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Everything posted by RoseLuck462

  1. Oh wow you changed your wallpaper! You really like ships huh?

    1. DrMacintosh
    2. Tristerin


      Great detail in that photo - you take it?

    3. DrMacintosh


      I did, I took it with my old iPhone 6s Plus a couple of years ago. 

  2. Goddamn that's an amazing little laptop, MBP 14" who? I even like that there's no webcam that would get some black tape put over.
  3. I've been thinking about getting back into MineCraft as well... or I can watch PDP play it! Sweet build, good job LMG!
  4. I'm thinking a 5700x for my office PC and save the rest...
  5. Hopefully you can get your accounts reset through the emails or something. I learned the hard way as well. I have since switched the Authy, it does allow for days back ups and ties it to your phone number.
  6. Camera bumps 



    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Is that apple?

    2. RoseLuck462
    3. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Interesting. Are they all separate? Like two inputs aren't combined for one image right? HTC used to do that and it make awesome pictures.

  7. Got some D-Brand skins! I got the purple Z Flip, maybe I should have gone with the black instead, ah well still looks good to me! Btw I don't have a hair dryer, I used a lighter and it worked good enough! 11" Pro 2020 Big camera...
  8. Thinking back, I can't remember if Borderlands on OnLive had co-op or not. I liked that service for single player experiences.
  9. Wonder if there will be a WAN Show tomorrow...

    1. TetraSky


      Why wouldn't there be? There usually is one, even if they have to pre-record it.

  10. Samsung's fingerprint ultrasonic test tech sucks, I wish Apple never left Touch ID.

  11. Finally got some confirmed cases in my state, New Mexico : ( 4 so far.
  12. As nice as any of the S20 models are, I just don't need one at this time. With the Z Flip I now have a Foldable to tinker with
  13. I told myself no new phone tech this year, but I got a good deal on a Z Flip, now i have a Foldable : ) It does come with cases... Compared to my S3 and Note 10+
  14. $210 for such a no-frills case? I don't know if I would do that...
  15. At that price point, you aren't getting anything anywhere near the performance or specs of a phone that could use this external display. On topic: I pre-ordered the upcoming 14" model as the NexDock 2 is sold out. This is gonna be perfect for me since I just made my Note 10+ be my daily driver and I am dedicated to not upgrading it until there's something truly better than it.
  16. I appreciate the extra effort some reviews do for Linux compatibility but the linux community does extensive testing as well. Mint is my favorite distribution btw
  17. They're selling titan SLI laptops for like $300 lol
  18. With the current pricing, this is looking to be the worst way to use a car, even worse than leasing one. I can definitely see it becoming an eventual service due to convenience though. Just need to price it right.