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  1. not they will work togehter fine just fine You just might want to upgrade the 3070 after the shortage Not that it is a bad Gpu but a 3080 would just be faster you know
  2. ESD is happening very rarely (Linus has got a video about that and he has a really hard time managing to damage anyhting) I would acutally guess you have just got a broken one out of the box
  3. oh yes it is With the workload you discribed, you probably need the amd
  4. acutally getting a intel 10th gen or even 11th gen is not a bad deal at the moment You will get the 11th gen for under msrp, even though it came out like an hour ago But than there is of course the need of a powerful cpu cooler But if you have got the 5950x already thats great
  5. Oh okay thanks for your help I now have an adapter which they say should work too (connects 2 of the 24pin motherboard wires to another female 24 pin for the 2nd psu)
  6. What to you mean be turning on the Psu just flip the switch on the back?
  7. Isnt there a off switch on the back side of the power supply? i'm not expecting it to be in the need to turn it off a lot or do you think that could damage the GPU
  8. Just a short question there ist nothing progibiting me from using 2 power supplies in my Computer or is there ? (One just for the graphics card)
  9. Oh okay I will do that from now on And also I think thats pretty much the answer to my concern. I am going to check that tomorrow and will let you know about the results Thx
  10. oh and also these fans light up in rgb, so that could be problematic
  11. They are simply too loud, and as I like noctua anyway, I want to replace them with some more powerfull ones, if that is possible
  12. I have got a new Predator Orion 3000 with an rtx 3070 in it, and i just want to change the chassis fans ? Do prioritary fans exist? like with PSUs I couldnt really detect if the cable, that connects the fans to the motherboard is standard or not. So, before i demount everything, i want to ask, if prioritary fans on pre-builds even exist Thanks in advance