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  1. Yeah,the 3rd fan points at the psu shroud. Unfortunatelly the case is designed in such a way that even if i place 2x140mm, half of the bottom,second fan will point at the shroud.
  2. gave up with asus bios. tried anything to set it lower than 60% but any value i entered lower than 60 it showed ''invalid input'' , set fan off from bios and instalaed a software where i manage to set it lower
  3. 1-rx 580 nitro+ 4gb 110euro 2-gtx 1060 asus dual 3gb 120euro both new initially i wanted gtx 1660 ti but the cheaper version is 270 euro in my country
  4. the one to the right was the only one available. pluged only one fan,no header for the other one available. already said i've tried from asus bios to lower the curve at the lower temps under 60% and it won't let me go under this value
  5. when you're saying it's runing like shit that should manifest somehow. like low fps ,high temps,stutter etc. and you probably just getting a bad model from factory when most of the cards work fine shouldn't generalise on the whole brand
  6. what do you exactly mean by that? why is your rx 580 runing like shit?
  7. all my mobo fan controlers are 4 pin, while the p14 fan is 3pin. already knew that they cannot be controled with pwn. i was not issuing this problem. i was asking if is there a way that i can lower the rpm from 60% to some lower value since these are loud for me.some way like setting manualy the voltage and in that way making the rpm go lower
  8. even tho 3pin is for DC, i can set it to pwm in the bios , but it's louder than the DC so no use for it,and in the DC settings i tried that in the curve but the curve doesn't want to go lower than 60% , that is 60% of 1700rpm. so they stay at around 1000rpm i can modify the curve at higher rpm but not lower than 60%. and for me they are really LOUD because i was used to a quiet case. i have an silentiumpc fera 3 120mm cpu fan that 99% of the time run between 600-1000 rpm and it's really quiet even in gaming. but these arctic p14 are advertised at 0.3 sone (22.5-24.5 db) at 1700 rpm ! that
  9. i have 2 arctic p14 140mm fans(3pin) . they are really loud eventho they are advertised at low db levels. they run at 60% rpm. is there any way i can lower the speed? i have an asus z370 prime II mobo. tried through bios but in the fan curve i cannot set them lower, there are 2 options there pwm and dc. if i set pwm they ran even louder. if i set silent mode in the dc it doesn't do anything it just modify the curve at higher values. i'd like to set them at 50% or 40% , is there any way?
  10. any thoughts on where Xigmatek Scylla 120 (liquid cooler) should stand? on par with what coolers?
  11. hmm saw some videos compararing the rx 570 with gtx 1060 . and the rx 570 surpased the gtx in some numerous titles, when at release point the gtx 1060 was rivaling with rx 580. now there are proably alot of fake benchmarks out there as well
  12. saw alot of coments on different forums how lately amd drivers improved olders cards perfomance like the rx 480/580 and others , in comparasion with older nvidia cards which seems to not get the same improvement as amd and fall behind. is this really true and tested or it's just a placebo
  13. wattage wise,more than enough. quality wise you can do probably better
  14. that's interesting but i already went for 2 arctic AC p14 140mm , they were around 6 euro each and they are rated for 72.8 CFM,i think they are good value for the money. on the roof i don't think i will place any fans