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  1. is this normal for fast ips panel 144hz? tn panel wil show same cursor trail? window mouse trail settings are off ama 1 blur reducation on and contrast is 50 Animated_GIF-original.mp4
  2. VID-20190928-WA0000.mp4 Asus B350M K Ryzen 1600 Gtx 1050 Ti And this crappy psu cooler master thunder 450w started making noise suddenly
  3. i have this motherboard GA-H61M-DS2 (rev. 2.1) and had this case Cooler Master CMP 250 which only have connector ac97 no hd audio connector and front jack is not working and installing realtek driver from gigabyte support works is there any alternative to that driver
  4. Actually I bought this for 70$ without check its working or not gonna test tomorrow when reach home I thought it's burnt
  5. What are this white marks are on i7 3770K https://ibb.co/kzYOAp
  6. Why window 10 take time (same time as copy) to move files from c drive to d drive same time(both partition are one hard risk)
  7. Ok I will post picture of how Thermal Paste spread between due and heatsink of gpu thanks mate
  8. Ok but Temp Of Pentium g630 looks fine to you or not 62 at full load I used this Thermal Paste on that too
  9. https://ibb.co/bxXqgJ Using this Thermal Paste bought from shop
  10. I thought Temp were high at 84 but after reapply it's ridiculous I just use dot on center on gpu die
  11. Zotac Gtx 670 High Temp After Changing Thermal Paste Temp reached more then 95 degree with 100 load Before I didn't changed Thermal Paste it stick to 84 degree with 100 load Thermal Paste I have looks like grey colour different compared to white colour Also I have another system running with Pentium g630 Temp reached 62 full load used same Thermal Paste on this too should I just bought another Thermal Paste