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  1. I think it is better to judge a company by what they do in response to a failure, rather than judge by their perceived failure rates -- Because obviously more popular cards will have more RMAs. For me, I've experienced both ASUS and EVGA support and IMO, Asus support is superior to EVGA. Why? When I requested RMA for my EVGA card, I must have exchanged 20+ emails before they would authorize my RMA. They kept assuming I knew nothing about computers and would email me asking me to check if everything was plugged in, re-running a slew of tests that I had already run and email them screenshots, etc. When my fans started making a weird noise on ASUS, they just shipped me a new fan. Took 1 Email.
  2. I wouldn't wait. The 770 is already basically a 680. Which would probably mean the 760 and 760 ti won't be using the GK110 GPU. So I'd just go for the 7870
  3. He's using Microsoft logic. Every other generation must suck.
  4. If you are going from an HDD only solution to an SSD solution, you can pretty much pick up any SSD on the market and see a very noticeable improvement. You don't have to go for the 840 or 840 Pro to see the massive speed improvement. If you have a fixed budget, I'd go for a cheaper SSD and a larger HDD drive. The price of SSDs are falling faster than the price of HDDs. If in the future, you need either (1) faster SSD or (2) more HDD space, I feel that you should go for (2) first because (1) is dropping in price faster.
  5. I switched from IE to Chrome when IE was far behind chrome. I'll only switch back if IE pulls far ahead of Chrome. No reason to switch back and forth otherwise. Though, IE10 is good enough that I won't laugh at people with new computers that just use IE10 like I used to for the older IEs.
  6. Radeon 5450. It's like $20. It has multiple monitor support - which also means it has multiple input plug support, which is nice. So you can plug in VGA, DVI, or HDMI.
  7. Whose idea was this nonsense? Why is the 8pin for the CPU power not just attached to the end of the 24 pin like they did with 20 to 24 pin. i.e. a 32 pin connector And on that same logic -- Why do we need like 5 Ground Pins. What purpose does multiple ground pins serve?
  8. Prepare yourself for login queues.
  9. jaypro

    WASD vs ESDF

    I use WASD for one reason --> some filthy developers make games without customizable controls
  10. At this point, having internet go out is pretty much equivalent to having the power go out. Can't do anything until it comes back up. Internet down? Fine, I'll just go watch TV. Oh wait, I use Netflix. Fine, I'll play my new Xbox. Oh wait, Its a One. Fine, I'll go on my computer. Oh wait, what good is a computer without internet.
  11. IIRC they use binning to determine which ones they sell as SC or OC versions, in an attempt to reduce the effect of the silicon lottery.
  12. ASrock Z77 Pro4M MATX. You could go for a cheaper chipset, but since you have an unlocked processor, you probably want to shoot for Z77.
  13. Have you messed with Wake-On-Lan features in the BIOS? I had an issue with my LAN port not working a motherboard while I was changing some of those settings around.
  14. I thinks its one of those things where people just care about different things. Most people on these forums care most about things that will give an FPS performance increase in games, which different RAM channels won't give, but it does help other people in other cases.
  15. Going with the 1 module with 8GB gives you the opportunity to at some point add another 8GB for a total of 16GB. The difference in performance from 2x4GB and 8GB will only be noticeable in benchmarks. I highly doubt there will be any difference in the real world.
  16. It doesn't have to be an exact match. It just has to be compatible. If you know the model of your laptop, just google it for a monitor replacement. I know first hand that the screen does not have to be an exact match. I had a faulty Dell Studio XPS 13 that Dell replaced under warranty, but they replaced it with a Dell XPS 14 L401X. I couldn't stand the 1366x768 resolution so I bought a compatible 1600x900 screen and replaced it. The nice part is the screen's are actually pretty cheap compared to monitors. I believe I spent ~$50 on the replacement.
  17. A keyboard thinner than a dime would end up having to be like Microsoft's Surface touch type keyboard. And to be honest, that thing is horrid to type on. Theres no depth to the keyboard, so you can't feel anything and it would just be bad. A mousepad, on the otherhand, is just as useless. Thinner than a dime would mean any surface bumps would mess up the entire mousepad feel. There is no way that a keyboard thinner than a dime is more useful than the stock laptop keyboard. What I wish it was: some sort of "flat" USB connector, like they use on some headphones. I don't know if that is possible or not, but it'd be cool to have the cable it sit flat on the desk and since its so thin you can just put something on top of the cable and have the cable never budge.
  18. Google'd a better method. Open notepad. Copy this and save it as a chrome.vbs script on your desktop. ' This is the URL of the chrome EXE.strFileURL="https://dl.google.com/tag/s/appguid%3D%7B8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96%7D%26iid%3D%7BA024641A-81C0-533A-53CB-AE9534821219%7D%26lang%3Den%26browser%3D4%26usagestats3D0%26appname%3DGoogle%2520Chrome%26needsadmin%3Dfalse%26installdataindex%3Ddefaultbrowser/update2/installers/ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe"' This is where the file will download to.strHDLocation = "c:\ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe"' Fetch the fileSet objXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")objXMLHTTP.open "GET", strFileURL, falseobjXMLHTTP.send()If objXMLHTTP.Status = 200 ThenSet objADOStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")objADOStream.OpenobjADOStream.Type = 1 'adTypeBinaryobjADOStream.Write objXMLHTTP.ResponseBodyobjADOStream.Position = 0 'Set the stream position to the startSet objFSO = Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")If objFSO.Fileexists(strHDLocation) Then objFSO.DeleteFilestrHDLocationSet objFSO = NothingobjADOStream.SaveToFile strHDLocationobjADOStream.CloseSet objADOStream = NothingEnd ifSet objXMLHTTP = Nothing Open Command Prompt (CMD) and type the following 1. cd desktop 2. cscript.exe chrome.vbs The Chrome Installer should be in C:\. EDIT: New plan. Create the vbs file and save it on your USB drive. It will always download the newest chrome. Obviously to create it on the new computer, you either have to type out the entire thing, or use IE to get to a website to copy it. -_-
  19. What I think that Corsair is good at is listening to the enthusiasts. If they were to make or relabel motherboards, the first round of boards will probably fall short in different ways, but you can bet your ass that they will fix those issues. My expectation is that they will make sure the motherboard will look nice, have nice placement on all of the connectors, and have the best expansion slot layout. Key examples? USB 3.0 Right Angle Header. All-Black motherboard PCB, etc. Also, I bet Corsair would even bother to put the Front Audio header with the rest of the front panel headers, and not like every other motherboard manufacturer who just put it randomly somewhere in the middle. And you can bet your ass Corsair will make it so that their CLC solutions will fit on even smaller cases, where some motherboards VRM heatsinks are too tall on the top of the motherboard. This is what Corsair excels at. They are quick to understand what the consumer wants when the consumer asks for something that is obvious. Another thing that I think Corsair would be great at would be the UEFI. Where I think Corsair will fall short? Where things aren't so black and white. The actual performance of the motherboard besides the aesthetics. They won't have the experience of Gigabyte or Asus to make a board that is able to overclock as well or be as reliable. They will cost more than their equally performing counterparts, because of they attention they pay to physical design.
  20. Find a movie editing software that is capable of doing everything you could ever want, (whether or not it is easy to use is a plus). Don't do what I did with my knowledge of editing. I cheaped out and used like 15 different free software. 1 for color correction, one for splicing, etc. it was horrible and I basically have 0 re-usable skills.
  21. "My phone has two cores. The new xbox has 8. Holy crap my new xbox is like 4 Times faster than my $600 phone. How come its not $4800?" XDXD
  22. This is a silly thing. Companies make what will sell the most. You don't see Disney selling Disney Prince dolls, they sell Disney Princess dolls. You don't see the male population bitching at Disney for producing WAYY more princesses than princes.
  23. I think the # of cores is like the new 'marketing' selling point. Remember back in the pentium 4 days, PC's were sold advertising only their GHz speed -- "3.0 GHz Holy Shit Must buy" Then they moved to multiple cores and lowered the raw CPU Ghz speed. Now it's -- "my product has EIGHT CORE YO. BUY IT"
  24. I second this. Silverstone not only big brand PSU, but great PSU brand.