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  1. Kind of a twist on this topic but funny. Helping my mom buy her first laptop. So we are in BestBuy looking at laptops when sales guy comes over to help. Mom tells the sales guy she needs a new laptop as she is going to a Red hat convention. Sales guy spends the next 5-10 minutes thinking that my mom works for Red hat (the software company) or that she is a hacker. Mom is oblivious to this and is talking about the Red hat as in old ladies in purple clothes. Then there is me trying not to laugh my ass off as neither one catches onto what the other is talking about.
  2. What I am hearing there is that it's so hard to tell natural Climate change from so called manmade climate change that you just need to trust us. It's not like scientists have ever made any mistakes before. You know like scientifically proving bee's can't fly. Also I am as big of a fan of the Muppets as any normal person but should we really be taking climate change advice from someone that must have done that much LSD?
  3. Ya the OP hasn't been back to be made fun of in a bit so it's getting old.
  4. And the Lizard people control the Cabal?
  5. Climate change is a thing. But is it a thing we have any control over. We know that the planet has been both Hot af and Frozen like a ice cube at a time when mankind was living in a cave trying to invent fire by rubbing things together.
  6. A CC size piece of titanium would only be a couple USD retail. Get 100k made in China for cheap.
  7. I have seen that documentary. Patrick Swayze was in it right? No only French Canadians and the wannabe French are communists. They are planning to take over Canada with Poutine.
  8. I think you are confused. But I am sure we can all agree that Justin Trudeau used Russian Hackers to start the fake hurricane to drive all the retired Canadians out of Florida and home to Canada to vote for him in the upcoming election.
  9. CES would probably be fine. Takes a lot to fill Las Vegas. Even something that is not open to the public. Just a bunch of there YouTube and industry fiends as quests.
  10. Everyone knows that the Illuminati are the ones behind global warming not hurricanes and the freemasons control tornadoes.
  11. NO No that's all wrong. It was clearly Russian hackers.
  12. It's marketing wank. They are trying to infer that there little battery operated blender is as powerful as a big wall power model. I think they are normally advertised as around 1500w Watts are commonly used as a measure of a motors power.
  13. Ok. I have no issues helping the Glock parts wear in with a little light stoning and some lapping compound.
  14. Also not a lawyer but am Canadian. Magazines in Canada are controlled themselves and under a couple different rules. I think Chronified you might be getting hunting laws or gun club rules and firearm laws confused. Hunting laws will be different between provinces but I believe most are three rounds for shotguns and five rounds for semi automatic centerfire rifles. Some gun clubs have a load no more then five rule. As for firearms law it is not the firearm that has a magazine capacity restriction but the magazine. So under Canadian law the magazines are controlled. We
  15. You are going through a breakup with a significant other and you know they have some of your passwords and have used them before. What idiot doesn't change there password? Worked at NSA. Quick someone go see if you can log into the NSA with Password as the Password.