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  1. I second the cheaper suggestion @noxdeouroboros mentioned. The DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% is a decent mechanical keyboard, although I've never used it, I've only heard good from those who have. They have Cherry MX Brown/ Black/Red equivalents.
  2. If you want to modular and fancy then consider using velcro straps too, otherwise zipties work just as well.
  3. Yeah very much so, they're are aiming for a even more niche market, can't see this going well. F
  4. Glad this is happening, OEM's took their fair time with some of the releases.
  5. Essential announced their next phone yesterday called Project Gem. It's definitely not what I would have expected to follow up the PH-1. A tiled UI similar to the Windows Phone, a mid-range Snapdragon 730 processor, but most importantly it's the shape that sets a lot of people off. I like that this is not another rectangular smart phone almost indistinguishable from the next flagship but, it does not seem practical. Essential was aiming for a phone companion, controlled by voice gestures, I'm assuming. Essential will be turning away most of their current PH-1 users, myself included. True to their name, this phone is essential, the developers have optimised the UI to fit the small form factor and I doubt people would use the phone as much as they would a regular sized smartphone. Watching media would be harder, although following text conversations might be easier while replying with text-to-speech (because we all know that works 100% of the time). Maybe they'll attract a new user base? What are you thoughts on the phone?
  6. Get all of a GitHub users stars and save them in JSON. Written in Python 3, the user is specified in the last line of the code, written in 60 lines of code. stars.py
  7. I haven't found any good cheap mice but the Redragon K552 is an amazing mechanical keyboard for $27 US. I bought mine with the Outemu Blue switches which are similar to Cherry MX Blue. My only grip is that the lettering on the keycaps don't look great and it doesn't have a detachable USB cable.
  8. Sounds like a cool project, what sort of micro-controller are you planning on using? Also it's ok to have a power supply rated for more amps than needed, as the component will try what's required as long as you are not forcefully pushing the current into the device.
  9. I watch Linus to get my adrenaline rush for the day. I had to split that RED camera build into two days because it was just too much for me.
  10. That's what I thought, I'll purchase the board and give it a go eventually. I might need pulldown/up resistors on the pins I won't be using.
  11. The keyboard doesn't have a detachable cable, so I'm planning on opening it up and cutting the cable and solder the 4 wires onto the breakout board. Similar mods have been done with mini usb before . I don't think anyone has done it with a USB C break out board yet, and I wanted to give it a go. Just wanted to make sure it was the right board, or if it was actually possible.
  12. Sorry, just edited it, it was this one https://www.adafruit.com/product/4090
  13. I have a Redragon K552 and was wondering if I could solder a USB C Breakout Board (Downstream Connection) to the cable using the GND, VBUS, D+ and D- pins. Mods for this keyboard have been done with mini-B USB and I've been looking into the pinouts of both B and C. Would this theoretically work with the breakout board I've linked?