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    I like to tap keys on my keyboard every day for no reason at all except some new pixels on my screen :3

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  1. I'ma just clearify that the T50RPs are planar headphones and thus tend to be power hogs, hence to generally low impedence number but the thirst for power. I havent had planar before so i wanted to consult a forum just to get things right the first time, since i mostly manage myself when it comes to dynamic drivers.
  2. Well basically i want to go as low as possible since i already spent so much on audio gear the last month but if i will have to set a budget i guess under 200 but its very flexible.
  3. Sadly the fostex T50RPs are nutoriously hard to drive apparently, ive been using a magni schiit 2 and im not currently able to drive them without maxing everything. Im maybe looking at maybe a Schiit magni 2 Uber or Jotenheim if i give up and just drop 500 $ into them. Might have to return them if i cant get something at a respectable price sadly Darn Sweden and our taxes & Import fees making good audio more expensive than it should.
  4. Basically the title says it all but ill guess i will make up a nice fairytale for context: Once there was a boy on his quest for good audio, He goodled wide and far and finally settled on a pair of Fostex T50RP MK3s. When they arrived their Earpads where flat and they sounded no good. Hmm said the boy "This is not as it should." With a brand new pair of Shure HPAEC1540 Pads they felt staggering but the sound was yet unflattering... Now that that menace is over lets get going with the real reason of this post. Basically i f***ed up and my current DAC + AMP solution doesnt have enough "oumph" to drive these bastards. Would love to have a Combo solution but im open to seperate solutions. Any recommendations? Funds are kinda running low so the cheaper the better but all rec's are welcomed, cheers! Oh and they need to be available in the Northern parts of EU.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys much appriciated!! I've spoken with the other guys and they are also recommending the Lenovo X1 carbon series. And ive now kinda set my eyes upon the X1 G7 with the i5-8265U processor since the local prices are quite high here as for now Model number: 20QD00L3MX Heard romours about them having pretty good battery life aswell so im looking forward to trying one later next week
  6. Couldnt have said it better myself, i've tested around 15 mice in the last couple of years and im currently using the G305 and im very satisfied, great ambidextrous (Only buttons on one side tho) small mouse that performs like a god in bot fps and moba games especially if you are considering the price! Havent had any problems with mine yet and the scroll wheel is simple yet amazing. A regular AALR6 battery lasts for about 2-4 months depending on usage. If im going to nitpick, the only thing that bothers me sometimes is the slight unbalance when using a full size AA battery as it makes the G305 kind of back heavy. Can also recommend the razer viper, have heard of manufacturing defects tho but its probably sorted out by now.
  7. I recently got a new job and will be dealing with alot of on-site and off-site IT work, since i need to be on the run alot and i dont own a laptop right now ive gotten the funds from the company to acquire a brand new workplace laptop that will become an additional signing bonus, (around 1500$-2k$) What Laptops would you guys recommend? preferrably something light with a ethernet port if possible The possiblity of having a docking station is also a big plus Thanks in advance
  8. So yeah... after about 8 months of using this setup without any issues my second monitor stopped recieving signal from the pc and now just shows up as not active in display setting. Setup: Rtx 2060 that outputs to one 144hz main display through Display-port aswell as outputting to a second display using HDMI. (both from the same card not from mobo and gpu) Second monitor turns on and works but isnt recieving signal from the pc, if i switch the hdmi to my main monitor it works fine and detects as usual. Im kind of confused and i've tried the usuals: driver updates both monitors and gpu aswell as switching cables around etc. This all happened after the pc had been turned of for more than 24h, win update might have had something to do with this but i am unsure. any ideas are welome since im just confused rn xd. Tried using google but to no avail. Fix, revert to previous windows version and it fixed itself... microsoft has done it again...
  9. Thanks for all the great answers, i always run my main monitor on 144hz and im a total fps junkie when it comes to gaming so i guess im a little narrow minded when it comes to my pc outputting more than 144 just in case. I currently have no plans on switching to 1440p or higher but it is starting to grow on me since my main monitor is starting to show deadpixels Would it be wiser to save the money from buying a new GPU and putting it into a M.2 ssd, 16 more gb of 3600 Mhz ram and a Noctua cpu cooler?
  10. So a while back i purchased an Gigabyte RTX 2060 6gb knowing of it being heavily bottlenecked by my i5-6500 cpu. My dilemma right now is that ive upgraded my pc to a level that wasnt really intended 10 months ago resulting in the reverse effect of my new 3600x being bottlenecked by my 2060. While this isnt really an issue for me since i mainly play league and other not so heavy titles, there is the instance now and then where me and my friends plays the new battlefield for a month straight. With the new release of the 2060 KO i feel like the resale potential of a rather cheap 2060 card has hit the floor and if i would like to get anything for it i should sell it before the KO models roll out in my country. For how many years do you guys think that a 2060 will be just fine for until it struggles with newer titles and i will have to upgrade? And what gpu have you guys paired with your ryzen setups?
  11. A Shure SM 7 B or a Rode NT1-A setup should work alot better than a blue yeti for something like voice acting. Just hide in a closet with alot of clothes around you to eliminate as much resonance from your surroundings as possible and you will be set
  12. Sounds like you have some sort of issue with game ready audio drivers, try using guru3d's driver cleaner and reinstall the drivers for your GPU, sound like you have an old audio driver that is ghosting and making life strange. If you can then please upload your pc specs so we have some more info regarding your pc. Edit: Name of the program i used is "Guru3d's display driver uninstaller."
  13. Probably through their ICUE software downloadable from their website. I don't think they use another software for their k55 keyboards.
  14. I mean it's a pretty good keyboard for the price, you can get better and you can definitely find keyboards at this price with mechanical switches. But just because you can find something that is better doesnt meanthat the keyboad youbought is bad. For being a rubber dome keyboard i think it's pretty good, but at the end of the day it's not this forum that will decide what you will like so just enjoy it.
  15. Hello and welcome to the world of tracking issues, horrible dome switches and head aches xd