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  1. well , the IT shop where i bought it from said it was never opened, gave me 12months warranty . bought a bunch of computer parts, never send anything to rma ,guess i was just lucky
  2. what's wrong with it? bough an used corsair rm650x for 55euros with all the cables. works fine no problem in the past 6 months
  3. Monitor : lenovo l24q-10 GPU : RX 570 sapphire nitro+ I have the gpu for 2 days. I don't remember having this problem before that or in the first day of using it but i'm not sure. I don't know how to describe it, but the display blinks for a very short moment (half a second) every 5-7 minutes. GPU runs fine otherwise , in games and unengine superposition no crashes or any problems. Some say it's related to Microsfot Visual C++ . I'm not sure if it's the GPU or monitor. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. anyone has an idea why does the memory frequency reset from 1750mhz to 1250mhz in wattman, on my rx 570 sapphire nitro after the superposition benchmark?
  5. i disabled 0 RPM fan mode in wattman, and setup a curve so it wil always be at 20% RPM under 40C . but when i put my pc to sleep and return it, the fan doesn't start up spinning even tho the temp for the fan to spin are there. if i restart the fans work.
  6. i still don't know how to acces them. also i have tried to find the ''power saving option'' in wattmman but it's also not there. managed to lower the temps tho fromm 47C IDLE to 31C , just by turning the fan on at 22% , was completely off before. also is there a thread here where it tells you how to undervolt rx570 cards?
  7. i tried to run only dota2. it goes like 80w + 60w . something like that but it can lower, the values varry all the time when ingame. btw, i heard ppl saying that there is a ''silent mode'' and ''boost mode'' options for this card, any idea where i can find them>
  8. so are these 2 values accurate? ''GPU Core Power'' and ''GPU Chip Power'' . does these 2 values added give the total power consumption of the video card? isn't 33w +5w (38w) too much for an idle system,asking this , because from a review i saw that the idle power draw for the same card was 15w. i got an rx 570 sapphire nitro btw
  9. try intel support forum
  10. why not get a m2 adata sx8200 pro ssd which is faster
  11. yeah like there is some ''super admin'' that i can log on and there is the first ''user name'' i made when instaling windows which also has admin privilages but at lower level. and all of the sudden ''someone'' decided that my main user should not enter device manager and my acces sholld be restricted cause hey why do i need ''device manager''. anyway why does that occurs only on my laptop ?
  12. no it's not. in my pc when i click start -> click on my username icon ->where there is a ''sign out'' ,'lock'' and ''change account settings'' there is no ''administrator'' there , i do the same thing on my laptop and there is ''administrator'' on which i can login.
  13. how? for example in my pc there is no thing as ''administrator'' user name. it's just the main user i've created when i instaled windows first time and that way it remain. i don't know why on my laptop there is a user i've made with windows and there is an''administrator'' user as well , i mean what the hell. and i do have administrator rights on that second account but it doesn't work to get into the device manager
  14. i have a hp probook 650 g1 with a i5 4300m which i want to undervolt a bit since i'm not even gaming , just use it to browse web and video streaming. but i want it to achieve lower temps , and i do not known how to change the thermal grease. i have downloaded intel xtu , but i don't know from which value i should start. i tried to get it to -50mV but i get a warning message that watch dogs feature is not available so if the lcpu becomes unstable i have to restore the deault values by myself, the thing is i can't undevolt in bios to do it myself. so it will be safe to try to undervolt it to -50mV ? i know i should lower the value progresively by -10mV but i wonder what would happend if it just gets unstable and i can't revert it
  15. i got a hp probook 650 g1 , so i instaled windows 10 home clean , after struggling with updating it and numerous errors it finally did update to the latest 1809 build(before this i could get to device manager). but now i can't enter device manager or services.msc i get an error which sounds something like ''an administator has blocked you from using this app mmc.exe'' the thing is i'm running as an administrator. i have created a single default user for the laptop when i instaled windows , nothing more. if i'm switching from the current user to ''administrator'' i can run device manager etc. but i don't understand why i can't run it with my default user which i'm loged in by default if i have admin privilages and before the windows update i could finally do it, and why isn't my current user the ''default administrator'' . i have searched my error message and lots of people have this problem, but there is a huge amount of posts with incorect solutions that i've tried. i have this problem only on my hp laptop, on my pc i never experienced it. i really don't want to switch to ''administrator'' every time i want to enter device manager