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  1. ImAyaanKhan

    EGPU OR new Laptop?

    Yeah, you'd be better off with the eGPU, cheaper and less hassle.
  2. ImAyaanKhan

    Which Monitor Should I choose?

    I would go for the Acer - ED242QR, as it appears to have a much more immersive experience, and is slightly cheaper. Also, most monitors allow freesync to work with an Nvidia GPU now, so you needn't worry about that.
  3. ImAyaanKhan

    What should I get?

    You would be better off with an rx 580, as it matches and sometimes beats the 1060 in most tests. However, if you'd rather stick with an nvidia card, that's up to you.
  4. ImAyaanKhan

    Did i damage my cpu

    This is why most experts recommend that you do extensive research in the limits and capabilities of your CPU, learning what clock speeds the processor can handle without drawing too much power or over overheating. You should be wary of such high temperatures. Heat kills your system, and I do not recommend playing around with your processor like that without doing more research. Also, it appears that you are using a stock cooler (I'm guessing as your processor is capable of 5GHz and is simultaneously running at 95 Celcius), and I recommend you change it up for something better as soon as you can.
  5. ImAyaanKhan

    Linux or Windows the search continues

    Yeah, I mean if your the type of person who doesn't mind a command-line interface, linux is a great option. I'm personally a brainwashed windows user who can't use anything else lol.
  6. ImAyaanKhan

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    When I was repairing my first pc (an old compaq presario), I accidentally ripped off the port that connected the 5400rpm HDD (it was only 240gb, but it was the only drive in the pc) to the motherboard. Anyway, I managed to put the port back on without anyone noticing, and all was well (Later, I managed to make the same mistake and actually ripped off one of the pins, but we can look over that.) This is what it looked like at first: This is what the exposed pins looked like And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the repaired PC looked like (Yes, I know the cable management looks like I took tips from linus): https://i.imgur.com/FViCkcX.jpg (Sorry I have to link it because of the upload limit)
  7. ImAyaanKhan

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    If there was a "Wow" reaction, I would have used it by now
  8. ImAyaanKhan

    Issues booting new/old pc.

    At this point it seems like you may just have a crappy motherboard that failed on you when you put it into a new pc. Try putting it in another pc and seeing what happens
  9. ImAyaanKhan

    Issues booting new/old pc.

    I read on tomshardware that windows 8 can lock people out of their BIOS. I'm not sure that this issue was carried over from windows 7, but I'm actively researching to try and find a plausible cause as to why this is happening. Since you can't boot into windows 7, you may have to RMA your motherboard, or even just buy another (pain in the arse, I know)
  10. I just saw this on my ipad, didn't have time to read it though.
  11. ImAyaanKhan

    Issues booting new/old pc.

    Does entering your bios look anything like this?
  12. ImAyaanKhan

    Issues booting new/old pc.

    That's strange. How old are your boot drives?
  13. ImAyaanKhan

    is this Razer Deathadder Elite fake

    I'd clean that off if I were you
  14. ImAyaanKhan

    Buy now or wait & see

    Yeah, the rx 480 is still a decent card. A 1070 ti wouldn't be worth the $300 price tag in your case. AMD is due to release their 3rd gen ryzen CPUs along with their 6th gen GPUs (rx 670, 680 690, etc) in July, and the leaks sound promising. I suggest you wait until then and wait and see how both companies price their lineups, and grab the best bang for the buck improvement.
  15. ImAyaanKhan

    how much storage is recommended for a boot drive

    It all depends on how much you care about your storage. How much do you need/want? Many people use a 120/250gb SSD as a boot drive and store everything else on a 1tb HDD. But for a build this expensive, I would recommend that you get a higher end SSD for your boot and core applications (Samsung 860/870/970 EVO, 250 or 480gb), and a cheaper, but reliable, SSD (I would suggest Teamgroup, NEVER go for Kingston) for your games and other important, large files, preferably around 1tb. That should be enough for most people (I've used 1tb of storage for a long time), but if you feel like you want to go all out, or simply are going to be a storing a lot more files than the average person, go for a larger HDD (2-6tb, again depending on your needs), and that should be more than enough. And, if somehow it doesn't, you've always got the option to purchase a larger HDD or SSD to increase your storage capacity.