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  1. I agree with the point your making and I'll add on to it by reminding everyone kids are expensive. A lot of people barely get by and they have no kids, now add a kid to that and use your imagination. I'm not opening this into a "then dont have kids then" debate so please don't try. The real problem that no one here, especially OP is failing to recognize is that these cheap products are mostly targeted to low income people/families. If you just buy the cheapest stuff you can because you're super cheap and don't have common sense for safety or reputation of the manufacturer, that's plain on you.
  2. Diablo 2 was amazing and still is. Diablo 3, imagine being pumped to pickup where the story left off, maybe revisit some of the past areas in D2 and listen to some awesome music. Then they kill Cain and the rest of the story is down hill. None of what you expected happens and every boss goes into detail how you cannot defeat them, before you defeat them. The Necromancer is in the game as a NPC and was never planned to be a playable character, then gets released like what 4 years after the games launch as paid DLC? I got blizzed on for sure. Diablo 4, story looks great. Rathma seems cool, Papa of The Necromancers am interested. Game play looks D3'ish so kind of worried. Excited they're bringing back the openness that D2 had, gangs of people together in the wilderness, going hostile, teaming up etc hopefully will come along. I definitely will not buy this game as a pre-order or a digital deluxe version or anything until after a month it has been out because I do not want to be screwed over again. Also, the D3 servers were down for an entire day at launch so a pre order isn't even worth it seeing as the D4 servers will probably crash too.
  3. Did you not have an aftermarket card like EVGA for an extended warranty? It's still a good card and I wouldn't give up on it just yet. Just my 2 cents
  4. I'm not surprised. Dragon Lore Awp skins going for $600 in a game, come on now.
  5. I wouldn't be worried about it man. They're going to figure out some way to raise the price on it without a doubt unless AMD and Intel really land their next GPU. How did you kill that 1080TI?
  6. If they want to shell out the cash on the company card for a Power BI license they weren't approved for, then by all means go for it. They'll have to explain the expense to Finance. if Finance approves it then it's on the business. INB4 Power BI Admins lose their minds over the crazy amount of nonsense reports taking priority instead of actual business reports.
  7. Are you sure I can't use you as a reference? You go in such detail about things and I think you would help me immensely. Having a guy that knows it all is worth his weight in gold. It's just Target, please? The point is, no you should never leave any machine with a default password that is networked or contains any kind of data you don't want to share. It's good to see that there are people on this board that are security and privacy minded.
  8. Now that is how you should of followed up with your original comment . Sounds like you guys are following a good standard. If I recall correctly, without googling, it was a hvac contractors account that was left active with no expiration date they used to achieve all of this. Can I use you as a recommendation for my job with Target?
  9. Agreed. Is it okay to setup AD Servers with the admin/admin login combo because it's internal?
  10. Blizz did the right thing for themselves. What they did not do was stand up for whats right. In the end, it's protecting the all mighty dollar and I need that stock number as high as possible.
  11. Have you tried looking up the MAC addresses for the devices listed in the admin router portal? If you can see the MAC's for the connected devices you can use a MAC lookup site to figure out what they are.
  12. Not true my guy. Remember, google is your friend. I ordered my Pi Zero W this morning and set this up tonight over wireless and it's good to go. You will need to add a config file to your boot folder so your pi connects to your wireless. Then pickup on the steps on setting your PI to a static IP. How To: Setup Headless Pi Zero W WiFi connection FWIW: This was my first rasberry pi project, ever, and it was easy. Good write up. Kit I bought: Pi Zero Kit
  13. For one who has not had their morning coffee you sure know your stuff. Can confirm this is a thing and have used it a handful of times. Windows Autopilot and the beloved in-place upgrade deployment feature. Windows 7 machines in your environment? Nah, In-place upgrade time.
  14. Causing a stove top fire while cooking because you weren't paying attention isn't a small thing. Most people don't even know how to put out a fire properly, never mind a grease/oil fire. Taking away her electronics wouldn't be the only answer, she needs to learn to be exposed to the real world sooner than later.