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  1. Made a post a few months ago with the idea of a wall pc and it’s finally come true. It’s made of half inch pine, 1/16 inch steel plate, and the tools from my dads garage. Minus the cable mess, I think it turned out pretty awesome. Under the spoiler are some pictures of the development I hope this gives inspiration to any of you who can’t find their dream case. Just know there will be many, many problems. I got by but it took 3 months and about 100 hours of total work. Oh yeah, and like $250 for materials and aesthetics. (60cm riser cables aren’t cheap!)
  2. This cable came with my psu and I originally thought it was a SATA to molex adapter but the one end sure doesn’t look like SATA. What is it for?
  3. sounds like i need a controller then. Do you have recommendations or will the one in the original post work fine? I live in the 'cheap but still works' kind of motto
  4. sorry pasted the wrong link i meant this one https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/case-fan/sickleflow-120-rgb/#item1
  5. you are sure you are looking at this specification page and not a similar one for an adressable RGB fan? My bit of research says the 3-pin argb header plugged into 4-pin rgb would ruin everything.
  6. there is a second plug and its a 4 pin which I was told does NOT go in an argb header. I just wanted to know if Id have to spend more money or if I can cehat the system. Also, would I need both the cables plugged in or just the RGB one?
  7. I bought 3 of these fans and though they were gonna look awesome, but i got disappointed Like some of you probably suspected, I have no RGB header or controller. So I bought a hub. Two bad things about this: this doesnt come with a controller so I'll need one. And its ARGB (mine are 4 pin RGB). So currently there aren't any lights on and I'm assuming my fans are running close to max speed. Is it absolutely necessary to get a RBG LED controller + hub? Or is there some way i can get the fans do display 1 solid color like red? I don't want to tamper with the wires either.
  8. just tell windows defender to heck off and download some viruses like a big boy B) some processes can spontaneously take more rations of RAM than they should. Just restart it in task manager and it should fix itself. If windows defender gives you lip when you restart it, tell it youre the boss, grab it by the throat, and tell it to restart anyways....
  9. i have maybe minutes of electrician experience but I have heard of cases where the neutral goes bad (my house!) If you have a multimeter or an outlet tester see if they are good. If not its probably a good idea to have one around and a bad socket can be wrose than just a lamp or computer, eh maybe not worse than a damaged computer. What's worse than that? sounds like an outlet thing to me then if it works on the others
  10. I bought a wireless starter for my computer (I know fancy!) which goes in a pcie slot and wires up directly to the power/reset switch pins on my motherboard. This is fine but I only have one of those. Does a cable exist where i can have both my physical power button and my remote power button leading into the power sw pins on my motherboard? I searched google and amazon and couldnt find anything ;-;
  11. If I added standoffs could I screw in from the top side? How much disassembling would I have to do? And are standards metal standoffs safe?
  12. The holes in the pcb don’t have any threading though. The bracket screw fit in the hole but don’t screw in so I wouldn’t know how to secure it even. Standard case screws seem like they would fit if I screwed hard enough but I didn’t want to test that.