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  1. OK so finally got it to work. In the LRT, set the IP address to a different range than my netgear one. My netgear: LRT: Have the LRT enable DHCP Netgear still has DHCP enabled (it's what I want) Plug into LRT on LAN1, the WAN port of the Netgear. Hey presto - works. No idea why the Linksys engineers/tech support could not tell me this for the last 4 calls.... until 1 other tech suggested it today. Now I need to access my RDP computers. To do this, I had to setup port forwarding on the LRT using the IP Address it has given the WAN to the Netgear (in this case: And hey presto... works also. I also tested the failover - works nicely. Also have DynDns setup on the LRT on both WAN ports.... seems to work. thanks again for your help and guidance!
  2. Thanks. I am not sure where to go from here in regards to getting the routers to work with everything going through the netgear router (from the LAN perspective) And being able to get connectivity to the internet (which connects to the LRT device).
  3. hmmmm that would suck. We also changed the Linksys router to DHCP Relay but that still didnt work. if I change the netgear router as AP then if I need to change it back, would need to do factory default reset as then I cannot access the router config page - plus I have port forwarding setup on there too, which may not work in AP mode?
  4. I believe it showed as connected as 1000 and not 100 but will double check. The modem is not a router - it is just a modem (Motorola Motorola MB8600). The Netgear router is my main wireless router and has DHCP and port forwarding etc... which then would plug into the Linksys router (which im having issues with but that's a different issue I am dealing with)
  5. So even though I am still having an issue setting up the dual WAN to work with my existing router... I have noticed something. Without configuring (and updating firmware and factory default settings etc...) I notice that if I plug my internet modem to WAN1 in the Linksys router and then connect a laptop to the LAN port (wired) connection, my internet speed is about 60MB/s but without plugging it into the Linksys router, I get 540MB/s (which is what I get... I am on a 1GBPS connection - but dont receive the 800MB/s... long story). Why on earth is the Linksys router reducing so much internet speed?! I even turned OFF the firewall and same issue. Thoughts?
  6. oops my bad, i see the option - it is a drop down list. Question is, what values do I enter?!
  7. I dont see an option for transparent/bridge mode at all
  8. Thanks! Let's see if this works. Basically it seems I had most of it correct but need to make the Linksys Dual WAN router set to the Transparent Bridge Mode.
  9. Sure ddennis002! I appreciate it. Hopefully it is not too complicated. I would have thought it should be straightforward to get this working without issues.
  10. So, I bought a Linksys DUAL WAN router for failover purposes: https://www.amazon.com/Linksys-Business-Gigabit-Router-LRT224/dp/B00GK640D6/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Linksys+Business+Dual+WAN+Gigabit+VPN+Router+(LRT224)&qid=1575963794&s=electronics&sr=1-3 I also have a netgear nighthawk x10 R9000. My netgear router should be my main router for everything (LAN and WAN). It has always worked with no issues. But now trying to get it to work with the Linksys Dual WAN router is something I am having issues with. I have the starting IP set as (.1.1 is the router setup page) with subnet of I plugged in and installed the linksys dual wan router. I changed the configuration for this to NO DHCP and set the IP to be and subnet of The .1.48 becomes the config/admin page. I setup WAN failover and WAN1 being my primary and WAN2 being backup. I connected the internet modem to WAN1 on the Linksys. I connected the Netgear router (using one of the LAN ports) directly to the Linksys LAN (not WAN) port. Unfortunately no go. Does not seem to find the internet connection. What do I need to do/change/configure so that any devices connected through the Netgear (both wireless and wired) can connect to the internet through the Linksys dual WAN?
  11. So today I bought the Netgear 4G LTE router and also the Dual WAN linksys router. The Netgear works with the AT&T Sim I got (prepay) which is nice. Next up, to connect it all together and test the failover scenario. I appreciate you and your suggestions and guidance here! Could not have done it without you!
  12. You are best starting the backup process now. If not now then when?
  13. Pretty much both. I just ordered the netgear one. Looked at the cell carriers and most seem to be on the tmobile towers unfortunately (since now sprint is merging into tmobile) This should be ok I think as a backup to use at&t and their prepaid data plan
  14. Thank you. Seems like at&t is really the only option I have as a fallback carrier.