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  1. Well these power outages are pretty rare here(1-2/year) and the last ones that happened never broke anything. Ago libe about 10 years a serious one happened and it fried almost all the electronics in my neighbourhood. Nothing like that happened again, all of the power outages from then on did not fry any electronics. I guess if it was something serious the monitor should not even power on at all. I ll wait a few days to see if it will just go away and behave normaly.
  2. That would be hard because i have a good psu. There was no lighting just some technical problems from the electricity provider.
  3. But there was no damage to the other electronics in the house. The monitor is still in warranty but i don't want to send it to service yet. Anywat they would just power it on, see it works and send it back as it was. Also new monitors models should have some kind of protections.
  4. While in use. Power options are turned off.Today i used it alot, and in 6 hours of use i only got it turn off once for 2 seconds then back on again, this time on it's own, no need to reset or reconnect hdmi cable. It still buggs me cause i can't identify if it's hardware or software related. First time when it happened ago 1 day i got the black screen, thought it went to sleep, clicked my mouse no image. Thought it froze, so i reseted from case button. Image went back on. So in this case it seemed software rekated, but second time it happened, i reinserted hdmi cable without reseting, image ba
  5. i have turned hibernate off as soon as i instaled fresh windows, it's not that.
  6. i don't know what having 2 sticks of ram has to do with it. and yes i have it. the micro stuttering occurs only when pc returning from sleep. if i reset, it works fine.
  7. i have a ryzen 3200g and gaming on the integrated gpu. whenever the pc returns from the sleep mode and i'm trying to play cs go, there is an fps drop of around 20% , but that shouldn't be noticeble as i'm still getting 120-140fps. eventhen there is some micro stuttering and it's really annoying. tried ddu the gpu driver and reinstal it, also tried updating windows. none of these worked. it's really annoying to get this stuttering any clues why this happens?
  8. too bad that the board doesn't have a heatsink for the vsoc mos because the vrm mos have one, and they are pretty decent
  9. is that valid even for the vsoc mos? i know that the VRM MOS can take 100C+ , but are the vsoc mos made of same stuff but have different role?
  10. the vsoc mos temps tend to get pretty high 76-81C , on my gigabyte b450m s2h and 3200g . this happens only in games because the iGPU start using the RAM MEMORY (which is 3600mhz CL16). in any ram stress test like prime95 large fft the VSOC Mos temps not going higher than 50C, vrm mos as well stay at around 45-46C in load. is this a safe temp for the vsoc mos? i ask because sometimes i get stuttering or sudden fps drops in games like cs go and wonder if not the vsoc mos temps have something to do with it
  11. @WoodenMarker does Downdraft's cpu coolers like amd's stock need an case exhaust or is it pointless?
  12. but do they make that annoying motor noise? not talking about the air whoosh.
  13. they are really cheap like 4EUR here that's why i was considering them