next?
  7. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    Thanks! I will try that.
  8. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    Well yeah. Just now I got between 101 and 132MB/s either way - now we know what the issue was. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help and support!
  9. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    So, thanks to all for your help. I contacted Synology support - turns out, that its a Windows Server 2008 issue. Yup, I am running WS2008 R2 EE from where the backups will be made from. SMB1 needed to be enabled/be active and then changing the max SMB to be SMB1 on the NAS. After that, boom - getting 65-80MB/s. WS2008 supports only SMB1, so... yeah.
  10. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    FYI I plugged in the NAS to the router also (still also having a direct connection to the PC) since I thought this was working as best as it can be. I just rebooted. Going back to 1MB/s! WTF? This is with adding the route too. in regards to your ping statement:
  11. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    Hi all, I am not connecting anything else to the NAS, at this point. Only until I can get faster speeds if possible. Config has been NAS connected DIRECTLY to the PC on the 10GBe NIC. Enabling Jumbo frames reduces the transfer speed to around 50-65MB/s where as the default setting is left to transfer at 110-120MB/s to the NAS box.
  12. AhmedIlyas

    Backing up multiple TB of data!?

    I was going to say that you should just backup locally and ship the drives to a datacenter and have them mount it if you need access. Or create your own server and do a colo and ship the drives there and have them mount it.
  13. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    @Jarsky - doing that makes it go down to 15-20MB/s
  14. AhmedIlyas

    10GB connection giving me 12.8MB/s!

    In regards to the Jumbo's - still the same speed. My PC is using SSD (I also have RAID0 using WD Black drives). The test from this case was a simple copy from RAID0 drive. I also did a copy from SSD and getting the same speed of around 100-120MB/s. The SHR volume is setup using the default settings from Synology wizard (With data protection with 1 drive fault tolerance).
  15. AhmedIlyas

    Windows server 2016 not starting

    Also try "Last Known Good Configuration" in the boot options.