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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q Design
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    17.3" 144Hz IPS : Samsung Q6FN 55" 120Hz QLED
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  1. I bought a NobleChairs Hero and their footrest for my girlfriend so she can use my setup without her feet dangling. I'm 6' she's 5'1" and we both swear by it. PU leather is highly durable and attractive so don't be fooled by real leather as an expensive alternative. The other route is Herman Miller, which I didn't wan to drop the insane amount of money on. The Hero is built extremely well and was pretty easy to set up as well. Generally I'd stay away from "plush" as a term describing a good chair. Ergonomics is much more important, especially built-in lumbar support!
  2. First, what you're experiencing is the auto-protect feature built into your CPU. If you were using Throttle Stop it would be a little easier to see what I'm referring to, but there is a way to increase the length of full power draw, or in your case the desired 78w to an indefinite duration. However, this is risky and completely unnecessary. I saw you running a 125mv undervolt which is pretty good considering. I'd say stop tinkering with stuff before you're looking for a burn recovery drive. Celebrate your win and enjoy your tech! Most guides online that refer to modding bios or system registries are specific to that machine, and even more specifically, to the hardware inside their particular machine. If you want an easy boost to your machine I saw you had no issues with thermals. You can boost your core clock multipliers for extra power under load during the time it's drawing full power. Just be sure to adjust according to your system's cooling ability. Too high of a multiplier will result in premature throttling. Too low of a multiplier will leave you with a slow machine.
  3. First check system update settings and see if Windows has any available updates. Then download the Nvidia GeForce Experience and update your GTX drivers there (called game-ready driver). Then I'd download the most current version of Nvidia Control Panel, as this can also become corrupted. I'd also recommend you download the Intel update utility and update most of your Intel device drivers that way. Finally, on your search bar next to the windows button type "Device Manager". Here you will see all devices your laptop is currently recognizing. You should go ahead and right-click each device and check for driver updates. If no drivers are found, it is NOT NECESSARY to check for updates deeper in Windows Update. If it finds an update that requires a system restart, go ahead and let it restart. This will either fix your problem entirely or at least rule any old or corrupted drivers out of the equation.
  4. https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34GK950F-B-gaming-monitor $1200 USD (Radeon Freesync) https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34GK950G-B-gaming-monitor $1400 USD (Same monitor with Nvidia G-Sync) 34" WQHD Curved Ultrawide 144Hz Screen Refresh 1ms Responose Time DisplayPort HDMI 2.0 98% DCI-P3 Color Accuracy 100% SRGB Color Accuracy 400 cd/m Brightness 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  5. The Razer Kraken V.2 has better audio quality of the two you're deciding between. I think SteelSeries offers superb mic clarity that Razer can't quite match yet and found the Kraken to be a bit bass heavy like the Razer Nari Ultimate. The Arctis are better for gaming and the Kraken are better for listening to music.
  6. https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34GK950G-B-gaming-monitor I'm in the same position as yourself.
  7. SKYNET MOBILE WORKSTATION MSI GS75 Stealth 9SG-479US Laptop - Intel 9th Gen 8-Core i9-9880H CPU : Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU : 32GB RAM : 1TB SSD : 144Hz IPS Screen CoolerMaster X3 Laptop Cooling Pad CalDigit TS3+ Hub (2m) w/ Active Displayport to HDMI Adapter mounted underneath front of desk SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset with Audio Hub mounted underneath front of desk SteelSeries HS1 Aluminum Headset Stand SteelSeries Apex M750 Keyboard SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Mouse w/ SteelSeries Mouse Bungee SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Surface Sabrent 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub FirewireUSB Custom 90-Degree USB 3.0 Cables TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk Lamp Ikea Bekant 63" Adjustable Height Desk NobleChairs Hero PU Leather Chair NobleChairs PU Leather Footrest Samsung 55" Q6FN QLED 4K HDR 120Hz TV
  8. Looks like LG has a nice 34" curved ultra-wide monitor coming out soon. 144Hz, WQHD, curved and 34".
  9. I finally got to see how the new Dell XPS performs and I'm genuinely impressed. I would feel confident in their product, performance and customer support. They are the best of the "road warriors" as far as laptops go in their price range in my opinion. Well rounded, highly productive and extremely long battery life. Also has some extensive workstation abilities through TB3 as well.
  10. Absolutely. Try to download the drivers then overwrite/repair if possible. Also, adjusting the NVidia control panel 3D settings can help improve FPS without adding risk through educated modifications of bios.
  11. Go to the manufacturer’s website and update your drivers. Sounds like it could be an issue with NVidia or Intel control panel/command center. I’ve had a similar issue in the past when I rolled back my GPU drivers and somehow it corrupted my control panel driver. Also verify the storage capacity on your SSD. Good luck! This was done through a link provided by the program dialogue once I selected the control panel from Windows. GeForce Experience said it was downloaded and didn’t rewrite the file and I was forced to go through the Microsoft store on Windows 10 Pro.
  12. No set budget. Need the hardware.
  13. I'm looking for a new curved monitor. They are very immersive and caught my appeal years ago so I'm finally willing to invest in one with the correct specs. I am a business professional by day and a gamer by night and would like a G-Sync monitor. I've heard adaptive sync opened doors for G-Sync Compatible but I also hear many people complaining of issues with ghosting, screen brightness and game freezes. I want to keep the monitor around 34-35" wide and have a high refresh rate to help keep me competitive while gaming. I'd also like WQHD or 4K resolution if possible. Any thoughts?
  14. The Turbo-Boost feature in Dragon Center is unnecessary. Consumer grade is a laughable comment and the weaker cooling comment is not applicable. MSI strengthened their chassis by increasing the thickness of the aluminum body among other upgrades. Also, my consumer grade setup holds the current world record for benchmarks in CPU, and outperforms 95% of other RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU's. For the cooling, the GS75 is phenomenal. I've made numerous adjustments to tweak performance none of which caused heat build-up or thermal throttling. The Dragon Center fan adjustments make it easy to manage how often and loud the fans get. Whatever you decide, run away from the new MacBook. They've had thermal throttling issues, port adjustments (for the worse), and offers high end CPU's that under-perform their lower clock-speed counterparts. Speaking in generalities previously posted by streamers instead of personal experience adds nothing to the solution. It's just more clutter to skim through.