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  1. Hello i have a servo motor that i wana control using a ps4 controler over bluethoot and i cant seam to find eny information on a servomotro and ps4 controler combined and i was wandfering if enybody can help i now how to read from ps4 controler and how to output a signal to servo motor from googleing but i dont know how to combine them (btw i am using python) pls help thx for your time This is the code to read the value from the controler from -1 to 1 and 0 is idle or off in case of buttones import pygame from time import sleep pygame.init() controller = pygame.joystick.Joystic
  2. So i have a esd motor thati wana put on an RC car that was working with gas and i wanted to trasle the signal from a servo that acted like a gas pedal for the old motor into an esd signal si i can make it work with a bldc motor here is the code i have made so far the signal coming from the rc recever is for servos so that way can only get input like that my signal is from -255 to 255 i need to make a pwm signal betwin 1 ms(stop) to 2 ms(full throtle) and i dont now how to translate the signla At first i was making this whit a DC motor whith a h bridged
  3. Hello i have an old gas powerd rc car that i want to switch to electric with a bldc motor and the signal coming from the reciver is diferent how do i make it compatible with the ESC.I now this is not the best place to ask this so if simbady knows a better place to ask pls let me now thx
  4. i wanted to make some stuff hapen if i press a buttone ona ps4 controler with the raspberry but my test code to see wat event adn how the data is transmited it dosent wana run ERROR: ID Device Name Phys Uniq ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 /dev/input/event0 raspberrypi-ts Select devices [0-0]: 0 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python
  5. thx for your help i found out about this way of doing evrything pythone related in visual studios engine but in pycharm link (https://www.codegrepper.com/code-examples/delphi/install+face_recognition+pycharm)
  6. i acsualy find uout a way to do it meanwaile and it has been working flowlesly if you have evrithing reqwierd installed link: (https://www.codegrepper.com/code-examples/delphi/install+face_recognition+pycharm)
  7. So i want to install a library caled face_recognition but i have this error with tells me to get visualt studio ( i am using pycharm btw) is there a very similar library and or a way to bypass this and get the files installed? (venv) C:\Users\symbo\PycharmProjects\pythonProject2>pip3 install face_recognition Collecting face_recognition Using cached face_recognition-1.3.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (15 kB) Collecting dlib>=19.7 Using cached dlib-19.21.1.tar.gz (3.6 MB) Requirement already satisfied: numpy in c:\users\symbo\pycharmprojects\pythonproject2\venv\lib\site-p
  8. sorry but i am not realy good with this stuff so wat do you think i shuld do if the trackers whore moved i mean how can i move them back
  9. the program PyCharm alows me to instal with a few clicks.I think the program is running the pip commands for me
  10. Hello so i have been galowing a tutorial on computer vison (https://www.murtazahassan.com/courses/opencv-with-python-for-beginners/lesson/object-tracking/) for object traking i downloaded the code witch is import cv2 ############### Tracker Types ##################### # tracker = cv2.TrackerBoosting_create() # tracker = cv2.TrackerMIL_create() # tracker = cv2.TrackerKCF_create() # tracker = cv2.TrackerTLD_create() # tracker = cv2.TrackerMedianFlow_create() # tracker = cv2.TrackerCSRT_create() tracker = cv2.TrackerMOSSE_create() ####################################################
  11. Hi thx for the time to answer but it dont understand how i can implement this in the code bechose i am noob to programing and i cant figure it out. I have benn resercing about this and i am just to dumb.
  12. Hallo! I am building a macine that moves some motors in fuctun with how muthc i input on a display.I have a rodory encoder that controls how mutch the motor shud go but i dont know how to make 2 coloms on the display and make the push of the rodory encoder to swith witch part i control and also how i thie it up with the motors. And btw i am using a arduino mega .Thx for reading.The code and some imiges are atached(Sorry for my gramar i am not a native speaker) Rodory_and_display.ino
  13. Hi.I saw a video on Instagram were a guy bild a robot that wen it detected the black cactus from the crome game wen you are with no internet actuated a motor that preses the space bar on a laptop.He used an arduino and a fotodiod but i dont have one. All i have ar some normal ir line falower sensors and i cant go get fotodiods because of COVID-19.Thx for reding and stay safe.And if you have some free time to help me with some code i will grateful. Screen_Recording_20200406-031218_1_1_1.mp4
  14. Hallo frend i have a raspberry pi 3 Band i wanted to play with frend minecraft and o dont wana buy a server if i have a spere pc(i now there are free servers but the limit is just 20 players and the performers is prety low and max 1GB of space). Dose anybody now a easy and good guide for this? Or like somthing that has good detail instruction bechose i am not that expirience with rasspberry and kinda dumb. I am sorry if this is not the subtopic were i should put this but i did not now were else to place it. Thx for reading sorry for my english i am not a native speeker.