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  1. just send me a link to a phone that is cheap and can run drone flying apps at max.
  2. hey, please leave a link below on a gaming pc that you recommend. note : must be high end gaming pcs price range: $2000-$5000 frame rate: 60fps run games like: gta5,fallout, horror games (highest settings) processer: core i5 8th gen ($2000 price range) or core i9 X ($5000 price range) video quality: 4k or 1080
  3. the specks look good, just forget about installing gta5, that gaming laptop should run it at high settings
  4. yes please and send me the link to the laptop
  5. oh and while its installing, can you send me a link to the laptop please
  6. yes please, installing gta will be a big help. thanks
  7. can you please send me the link to the $150 laptop

  8. please leave a link to a good cheap gaming laptop
  9. please review the Telstra OPPO AX5 - Blue
  10. https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834850619&ignorebbr=1
  11. techtim

    8k tv

    great news, the 8k oled tv has come out!