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  1. Hello everyone, so I've been wanting to start a podcast for a while at this point, but truth of the matter is that I don't know the first thing about audio equipment. Personally since this is a starter set up I'm not looking to spend like $300 on a single mic, but I would want a set up that can comfortably have two people on at one time? Do you have any recommendations or a website that can list some good options for me?
  2. I know you selected to have the export match your source bitrate, but try scrolling down in your export settings and seeing what the bitrate is set at there. Because (and I could be wrong) I think it bases the "match bit rate" off of the first video you drop into the project. So if the bitrate settings are far lower than the bitrate of your originial source files then you can just change it there
  3. I'd say that for gaming at least, the biggest difference would be input lag. Sure a bigger TV with the same resolution will have a lower pixel density, but if you're going to be playing an FPS, you'll definitely have a problen with the input lag.
  4. Thats fair, and thats why I personally don't try to go past what we have as a standard right now. I remember using my friends 120Hz monitor and how amazing it was, but I know that if I got used to that then it would be hard to experience anything that is below that, which is a lot of stuff... So I'm happy with 60Hz lmao
  5. I don't mind playing games at 1080p 60fps, hell I'd rather have a good 1080p 60fps monitor with amazing color (like 100% RGB coverage), vs something like a 1080p 144hz tn panel
  6. Well if you want a the best performance possible then according to userbenchmark, the 1080ti will give you the best performance when going head to head with the 2070... So I'd go for the 1080ti unless you really want RTX? but aside from that don't bother wasting your time with SLI
  7. Got an Intel i7-7500u and an AMD Rx 580... I have an EGPU set up which is how I managed to pair a mobile processor with a desktop gpu
  8. Eh it looks too bloated, video tiles take up too much space imo
  9. I personally use Premiere to edit my videos, its what I know best so I just stick to it, its feature rich and very versatile but definitely stick to one very feature rich software and master it!
  10. I'd say its close between the Sony A7 III and the Black Magic, frankly its better to stick with something you're already familiar with and you have a whole host of similarities with the Sony, be it lenses or color science. You're also right that Sony probably has among the best low light, and it has a better full frame look. HOWEVER the black magic is technically a better video camera, considering that its basically all it does, and its just a much more versatile camera that can be built out much more than any DSLR/mirrorless camera. Frankly the only two things I'd really worry about is the low light capabilities (which are fairly important for weddings that go into the night). So honestly for me if I had to start from scratch and choose a camera to shoot video with I would go with the black magic, but its important to consider all the other variables.
  11. Ah ok makes sense, hell if money isn't an issue then maybe get one of the new AMD/NVIDIA cards?
  12. Is it me or do you not have a GPU listed here?
  13. Seeing a lot of anger about people spending ~$120 on a calculator for their classes, but I disagree with the anger to an extent... Is $120 expensive? Sure its a pretty big sticker shock, but thats only if you're looking at a graphing calculator through the same lens as a four function calculator. What a lot of people here aren't considering is the longevity and capabilities of these calculators, if you spend $120 on a TI-84 plus CE graphing calculator that WILL last you your entire college career. Because no matter what your major is, this calculator can do just about everything. I'm talking identities, matrices, graphing, derivatives, significant figures, logs, all sorts of graphing. If you're an engineering student (such as myself) you will need something like this, am I currently using the $120 TI-84 Plus CE calculator? no not really, I'm seeing how far I can get with a $20 TI-30XS scientific calculator, although its starting to show its limitations in my Chem classes. SO is $120 a lot for a calculator? Sure $120 is a lot of money, but you will literally never have to buy another calculator ever again after you buy one, because this thing does it all, its more of an investment than anything.
  14. Open premiere, import all the 60p videos, right click and select "interpret footage" and set the frame rate to 24 fps, now you can edit without having to tediously go back and adjust the framerate in each clip