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  1. Did you link it with the ltt forum?
  2. https://rate-driver.ca/BC/515LTH. This needs to be mentioned .
  3. Intro felt straight out of a Multi million Hollywood production. @ColinLTT, the drone footage was awesome.
  4. I'll be quoting Nike, but "Just Do It". That's it. I've been programming for about 4 years, still look for beginner courses first. For setups, use whatever is the right mix of comfort and keeping you from fatigue. Many keyboards I've used cause fatigue. Also, try to get something to keep your back straight.
  5. COMPILE IN GCC #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main(void) { char *text = malloc(4*sizeof(int)); char *filename =malloc(4*sizeof(int)); char *string = malloc(4*sizeof(int)); int n, i = 0; printf("Enter the number to which you want to print \n"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("Enter the name of the file you want to enter\n"); scanf("%s",filename); printf("Enter the text you want to enter\n"); scanf("%s",text); FILE *fileo = fopen(filename, "w"); if(fileo != NULL) { while(n) { sprintf(string, "%s%d", text, i); fputs(string, fileo); i++; n--; } } else { printf("Error: Unable to open file\n"); return 1; } fclose(fileo); return 0; }
  6. For being a web developer, I would suggest you to just start building projects. It is a better way of learning as it tends to show real problems and also helps you experience common problems firsthand. Start basic, like an online course and build the projects they show in class. Join their communities, it helps very much, as you get to communicate with people doing the same stuff, are on relatively same level and you meet people who have experienced such stuff. I am currently taking Harvard's CS50, and I think it can be a great course for you. It is free and the communities are very helpful. Also reach out to people whenever struck on some problem.
  7. Summary Xbox in a tweet confirmed about Xbox series S. The Verge wrote an article confirming it. Quotes Sources The Verge's article on it
  8. I am out of warranty and am currently trying if the other solutions work. Else will get the display fixed.
  9. School had all computers in the lab connected via an ancient switch and had no (or some ) admin control. Leant that day the hard way that command prompt can shut down all computers in the network. Till now the network switch is not turned on in the lab
  10. I have a Lenovo Ideapad that was purchased in March 2019, and is running smoothly, however today I noticed that in a dark screen, one pixel was still shining white light, and after trying the Monitor test, found that the pixel shined white light inspite of the background. Kindly suggest a fix for this problem.
  11. Summary Quotes My thoughts This is one of the steps with which I feel that Samsung is competing with the Gaming Phones like the ROG Phone and the Black Magic from Nubia, but it has certain advantages due to partnerships with many companies like Microsoft and AMD and ARM. And overall good part by samsung to improve upon by software. Sources Samsung partnership with AMD and ARM Original news source article
  12. I agree, I have many NES and DS games, and want to run them on hardware that people use in this decade.
  13. Hate to cut you off, but the iPhone 7 brought the Airpods and cut the headphone jack, and that is why, the most favorite iPhone for many people is still the 6(s)