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  1. I'd say that as long as you don't do super intensive work with the lower voltage charger you should be fine, reason being that if say you're gaming at max settings therefore fully utilizing the CPU and GPU you will actually see that despite being plugged in you will lose battery. According to this site your model laptop would utilize between 14 and 22 watts at idle, and it surprisingly only uses 128 watts when playing the witcher 3. So basically TL;DR if you want a second smaller charger make sure that it provides enough power to charge your machine when you are doing the tasks you want to do while using that charger.
  2. wisex

    Programming laptop for college

    The Lenovo X1 Carbon is a great computer, although for me personally for school I use the HP spectre x360 13", the screen is beautiful and the keyboard is probably among the best keyboards I've ever used on a laptop (I can't speak for the Lenovo). And the laptop even comes in a 15" option as well. And the Spectre is probably one of the best looking Windows laptops on the market IMO.
  3. wisex

    Welding videos corrupt

    Oh I know you meant welding in your post, I was just refering to wedding photographers XD Oh wow I never considered that, if thats the case try shooting with a longer lens so that you're not so close to the welder to prevent this problem? If you have the budget you could try shooting with something like the 100mm Canon macro lens which is really pricey, but its a very good lens. Or if you wanna try something "cheaper" maybe try this 105 mm macro sigma lens? Yea I never knew welding was capable of creating an electric field. Maybe try experimenting with it? shoot a 5 second video with the welder on 15 feet away, then 10 feet, then 5 feet, then shoot at the distance you normally shoot and see if the videos get corrupted, and just to be consistent take a laptop and off load every 5 second video every time you shoot it. If we see that the video does get corrupted as you get closer to the welding scene, because from what I've found reading around so far is that (like you said) welding (or arc welding in the other posts I've found) creates an electro magnetic pulse that can and will interfere with electronics. So if we find that this is the case with your videos then you probably will have to shoot with the 100mm macro lens so that you can be a safe distance and still be able to get some clean videos of the sparks flying and stuff no yea I totally get you, formatting is generally an extra step to make "extra sure" that nothing goes wrong.
  4. wisex

    Video Ideas

    I'd love for them to delve more into hackintoshes, the community has become very mature and the hackintosh "support" is leagues better than it was years ago.... also the noob to network engineer video series would be great
  5. It looks like you already got this all sorted by definitely the BMPCC, its just more capable and a lot more versatile. If you know you're only going to be shooting video with it and nothing else then you can definitely build it out to fit just about any of your needs. Plus think of that RAW
  6. wisex

    Welding videos corrupt

    Were your other videos shot on a different day than the welding videos? Did you import files from your SD card onto a computer and then keep shooting without formatting? Generally what a lot of wedding videographers do to ensure that their videos have a minimal chance of corruption is formatting their card after every time their offload/import their files onto a computer, that way they ensure a "clean slate" when they continue recording. I personally haven't ever had a video corrupt when I shoot video on it, but I have had pictures corrupt on me. As for recovery theres this great little guide for potential fixes you could try using VLC! https://www.stellarinfo.com/blog/repair-corrupt-video-file-vlc-media-player/
  7. I personally use Premiere, I was certified in it back in high school, and since then I've never put it down. I know how to use it and I just prefer it.. But one thing I did try Final Cut Pro X, and I love the automatic time line rendering (as well as the magnetic timeline) I just didn't know it well enough to actually adopt it as my go to. But its also a great editing program
  8. Ok so I can see 3 really great options for you: 1) So personally I shoot on a Sony a6500 so I am a little bias in the favor of sony cameras, but I can still see some phenomenal cameras from other companies. HOWEVER I do want to start out by recommending the Sony a6000 (This is the official link however there are other option that are more within your budget), now the great thing is that this camera does shoot 1080p 60fps and these cameras do that very well. And another great thing is that the lenses for the sony a6000 are also compatible with their higher end APS-C oriented cameras such as the Sony a6500 and the new Sony a6400 2) Now you mentioned that you were essentially starting out, meaning that I'm sure that you don't have much in the senses of camera equipment, so obviously in your scenario you are looking best bang for the buck. And I can vouch for this next kit as well considering its the kid I got my girlfriend when she wanted to get into photography as well, and thats the Canon T6 EOS Rebel starter kit at $500. Now I want to start out and say that unfortunately the T6 only supports up to 1080p 30fps but does shoot 60fps in 720p. HOWEVER this kit gives you basically everything you need to start out in photography/videography, and trust me coming from a Sony camera owner, the color science on Canon cameras are SPECTACULAR. The only downfall I'll share with you that I have experienced with this camera, and that is that it is not a strong low light performer, anything above ISO 3200 is passable but not great looking. 3) Now looking for this camera I actually found another "starter pack" but the Nikon D5300 pack coming in at a solid $500 This camera shoots 1080p 60fps, and I have used this camera in the past and its a great performer, however its been a while since I've used it do I do not remember my experience well enough to personally vouch for it. But all the online reviews for it give it a great rating, but just be careful when shooting at high ISO's
  9. I've been considering getting myself a new keyboard because after using an old dell sk-8125 for sevaral years, I have run out of things to streamline and how I am in the market of getting a new keyboard.
  10. YES I absolutely love my multimedia keys, I personally use an old Dell sk-8125 and I haven't found a keyboard that is this perfect of a balance between a good typing experience and multimedia options
  11. wisex

    Western digital to demo Dual-Actuator HDD's

    I'm not sure that its safe to say that "hard drives are dead now" because although the prices of SSD's has fallen darastically, they still don't beat hard drives on a dollar per GB ratio, the thing is that many people just want a cheap laptop with a bunch of storage with the intention of dumping ALL of their family photos on it. Although I can't wait for the day that SSD's surpass hard drives in price per GB, frankly right now the best way to give the most storage in budget builds/ affordable laptops isn't with an SSD but with a hard drive. Now personally after getting a laptop with an SSD in it, its very difficult to go back to using a hard drive because of how fast they are, but unfortunately they're still relatively expensive
  12. On March 8th Elizabeth Warren had announced that if elected president, she would break up big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple. Obviously there was a large conversation regarding such a move, especially considering that breaking up tech companies is not as straight forward as when the US government broke up Standard Oil back in 1911. Now Warren has given some interviews regarding her plan, and I have seen some videos regarding the subject (for example separating Amazon parent company from Amazon basics), but I haven't seen an article with her whole plan/ what shes told us so far laid out for the reading. If anyone has a link to a credible source with all of Warrens policy ideas regarding the breaking up of major tech companies that would be great! what what do you think of her proposition?
  13. I'm more of a "would rather own than borrow" kinda person, for example I don't subscribe to any music streaming services because I don't really own the stuff. Sure I may use spotify's free version or soundcloud without the subscription. But I'd much rather have a back up of the music I like on my hard drives, so if spotify were to ever shut down or I go broke I still have my music to listen to.
  14. I was under the impression that you have to use an OS like FreeNAS? do you know of any online tutorial videos for how to set something like that up with Windows 10?
  15. wisex

    What kind of setup do you like

    I personally love the minimalist art style, my reference picture for when I was building my desk set up was this photo from some youtube video. Now personally I I'm not exactly in the financial situation to be able to splurge on an ultrawide curved monintor and a new beefy desktop. So I made do and used my HP Spectre x360 13", and still built myself a desk that I would feel comfortable at when I'm editing photos/videos for multiple hours a day. Unofrtunately the sun is already down where I'm at so sorry for the photo quality but heres a peak at my build. I try to keep it clean and any unnessecary cables/clutter is promptly and effectively hidden.