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  1. “We conclude that disabling hyperthreading, in addition to flushing several microarchitectural states during context switches, is the only possible workaround to prevent this extremely powerful attack,” https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/zombieload-mds-vulnerability-security-patch-hyperthreading-mitigation-performance Microsoft also recommends that “to be fully protected, customers may also need to disable Hyper-Threading.” But that’s up to your discretion. however "Chrome OS has, by default, disabled HyperThreading."
  2. the exploit is at the most basic level of operation, imagine if there was a problem with a car that it made so much horsepower it always spun on acceleration, so it quickly burned thru tires, but the tires it had were the best physically possible, well then the only fix for the problem would result in the car being slower. The basic level of operation is there to increase performance, any fix to filter for exploits would add instructions and complexity to everything the processor did involving this performance gain feature and thus would make its performance benefit less. Intel has added a feature that makes their processors have an edge but the feature is unsafe, imagine buying a guy with a special part that makes it shoot the bullet faster, more accurately and with more power, but it makes it more likely to blow up in your face, then imagine this gun costs significantly more money; that is probably a better analogy.
  3. lol " From what I've read Zombieload can be triggered from javascript stuff on webpages as well as local programs. Administrator access is definitely not required. Viewing an infected website seems to be all it takes. Intel and the CVE Organization (that's not the actual name of the organization but I don't know the actual name) have determined that this class of vulnerability is ranked as "medium" severity which means really bad but it means there is the potential for worse stuff." first post in the thread, so literally if you visit one bad webpage there is potential for any of your sensitive information to be stolen, sure it's not bad now.... but the simple fact of the matter is do you want to buy processors that have minimal performance to price ratio at the high end, are non competitive in the mid range, have one shrinking use case where price is justified (1080p gaming on high refresh rate moniter with gtx 1080+ GPU), and will likely loose that advantage within the next 6 months to zen 2.... and on top of that have the knowledge in the back of your head that simply visiting a bad webpage could enable someone to access all your passwords and sensitive data? There is a reason Intel stock is down 25% in the last 30 days, and as an AMD shareholder who has been in since before it was $10 I can say the stock price relationship on AMD and Intel alone is enough to justify a spike in the amount of zombieload attacks, it really does't take much time or effort to register for advertisements of some of the shady sites you may visit and simply redirect to another webpage with an attack..... If you already have a Intel CPU should you worry? Maybe, maybe not, but you should be pretty pissed tbqfh, you either lose peace of mind or performance, and you still payed a premium, if I were you I would take advantage of the fact Intel chips hold their values relatively well because that might change a bit going forward from this point and sell the GPU + mobo and buy a 8 core ryzen, if you buy a gen1/2 you might even have some money in your pocket and with zen2 you might even come out with performance rivaling the 9900k without having to spend any extra money.... So maybe wait for Computex/CES lol
  4. you are downplaying the value of samsung b die, with DDR5 coming out and basically all ram above 3200mhz being b-die how will you cope with the truth
  5. there is a reason you cannot find reviews of the 9900k that test at anything over 1080p because at anything over 1080p there is no bottleneck 9900k bottlenecks your wallet in every single situation though since Ryzen @ 1080p with a 2080ti is 1000% playable at less than half the cost
  6. Micron is responsible for the deaths of thousands of 2080 and 2080 ti's they are the ENEMY I have bought two 2080 ti's if either of them would have had micron memory I would have noped.jpged them right back to whence they came
  7. who would pay $250 for a 1070 when the progression is 1060<580<1070 and used 580's are $100 woth 1660ti's which are basically 1070's at $280 buy a used rx 580 lol
  8. daily reminder the rtx 2070 is less than 10% faster than the rtx 2060 $350 with no BS A/NON-A
  9. see if this will still honor this tbqfh https://techreport.com/news/33821/amd-offers-i7-8086k-winners-a-threadripper-1950x-trade-in nvm you actually bought an 8086k, we all get it you bleed blue
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CG41Y8Z $229 1440p 32" IPS 75hz
  11. No, you can get a 8 core/16 thread CPU and x470 motherboard for less than half the price of a 9900K by itself. With just the PCIE lanes on the AMD CPU you can handle a x16 video card, M.2 and a SATA SSD. The funny part is the 9900K is the cheapest 8 core 16 thread CPU for that socket and is actually part of the i9 series which is all on HEDT socket besides that chip, meaning as far as price and actual branding (i9) you want me to compare to TR4 at the same price point, which you can still get a 12 core/24 thread CPU for cheaper than a comparable 9900K setup, the CPU alone for AMDs HEDT series has 60 pcie lanes.
  12. because intel scams you with insane prices for CPUs with shit tier PCIE lane counts
  13. just checked cinebench r15 benchmarks 1920x vs 2920x they are like 5% difference if anything I would get the 1950x if you can spend more as it's available for $480 on ebay and for the reason if you need to enter "gaming mode" you will have access to 8cores/16threads as opposed to 6/12 on the 1920x and it's price is well worth it vs the 2920x and the 2950x
  14. cool, aorus is BAE, btw the amount of performance difference in games you will see in any 8 core SMT ryzen vs 9900K is going to be sub 5% in a small selection of select games, i recommend 1920x because it is by far the cheapest for the money and offers atleast 90% of the performance of even the 2nd gen 2920x