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  1. @ColinLTT as followup to @icebreaker, can you please send along some rough / placeholder CAD. I design wire and cable systems for Electric vehicles and mining equipment so I have the tools to do all the wire routing inside of your desk if you post / share the design files you have in a way you can. My first thought is a custom built wire harness (DNA near your office does great work or I can help you guys learn to build your own), velcro braid loom covering for cleanliness and ratcheting p-clips that are through hole or adhesive backed (cable ties work but I am guessing you will not want something as permanent)
  2. Sorry original article seems to be click-bait as the processor is a joint effort by Intel and Tsinghua University to create a CPU and server architecture that has built in hardware security monitoring. Clickbait article that started this: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/intel-and-amd-shouldnt-panic-yet-but-this-chinese-vendor-has-repacked-a-xeon-cpu Exert: Jintide Montage might sound like the name of a punk group, but it's not. In fact, the Montage is an x86 processor with PrC (Pre-Check) and DSC (Dynamic Security Check) technologies that can be used in Jintide or other server platforms. It shares common DNA with Intel, AMD and VIA and uses Skylake Xeon silicon at its core - and has already entered mass production. References (more digging): - The article just references the english text off the product webpage (linked below and the same as the Simplified Chinese as best I can tell) CPU english webpage: http://www.montage-tech.com/Jintide_CPU/index.html Whois results show domain active since 2014 so not a new rebrand: https://ca.godaddy.com/whois/results.aspx?domain=montage-tech.com Conference paper on Secure DIMM (matching memory for the CPUs) and there is an IEEE paper from 2018 on this Title: Secure DIMM: Moving ORAM Primitives Closer to Memory Link: https://www.cs.utah.edu/~lifeifei/papers/securedimm.pdf Tom's hardware did a cover on this CPU in 2019: https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/intel-tsinghua-jintide-xeon-processor-cpu-china,40207.html From a press release in 2017 the CPU is a joint project between Intel, Tsinghua University and Montage: http://www.montage-tech.com/Press_Releases/id/203.html Conclusions: I think it would be really neat to do a talk linked between Wendell and (Linus or Anthony) about current server tech, how developers should select for home NAS, Render and Workload with a looking into some of the stranger options such as this one with built in security.
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    That is what I thought. Would be interesting to quantify but I am assuming the limited number of PCIe lanes in thunderbolt would limit how far you can push it. The reason for the external GPU vs a tower is portability and presentation at a conference or tradeshow. Flying and show up to a conference with a "gaming" or "RGBaf" system is a big negative (except for LTX or consumer shows of course). I will have to see if I can locate one and test it out
  4. Brad Man


    @GabenJr Anthony just reviewed one on Short Circuit One question I have, can you VR off an eGPU from a thin and light laptop? And if so does it suck?
  5. At 12:18 there is a shot in the reflection of the side panel. Interested in what hardware mount and camera they used as well.
  6. This is likely the cable they provided https://www.pccableworld.com/findus.html https://www.smi-elec.com/product/00/vc782g/DISPLAY-PORT-M-TO-HDMI-M-6-DIGITAL-VIDEO-CABLE Probably ordering a couple of these cable soon as we have the same issue with a computer and display layout. Edit - Linus Media should carry the VC782G in their store for resell, not a common cable outside of Western Canada
  7. I had the same experience of the codes not working. Is it a US only offer? Also check your links, two of the Canadian links did not work (Amazon dog fail to fetch messages)
  8. It would be helpful if you are looking to review industrial laptops to compare them with market competitors such as: - Panasonic Toughbook (used some local police forces) - Getac laptops (used in the industrial and resource sector) I have used both of the above systems for infield work and would appreciate a relative comparison as the review seems a bit uninformed. Edit: and I would like to echo the horrible gender stereotype of the title as most of the rugged laptop uses I know personally are women that are geoscientists working infield and underground (definitely using the specs of the systems).