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  1. Nobody? Should I flip a coin and live with the result?
  2. Hi, I'm in the market for a new PSU for a 3080 based config. It will be paired with a R5 3600 (for now, a beefier Zen 3 upgrade is likely), B450 Tomahawk, 16GB DDR4 3733, 2 SSD / 1 7200RPM HDD (all SATA) and 5 fans (2x140 + 3 x120) I have a RM550x v2 for now, and while it might very well be fine with everything at stock with a 3080, I'm looking to upgrade to a 750W PSU as I'm sure I'll want to overclock the 3080 and push the power target. After looking at different models I'm debating between the two in the title. (both at the same price around 100€) Also looked at other alternatives (RM750x/750, Toughpower GF1, SP11...) but they're more expensive Looking at the data on Cybenetics the Enermax has a more relaxed fan profile but the Whisper M has a longer warranty and, I remember reading, very good build quality. Slightly leaning towards the Enermax but was looking for other opinions on the matter by people who own either one or, even better, compared them. Thanks!
  3. I also have a R5 3600 based config (+16GB DDR4 3733MHz + 2SSD/1HDD + 5 fans) + 550W PSU and likely buying a 3080 Was looking at 750W PSUs but prices aren't great so I think I'm gonna at least try to see how it runs on my RM550x v2 Should be under 500W @stock
  4. Assuming you're talking about the 2080 SUPER EX, definitely go with that one if the price difference isn't that big. It's a very solid card. The Aorus will of course be slower and is pretty hot and loud.
  5. Hi, With the prices coming down lately I'm considering a Vega 56 but have been reading here and there that you should really use 2 different PCI-E cables to power it. Thing is, the RM550x only has one with pigtail connectors. Should I avoid it? Thanks
  6. Was browsing cybenetics to quickly "read" on the Straight Power 11 line since they seem to be held in very high regard and, looking at the 850w model (no 750w available), came away somewhat unimpressed. Noisier than than a RM850x with more ripple. The Whisper M fared better but still worse than a RMx. Just raw numbers I know but it made the Corsair look more appealing to me