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  1. Quote was not meant for you :). It was for the blue chinchilla. I referenced your quote as an example for how people confuse holding public office vs working for the government.
  2. I mean, do you consider what you do to qualify as a public servant? You work for the man, or are you the man? I say we watch you just because, who knows what you have access to and what your doing with your time on active sessions. We will be watching you from this day forward. In all seriousness, see the quote below.
  3. Lets not forget this is a business just like any other. At the end of the day their only goal is to increase profits, not improve safety by spending money on cameras. These cameras directly resulted in an increase of productivity and a financial increase in the companies books. I agree there is no expectation of privacy on company property however to invade a personal space which you are confined to work in throughout the day is overdoing it. Refer to the poor saps whose managers make them leave their webcams on during their entire work shift so they can see them working. Now imagine you
  4. The fact that Apple had to force Valve to release even more data than what they have already provided is ridiculous.
  5. This sucks for their IT Team. I'm really curious after they're done with the forensics how the heck they got into their system and obtained administrator/root level access. I sure hope it wasn't a weak password that compromised them.
  6. You nailed it man. Take your piece of Linus Gold and rest easy champ.
  7. Hey so I I just wanted to chime in here as I have DT 770 Pros and DT 990 Pros at 250ohms and I also have the Asus B450-F. The short answer is without a doubt yes you will get enjoyable volume with both of them(even though you're just asking about the DT990's). When you plug the Headphones the sonic suite will open and set the amp impedance to extreme automatically. Games I usually play all the time are BF4, CSGO, The Division 2. Metro Exodus is also great. One game i've found that could use some extra volume is RE2 on the DT990's however the DT770's with the closed back have no problem.
  8. All I want to know is which one of us is going to make a client like FaH to discover new drugs. Strictly for scientific purposes.
  9. I agree with the point your making and I'll add on to it by reminding everyone kids are expensive. A lot of people barely get by and they have no kids, now add a kid to that and use your imagination. I'm not opening this into a "then dont have kids then" debate so please don't try. The real problem that no one here, especially OP is failing to recognize is that these cheap products are mostly targeted to low income people/families. If you just buy the cheapest stuff you can because you're super cheap and don't have common sense for safety or reputation of the manufacturer, that's plain o
  10. Diablo 2 was amazing and still is. Diablo 3, imagine being pumped to pickup where the story left off, maybe revisit some of the past areas in D2 and listen to some awesome music. Then they kill Cain and the rest of the story is down hill. None of what you expected happens and every boss goes into detail how you cannot defeat them, before you defeat them. The Necromancer is in the game as a NPC and was never planned to be a playable character, then gets released like what 4 years after the games launch as paid DLC? I got blizzed on for sure. Diablo 4, story looks great. Rathma seems cool,
  11. Did you not have an aftermarket card like EVGA for an extended warranty? It's still a good card and I wouldn't give up on it just yet. Just my 2 cents
  12. I'm not surprised. Dragon Lore Awp skins going for $600 in a game, come on now.
  13. I wouldn't be worried about it man. They're going to figure out some way to raise the price on it without a doubt unless AMD and Intel really land their next GPU. How did you kill that 1080TI?