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  1. pressurized air and a soft brush is good for cleaning, honestly if you can get some dust covers for your intakes and such that would help prevent future dust build up
  2. Honestly a massive time saver for me has been installing ublock on all of the computers my family gets, saves me a lot of time when they don't click an ad with malware because it told them that "windows needs an update" or whatever they're doing these days...They don't get viruses, no ads, and their computer also runs measurably faster, its a win win
  3. Honestly its kinda crazy how expensive monitors are imo, and not only that but just having a reasonable monitor is hard. I don't want some 1080p 240hz TN monitor with shitty colors... I want a 1080p 60hz panel with good contrast, brightness, and color accuracy, but you just can't find those things... I managed to get lucky and find a really nice 1440p 75hz Lenovo panel but that was after months of looking, There aren't any monitors that are just good quality, its either crappy cheap office monitors, balls to the wall fps "gaming" 1080p gaming monitors with crappy screens, or ridiculous top of
  4. Seeing a lot of answers regarding which cameras are used but I do also want to throw in my two cents and respond to the second half of the question. Honestly most digital cinema cameras can generally shoot up to about 4K video, but even then resolution isn't the main part of the reason why these cameras are used, hell you might be thinking right now that your phone can also shoot 4K video but they aren't using those in movies. The truth is that cinema cameras have amazing color accuracy, dynamic range, and an overalfilmic look that can be given to them as a result of the bigger sensor and the
  5. I'd assume he needs to spend some time with the new models? He even kinda references him using the 12 in his most recent video, and by reference he kinda goes over why he isn't really interested in a review so he's just putting it to rest
  6. Sure I would recommend building a PC, but only if you're like... technically savy? Like I wouldn't recommend my parents build their home PC
  7. Are there any youtube videos/articles you might recommend for setting one up?
  8. Hello everyone, A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine had a hard drive die on him causing him to lose 1 tb of family photos, school documents, etc.. Ever since then I've been very conscious about how little I back anything up, and how much I have to lose on my hard drives, but I do want to change that. Because times are tough I've been looking for cheap NAS set ups and I've stumbled across using a Raspberry pi 4 with some hard drives to run in RAID 1? I'm not looking for the highest performance machine here, I'll probably be streaming 4k video from it at most, but my main focus is having
  9. I've kinda been wanting to see what a Peter McKinnon and LTT collab would be? Maybe it could be one of those where Linus helps him build a NAS or something
  10. Personally I think that a lot of people here are overreacting some, do laptops have worse cooling than desktops? Well duh yea, but even then your gaming oriented laptop is gonna have significantly better cooling than a traditional thin and light. I'm also going to assume that you're no longer going to use this laptop as a primary driver considering that you plan on running it 24/7, so battery degredation, although it may happen, shouldn't be that big of a concern. Lastly the laptop will run hot if its at max capacity, but I doubt that it'll actually damage your laptop because even laptops stil
  11. Hello everyone, So after building my first PC for video editing and media work (as well as some gaming), and now that I've started exporting my first video made on it I'm noticing something a little.... weird?... If you look at the below screenshot you'll see that its a 1 hr long video that is really more similar to an album cover that doesn't have any crazy color work or anything added to it. It looks like CPU utilization is very... well its rapidly oscillating, and my GPU is basically unused. But please correct me if I'm wrong but I wouldn't expect my 3600x and Rc 580 8GB gpu to t
  12. Hello everyone, so I've been wanting to start a podcast for a while at this point, but truth of the matter is that I don't know the first thing about audio equipment. Personally since this is a starter set up I'm not looking to spend like $300 on a single mic, but I would want a set up that can comfortably have two people on at one time? Do you have any recommendations or a website that can list some good options for me?
  13. I know you selected to have the export match your source bitrate, but try scrolling down in your export settings and seeing what the bitrate is set at there. Because (and I could be wrong) I think it bases the "match bit rate" off of the first video you drop into the project. So if the bitrate settings are far lower than the bitrate of your originial source files then you can just change it there
  14. I'd say that for gaming at least, the biggest difference would be input lag. Sure a bigger TV with the same resolution will have a lower pixel density, but if you're going to be playing an FPS, you'll definitely have a problen with the input lag.
  15. Thats fair, and thats why I personally don't try to go past what we have as a standard right now. I remember using my friends 120Hz monitor and how amazing it was, but I know that if I got used to that then it would be hard to experience anything that is below that, which is a lot of stuff... So I'm happy with 60Hz lmao